How to connect xbox one to projector [4 best ways explained]

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How to connect an Xbox One to a projector With the Sound

Playing games on the projector will be a great idea by using the Xbox. It will be the immersive experience of gaming on the projector.

So in this article. I will teach you various ways to connect the projector and Xbox. In simple steps.

Connecting the Xbox one to the projector will be similar to the PS4. So if you ever try to connect PS4 to the projector. You can connect the Xbox and projector as well.

So without any ado let’s start today’s tutorial.

How to connect an Xbox One to the projector with the wire?

There are three wired ways to connect the projector and Xbox. All are easy, if not. It will be after reading the next paragraph. 

With the HDMI cable

Step 1: Take HDMI cable

Here we use a good quality HDMI cable (Amazon Link). Because Xbox can play games at 4k. So if you don’t use a good quality HDMI cable. The game will be laggy. Because cheap HDMI cable doesn’t pass the video signal at a good speed.

Step 2: Connect HDMI cable with Xbox

Find the HDMI output port on your Xbox. And hook your HDMI cable into the Xbox.

Step 3: Connect HDMI cable with Xbox

Now another end of the HDMI cable will be gone in the projector. Find the HDMI input port in the projector and put the HDMI cable.

Step 4: Power On

Take the power cord of your projector and Xbox. And hook up to the power source and power both devices.

Step 5: Choose the input source

The last step is to go to the projector input setting and choose the HDMI port. In which plug your HDMI cable. 

With the VGA cable

Step 1: Take Adapter and Cable

Here I am using the Rankie VGA to VGA cable and HDMI to VGA Adapter (Amazon Link). To connect the projector and Xbox. 

Step 2: Adapter and Xbox

Take the HDMI to the VGA adapter first. And put the HDMI male into your Xbox HDMI output port.

Step 3: Adapter and Cable

Now plug the VGA cable in the VGA port of the adapter. Let’s move to the projector.

Step 4: Cable And projector


Now you have left only one end of the VGA cable not connected anywhere. This VGA cable will go into the VGA input port of the projector.

Step 5: Power Up & Choose input port

Power up your both devices by connecting with the power cord. And choose the VGA port of your projector in the input settings. Here you will see the projection of the Xbox on your projector. And you will be able to play games.

How to connect Xbox one to the projector wirelessly?

Here I am using a Nyrius Aries Pro or you can also use Nyrius Aries Prime (Amazon Link). In this, you can connect the projector wirelessly. With zero real-time latency. 

So let’s check out how you can connect both.

Step 1: Collect essential

All the cables will be available in the box. You may have to buy it if this is not available. HDMI cable, make sure you always choose a good one (Amazon Link).

Step 2: Transmitter and Xbox

Nyrius transmitter to Xbox one

Plug your nyrius Aries pro transmitter in the output HDMI port of the Xbox. And the USB cable will go in the USB port. To power up the transmitter.

Step 3: Receiver and Projector

Nyrius transmitter to Xbox one

First, we connect the power cord. Pick your receiver power cord and plug in the power source. And the other end of the power cord will go in the micro USB port of the receiver. 

And now we take the HDMI cable and one end of the HDMI cable goes in the receiver and another will go in the projector.

Step 4: Power UP

Now power on your projector, Xbox, and receiver. And choose the HDMI input in your projector. In which you plug the HDMI cable. And you are ready to play games from your Xbox.

If your transmitter and receiver don’t connect automatically, check out this video. You will know how you can connect them manually.

Is it possible to connect an Xbox to a projector by HDMI and still have sound? If yes then How?

It is possible. Yes, it is. There will be sound available in your projector speakers. And also on the external speakers. There are various examples I have to show you. 

From the Xbox

When you connect your projector and Xbox with the HDMI cable. Simultaneously you can use the optical audio port of your Xbox. Which is also called S/PIDF. Through this port, you can use external speakers. To use speakers you will need the TOSLink Cable (Amazon Link).

By the Adapter (Converter) And Receiver

These two types of converter come into play which you can use to extract the audio. When you are using HDMI to connect. HDMI to HDMI audio and HDMI to RCA/HDMI to AV (Amazon Link). 

By using these converters or audio extractors you can extract audio from Xbox. For the headphones and amplifier.

Or you can also use the av receiver (Amazon Link). To extract audio for your speakers. Using a receiver will be an expensive and stable choice up to you.

From the Projector

You can use the projector speakers. If you are not satisfied with this. You can connect the external speakers. For that in the projector 3.5 mm audio jack or S/PIDF. Not both but one of them is available for the audio output from the projector.

I will suggest you choose a simple way to connect. Because there will be less chance of error.

Why does my Xbox one have no sound?

If audio is not coming from the headset and speakers. There are some steps you can follow to come over from this.

Press the Xbox button on your Xbox controller. And go to the profile and system. Then go to the setting and after that general. Then go to the volume and audio output.

Here you will get the Volume Options, Speakers Audio, and Headset audio

Now you have to go to the Headset audio open this option. And choose stereo uncompressed.

Now move to the speaker audio. Here For HDMI audio, you get these options: stereo uncompressed, 7.1, and 5.1. If you have speakers go with 7.1 or 5.1. For example, Here I am going with the stereo uncompressed.

In the optical audio section uncompressed, bitstream, and off. Here I have chosen uncompressed. 

Now we are at the Volume option. Click on the party chat option. Here you will get the option Headset, Speakers, and Headset & Speakers. The choice is up to you which one you choose. I have chosen speakers. If you want headset go with the headset.

That’s how you can fix the sound not coming from the speakers and headset. While playing games on the projector. For more information, you can check out this video.

Why is the Xbox one not working on the projector?

Press the power button of your Xbox and off the xbox. And then go back to your Xbox at the connectivity interface. 

And then take off your HDMI cable from the port. Ans inspect the HDMI cable if everything is ok with the cable plug it. Where do you take off? 

If it’s not ok with the HDMI cable. Change the HDMI cable. And do the same thing for the projector-connected HDMI cable.

Until we check the HDMI cable and plug it again. It’s time to power on your Xbox. Here not on the Xbox in the normal way. 

Press the eject and power button at the same time. For 15 to 25 seconds. It will start your Xbox at low resolution. 

When the Xbox is completely open. You will be at home. Press the Xbox button on your controller. Go to the System>Setting>Display&sound>Video Output. Three downside bars will be here. 

In the display bar, you have to go to the Display and choose the resolution. Choose the resolution which compiles with your projector screen. Otherwise, it will get back to the lower resolution. 

Select the resolution and confirm that. For more information and a practical overview check out this video.

If you still face any kind of issue related to your xbox. You can check out the digital trends article on most common Xbox One problems.


In this article, all the information helps you to connect your projector with the Xbox. And Also I have to describe if it does not work how to deal with these things.

So enjoy your immersive gaming experience on the big projector. 



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