Why is my projector green tint? 3 easy working solutions.

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Why is my projector green

Being a projector owner has a lot of benefits. You can have your home theatre you can enjoy your movies and web series at your home.

You can use the projector for gaming and movie on the big screen, this experience is so good.

These are some positive things about the projector. But there are also various bitter things about the projector. There is a problem which makes your projector screen green tint, about we are going to talk.

It’s very frustrating to see a green tint on the projector screen when you using your projector. It’s ruining your experience with your projector.

When you see green colour on your projector screen, you might ask your self “Why is my projector green tint”.

Our today article is based on this question:

I will tell you why the projector has a projector green colour and how you can overcome this. And also tell you about regular queries related to the projector green colour.

So let’s get into our today article.

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Why my projector screen is green tint?

There is not only one reason for the projector’s green colour. But there is some major reason for the green tint. Which we will discuss in the article.

And also I will explain how you can overcome the green tint with a simple solution.

The reason why your projector showing green tint and how to fix it.

Misconfiguration of YPbPr and RGB

Misconfiguration between the YPbPr and RGB could be the reason green tint reason for you. So you should check your projector image processing signal it’s YPbPr or RGB.

If your projector supports an RGB image processing signal and you give YPbPr to your projector. This could be the reason for the green tint and vice versa.

So make sure the image processing signal of your projector and the video source are in the same mode so you won’t see any kind of green tint on the screen.

Having an old Projector

When you buy the new projector this projector works very well but as it’s become old with the time.

Some problem occurs because projector parts have some life. After they won’t work properly.

After the projector gets old various parts can be the reason for the green tint. Sometimes projector’s blub could be the reason for the green tint, this problem can be fixed by changing the bulb. If you are lucky.

Or here it could be a problem with the projector sensors. And other possibilities can be its mirror getting dusty, discoloured and faulty.

DLP/LCD projector needs the right maintenance to work properly for a long time and it helps also to get rid of the green colour on the screen.

So, take care of your projector put the theme in the right place, and clean them.

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The issue with the connection

If you are using the cable to connect your projector with the video source. To project image and video on the screen then it’s also could be the reason for the green tint.

You may be using various kinds of cable for the projector like VGA, AV cables, etc.

When you use one of these cables to connect with the projector they can be the reason for the green colour on the screen.

Because these cables carry the video signals in the form of three primary colours RGB. And if you use any type of faulty cable it’s possible, the cable will not carry the signals properly.

Thus you will see the green tint on the screen.

So avoid the use of faulty cable, to avoid completely this type of issue you should use HDMI cable.

Because the green tint mainly happens because of faulty VGA and AV cables.

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Warm Tips

  1. When you disassemble the projector make sure you clean the projector mirror with a soft hand.
  2. You can try different video sources for the projection (change your computer, laptop and smartphone).
  3. Reset the projector in factory default.
  4. Avoid overheating the projector, it can discolour the LCD panel and DLP wheel.
  5. You can also avoid the green colour by advancing the menu setting, it can be different in the different projector.
  6. Make sure your DLP projector colour wheel is not stuck in green colour.

How to fix green tint in the LCD and DLP video projector?

Let’s talk about projector maintenance. Because good projector maintenance avoids the green colour projector screen.

For the cleaning of LCD and DLP video projector. First, you will need some basic tools to disassemble the projector like a magnetic screwdriver, brush, soft cloth for cleaning glasses, stick for ears, and compressor.

Now you are ready to disassemble the projector turn the projector. And start losing the screw of the projector.

And completely disassemble the projector. Carefully dislocate the wire which is connected to the projector mirrors. And don’t touch its mirror and other sensitive things on the projector.

Because it can hurt your projector.

Use a soft cloth and stick for the ear to clean. The best way to clean your projector will be an air compressor to make sure it’s pressure 15 to 20 PSI.

For the practical overview, I have added the video.

After cleaning the projector, again reassemble the projector. Thus projector will work for a long time and you get rid of the green colour.

For DLP projector
For LCD projector


Now you know why your projector shows green tint and how you can overcome this.

Whenever you face the green colour problem with your projector. Make sure you try these things you will solve the green colour problem in your projector.

It can be fixed by a simple trick. Or you need to replace the projector. It depends upon your issue size.


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