What type of paint to use for projector screen in 2023?

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What type or kind of paint to use for the projector wall screen

There are special screen paints available for the projector screen. Which are different from the normal wall paint. Because their purpose is not only to paint.

Their purpose is to reflect the right amount of light. And maintain the good contrast and colour on the screen.

We are going to talk in detail more about the best colour for the projector screen. What are those paint or colour types?

How you can choose one of them. For you. And how you can apply one the wall properly

We are going to learn step by step. Hope you enjoy it. Stay tuned till the end.

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Tell me the best finish?

Majorly there are three wall paint finishes available. Glossy, Flat or Matt, Satin finish

So which paint finish is best for you? If you are thinking of using the glossy projector screen. 

Then it will be very reflective for you. If your projector lumen output is good. Then you can do some unusual things on the projector screen. 

But the flat or matte provides a dull image on the screen. It’s a bit confusing to choose between them. 

The real winner will be the satin finish. Because the satin finish will provide you good image quality. 

Or better than the glossy and flat or matt.

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Is projector screen paint worth it? 

If you are thinking of buying the new projector screen. And you see good quality projector screens with a high price tag. 

And in your home theatre room. You have a wall where you can make the projector screen on the wall. Then yes projector screen paint is worth it.

You can make the projector screen at any location inside your home. For the projection. And if your projector screen gets dirty. 

You can easily apply another coat of screen paint over the older one. It will give you the projector screen like new. 

Without any hassle. If you have the original projector screen. It’s very troublesome to clean the projector screen. 

Because you have to take care of the solution you are using to clean the projector screen. 

Because the wrong chosen solution can hurt your projector screen. There are lots of other things like this to remember. While cleaning the projector screen.

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How to choose the best wall paint for a projector screen?

If you are confused. Which wall paint you should choose. Then there are four things you should keep in mind. While choosing the projector screen paint.

Screen paint colour

Their screen paints are primarily available in grey and white. If you are going, use the projector in the light control room. 

It will be better to go with the white colour. If you are going to project in the lightroom. 

Grey screen paint is a good choice. Want to know more about the difference between the white and grey screen colour. 

You can read this detailed explanation on the grey vs white projector screen.

Screen Gain

Screen gain factor is used. When I have to measure the amount of light reflected by the screen. 

If your projector screen paint has a gain greater than 1.0. The amount of the light reflected towards you is greater than you project on the screen. 

While if your projector screen paint has gain value is less than 1.0. Then the reflection light towards you is negative. 

If your projector lumen output is low. It will be better to go with the projector high gain projector screen paint.

Personal preference

Here white and grey paint colour has their expertise. In providing the image quality to the audience. If you have a dedicated home theatre room. 

And you want the bright projection and popping colour. Then I will suggest you go with the white projector screen paint.

If you want a great black level on the image. I will highly suggest you go with the grey projector screen.

Do you want bright colours or dark levels?

Ambient light

If your projection room does not. Have control of the ambient light. In this condition, your projector will suffer to provide you with good image quality. 

In this case, you have chosen the right paint colour. It will give you the advantage to achieve good image quality.

When your projection room has no control of the ambient light. I will suggest it to you. 

To go with the grey projector screen. In the presence of a grey projector screen performs well. 

While the white projector screen fades in the presence of the ambient light. It will be good to go with white. When you have control over the ambient light. 


If you like to watch 3d movies, on your projector. Then make sure your projector screen paint supports 3D. 

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Tell me the best paint colour for the projector screen?

You know how to choose the good projector screen paint for you. So let’s know what is the best projector wall screen paint. 

You can apply it to your house wall. And get the giant projector screen. At an affordable price.

Projector Screen Paint – S1 Ultimate Contrast-Gallon G007

If your projector screen budget is a bit compromising. Then I will suggest you go with the S1 ultimate contrast gallon G007

Because with this paint there are no limitations. Where are you going to use this paint?

This paint can be used on any flat surface. Even on the glass wall and windows. 

But the normal wall is primary. You can turn any flat surface into a projector screen.

That does not mean. You will compromise the projection quality. You will get HD projection quality on any surface. 

And there is also no limitation related to the content. You are going to project. It could be presented with stuff or movies on the projection surface.

This paint supports 4k HD resolution. And its gain is 2.0 which is great if you have a low-lumen output projector. 

You do not need to do any preparation for this screen paint. It’s perfect for the drywall. If you are planning to paint the smooth drywall. 

Just apply two coats of paint. And your professional wall projection is ready for the projection. 

For some great movies and the official presentation. And also don’t forget the gaming. 

Its viewing angle is 160 degrees. Which assure every viewer gets a great viewing angle.

Digital Image Screen Paint: Ultra HD Premium Screen Paint (Gallon)

If you are searching for high-contrast paint. Then your search will end here. 

Because I am going to introduce the Ultra HD Premium Screen Paint. Which gives you the high contrast image from the projection. 

Although it supports 4k and HD projectors. With the one gallon of the projector, you can cover the 16 x 10 surface. 

It’s by the digital image screen paint. Which is a very reputed brand of digital image screen paint. 

So, no doubt it’s great projection paint for the wall screen. Only you need to know. 

What do you expect from the projector screen paint? And you are close to your ideal projector screen paint.

It’s easy to apply on the wall. As it seems good. With the two coats of projector screen paint on the wall. 

Your projection is ready. And it will be 50 per cent bright. And you can enjoy content on the big screen. 

Without paying the higher price for the professional projector screen.

The only thing that makes this projector bad is the screen bad. For you, it’s a price tag. 

No doubt this projector screen paint is premium. But it also comes with a premium price tag. Which everyone could not afford.

Paint On Screen Projector Screen Paint (3D4K – Gallon) – G003d4K

So here we have high-performing 3D4k projector screen paint. By the paint on the screen. 

Which gives high performance. Paint on-screen provides you with a various range of projector screen paints. 

So they have expertise in providing the best quality screen paint for the projector.

If you want the UHD or 4k video resolution content on your wall projector screen. 

Then 3D4k is a great option for you. It will not despair you. In the performance. 

Not all the projectors have high lumens output. In this situation 3D4k is great. 

Because its gain value is 2.4. This means if you have a low-lumen output projector. 

And you are using the projector in the ambient light. Most of your image quality will survive. 

And give you a great cinematic and gaming experience. On your projector screen. 

If you are a 3D content fan. 3D4k listens to you. And it supports 3D content beautifully.

3D4k is for those who have a high budget for screen painting. Because it has a high price tag. 

This is the only thing that backfires on the 3d4k projector screen paint. When you are thinking of buying this projector screen paint. 

Other than this great product to get. What do you think? After reading the pros and cons of 3D4k.

If you are searching for a low-budget projector screen paint for the wall. 

Which has a low price but the projection quality should be good. Then, at last, there are two projector paints available. Which you can consider buying.

But before you decide to buy this screen paint. Read some pros and cons about them. Which can give you a better direction on which product is good for you.

Projector Screen Paint – High Definition | 4K – Ultra White – Quart 

Like other projector screen paint in our list. This is also the VOC-free screen paint. Which you can apply on the wall. 

Without any worry of inhaling the bad element. Or making your projection place toxic.

To apply this screen paint. I will suggest using the roller. Which don’t fall off the fibre. The experience with the paint is not that good. 

You can use this screen paint in the presence of ambient light. But the performance in the ambient light is not that good. 

This screen paint will give you a sharp and clear image in a dark room.

So consider using the projector in the absence of ambient light. For the maximum output from this screen paint. 

Let’s talk about some features of this screen paint. This projector screen paint converge is good. 

And support 720p, 1080p and 4k. No need for the primer, because the paint itself is primer. And also the price.

The bad thing about this projector is it’s not ready for the ambient light. And the 3D content is not cool on this screen paint.

Projector Screen Paint 1080P Full HD Quality – 1 Quart Kit

If you only plan to watch the 1080p content on your wall projection screen. 

At a very budget price. Then here I have a great screen paint option for you.

It is very cheap. Under a hundred dollars, you will get a great deal. Manufacturer. 

Claim that you can play the 4k video content on this screen paint. But that’s not true. 

And when it comes to the 3d content. For long time use. It’s not optimal for use. 

Before applying the content over the wall. Mix it well. And make sure your wall is smooth. You can apply this screen paint mix with the spray or roller.

The result will be smooth. Its colour is neutral grey. 

How do you make a projector screen with paint?

You know how to choose the screen paint. Until you have chosen the screen paint. Now it’s time to learn. How you can apply this paint over the wall.

Prepare Wall

First and important thing. You have to prepare the wall. You have to deal with dips and bumps. 

For this, you have to do a close inspection of the wall. From the left or right, closely look at your wall surface.

For the bumps use sandpaper and level them with the other area of the wall surface. 

And for the dip and cracks use the wall putty. And plan and smooth from every viewing angle.

Measure Projection

Now you have to measure the projector screen size. You want to paint. To measure the projection screen. 

Power on your projector and adjust the size of the projection screen that you want to paint over the wall. 

And then take a ruler. And mark the edges of the projected screen, with the help of a pen or pencil. Now you can turn off your projector. And can move to the next step.

Add Tap

For this, you will need the painter’s tap. Use this tap over the mark you have created over the wall. 

Which is equivalent to the projector screen. The screen size you want to create on the wall. 

We have done this because. We don’t want the paint on the other part of the wall. Where we don’t want to paint the wall.

Apply paint

Now prepare your paint mix. Mix it well. If your screen paint is not primer itself. You have to first apply the primer all over the marked or taped area. 

Then apply main screen paint. And let it dry. It depends upon your screen paint. 

How much time does it take to dry to be usable? Apply the two coats of the screen paint mix. It’s recommended for better performance. 

Remove tape and apply a screen border

Now remove the painter’s tape that we have applied on the wall. To stop the overflow paint. 

Where I don’t want to paint. And after removing the painter’s tape. Remove the painter tape, before your screen paints dry on the wall. 

Because when paint gets dry. The tape may also peel some paint from the wall.

Now we apply the screen border. For that, we will use special black tape. Which made for the wall projector screen. 

Which resists bleeding the projection on the wall. And give the wall screen a nice look.


Now to enjoy the content. You can connect your streaming device with a projector like Roku and FireStick. Or the iPhone, Android device, and Tablet. As a video source.

Can you use white paint for the projector screen?

Yes, you can use the projector screen paint. White colour is good at providing great colour and bright image.

Can you use regular paint for projector screen?

No, regular paint won’t be ideal for the proper right reflection. To get the right quality image on the screen.

What is special about projector screen paint?

Projector screen paint are specially made for the good reflection of light towards viewers. And also to display the good quality image on the screen or surface. Without having a actual projector screen.


“What type of paint to use for the projector screen?” is the big question for who is buying the projector screen paint for the first time. 

Because there is lot’s projector paint available in various shades.

It’s very important to find the ideal projector screen paint. According to your need. 

Because of the wrong choice of projector screen paint. It Will not give you the performance you want. And your money will be wasted.

You don’t need to take the hassle of all these things. I got all your queries. 

And put all those things into one article. So you don’t need to wonder about different places. For the different information.

I don’t only add the best paint for the wall projector screen. I have also talked about how you can decide to buy the projector screen paint.

As well as how you can make the wall screen for your projector. From the projector screen paint.

See you next time…

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