What is a smart projector? All you need to know before you buy.

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What is a smart projector? All you need to know before you buy.

What is a smart projector? Smart projectors available in the market are similar to traditional projectors. In many aspects, both projects have a big image. And give the movie theatre experience at home.

But just rather than projecting big images. A smart projector has some extra stuff. Which makes them different from the traditional projectors. 

The smart projector can install the apps. You can mirror your iOS and Android device. From the smart projector. To get rid of the smartphone and iPhone small screen. 

You can control the projector with the voice assistant. Like you do with your smartphone. You don’t need to buy the streaming sticks. To access stuff like amazon prime, Hulu, Netflix, and Disney plus.

You can access the web browser with the smart projector. All this stuff you can not do in the traditional home theatre projector. Let’s see how you can choose the smart projector. For yourself. Lots of things will be similar like choosing the normal home theater projector.

How to choose a smart projector? 

So there are some aspects you should notice while choosing the smart projector. Which makes it easy to choose the smart projector. 

Portable Design

Normally projectors are portable in comparison to the TV. But smart projectors are more compact than the normal projector. Some smart projector. They have that much portable design.

You can fit in your pam. And inside your pocket also easily inside the bag. And go camping and van life. Also, you don’t need to worry about the weight. They are very light.

The reason smart projectors are very lightweight and compact in design. Because if you notice you will see that. Most compact projectors use DLP imaging technology. Thanks to the texas instrument.

Which helps manufacturers to make the best smart projector with a compact design. Which does not heat much and gives you the best image quality.

Voice control 

Voice control is something. You won’t get in the normal home theatre projector. It’s a great feature you will only get in the smart projector.

Generally, google or Alexa voice assistant is available in the smart projector. Which gives you the flexibility to control the projector. 

With your voice. You can turn on and off the projector. Play the movie on your projector. And lot’s of other things with just your voice. Which is amazing.


In the normal home theatre projector. You have to invest in streaming sticks. To access online content platforms like amazon prime and Netflix etc.

But there’s nothing like that in the smart projector. You can easily install Netflix and amazon prime. In your smart projector. And stream your favorite shows directly from the projector.

So, if you don’t want to invest in the streaming sticks. Consider to choose the projector, which has inbuilt Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and Disney plus.


Lumens are important. When you want to project bright images or video from a smart projector. You won’t get the great brightness like the traditional home theatre projector. 

So don’t compare the smart projector brightness. With the normal home theatre projector. But still, there are some big brand smart projectors available. 

Which will give you a good amount of lumens. Which works great in the darkroom. And usable in the moderate lightroom. Don’t buy the smart projector from.

Some Chinese brands can fool you. Because the specification is so overrated. Which you won’t get in the real world. In a good brand projector, you will get a promising number of lumens 1000 lumen or 1500 ANSI lumens.

Which can be trusted. If you are confused between the ANSI Lumens and Lumens. Then you can read this article Lux vs Lumens projector: Which is best for your projector brightness?.

App Store

Like your smartphone, you can install the different apps on the smart projector. Which gives your projector flexibility. To stream different platforms directly through the smart projector. 

Without using any external devices. There are some smart projectors available from LG. Which is a big brand of TV we all know.

So LG native web os is available in the LG smart projector. So you can use your projector as a smart TV. And it’s better than the aptoide. Which we get in other smart projectors. 

Aptoide has some glitches. Which can ruin your experience with your smart projector.


The resolution factor is very important. When it’s come to the image quality of any projector. And at this point, many Chinese brands sell smart projectors. 

Try to fool the user who is buying the projector for the first time. So when you are buying the smart projector. Read some informative articles on the internet. Or watch youtube videos.

Which gives you the right information about the resolution. Because you can’t rely on the manufacturer. Resolution number. To all these things my point is only from the relay brand.

In the smart projector. You will get up to 4k resolution. Which is great. And yeah when you are choosing the smart projector. First, know the what is the native resolution of the projector.


Speakers are not good on the projector. No matter what manufacturer. Claim they are good. Except for some ultra-short-throw projector.

So, you will need external speakers to connect with your smart projector. So you can get good audio. Or you can also connect the soundbar with the projector.

For more information like. How to connect the speakers and soundbar with the projector. And what are the best speakers and soundbar for your smart projector? You can check out our informative article.

Light source

In most smart projectors. You will get the light source of the LED. Which is a great light source. It will give you at least 30,000 hours of life. 

And with the LED light source. The projector will produce less heat. So a projector fan doesn’t need to work that hard. To cool down the projector.

Some essential features

There are some other things or features. You should look for it when you are buying a smart projector. According to your need. Wifi helps your projector to connect wirelessly. Your projector with the internet.

Mirroring is also another useful feature. If your projector and smartphone both support it. The mirroring. Then you easily connect your smartphone with the projector.

Autofocus. This feature is amazing. By using this feature. Your projector. Will automatically adjust the focus of the image on the screen. So it can look sharp.

Portable or mini smart projector. Have a built-in battery. Life is up to 3 hours. Which is great. With this battery life, you can watch movies easily. Without worry about any power connection. With a just battery life of the projector.

And look at the connectivity option available in the projector. So you can make a connection between your video source and the projector. And easily can take out the audio. 

Which type of folks should buy a smart projector?

For those who want to watch a casual movie. On the projector. And planning to go camping. For the college students, school students. And kids. 

If you are a home theatre enthusiast. Then a smart projector is not for you. Because a smart projector can’t give the image quality. And brightness like the traditional home theatre projector.

Best smart projector. You can get it.

If you are searching for built-in apps smart projectors. Or you need the 4k smart projector. With wireless connectivity. Or you want the android in your smart projector. Then in the below table, you can find the smart projector. As you wish.

How can I make my projector smart?

If you have the normal home theatre projector. And you want some smart features. A projector in your projector. Like the apps. Or wireless connection in it. So there are some streaming sticks available. Which can help you. Like.

  1. Fire TV Stick 4K.
  2. Nvidia Shield TV.
  3. Roku Streaming Stick+
  4. Apple TV 4K.
  5. Chromecast Ultra.

If you have decided to go with the Roku or fire tv stick. Then here I have some of our previous articles. You can check out how you can connect the Roku or fire stick. With the projector.

  1. How to connect amazon fire stick to projector? Quick and Simple.
  2. How to connect Roku to projector? Here everything is explained.

What does a smart projector do?

You do both stuff on the smart projector. Work and entertainment. Because in the smart projector. You can easily connect with the internet and play any type of video content.

And in the smart projector. Port is available to connect the projector with the laptop. And also you can connect the smartphone wirelessly and with the wire. Then you will be able to project your presentation with your smart projector.


Smart projectors and traditional home theatre projectors have a lot of differences. In terms of the essential feature. You will get lots of stuff on a smart projector. No doubt.

Whatever we talk about the wireless connectivity feature. Or you have to access the content. Without making the connection between the projector and external video source. 

Portable smart projectors are great. To take anywhere. You want and don’t need to worry about the power source. Because in the projector you will get the in-built battery.

Which is quite enough for watching movies. And to do some work.

See you next time…

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