What is a pico projector? Explained like you are five years old.

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What is a pico projector? Explained like you are five year old.

There are various types of the projector. LED, Laser, DLP, LCoS, and LCD projector. They are different because of the display technology and light source. On the other hand on the basis of size, there are three types of projectors. Large Venue, Medium/Home Cinema, Mini, and Pico projector.

The pocket projector is the smallest in size. And still able to give you the big screen projection. There are various types of interesting stuff. We are going to talk about the pocket projector today.

Pico projector also has various names. Like handheld projector, mobile projector, pocket projector, and mini beamer. So don’t be confused. 

When I take the different names in this article. Or you hear something else somewhere. 

What is a pico projector? 

A compact device that can project images and videos on the wall and screen. They can do the usual stuff like the normal projector. You can connect them with any device like your phone and tablet. Depend on your projector model. Which port it has.

Pocket projectors are battery-powered. Once you charge then you can use the projector for hours depending upon battery power. 

Pros and Cons 

Advantages and Disadvantages

The pocket projector is a great product. If you want something that comes with a low price and great portability. They also have some drawbacks. Let’s check out.

  • Advantage: Pocket projectors are very lightweight. On the pocket projector, you can play the movies. From a different platform. You can directly plug your phone or tablet with the projector to play any video content. It will be bigger than your phone and tablet screen. And you can charge the projector. With the power cable. Or you can directly use the projector by plugging the power cable. From the wall outlet. What you can do. Pocket projectors have good image quality according to their size and capability. And all these things come in a smaller size than the mini projector. Which is also a plus point for the pocket projector.
  • Disadvantage: Before I start talking about the pocket projector drawbacks. Let me clear your that pocket projector is made to get the maximum portability or small size. That means a pocket projector is a small packet with a big boom. That’s why in the pocket projector you won’t get a good resolution. As well as the lumens and contrast ratio. You have to use the pocket projector. In the darkroom, so you can clearly get the projector on the screen on the wall. Otherwise, the room with the light is not optimal for the use of a pocket projector.


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Let’s see our tiny projector. What it can do for us.

  • Gaming: Don’t expect something wow. For the gaming and don’t try the high game graphics game on the pocket projector. Although with the HDMI port if your projector has. You can connect the PlayStation, Xbox, and Wii. With the projector. But it will be the worst gaming experience you have ever had on the projector. Play the low graphics mobile game on this type of projector. You will get a good experience of the big screen image in the light-controlled room.
  • Mobile: Like a smartphone, you can use it to store the content on the pocket projector. If your pocket projector has internal storage. If not than you can put the micro sd card inside the micro sd slot of your pocket projector storage space. Allow you to put the micro sd slot. And project the bigger image on the wall and screen. It will be better if you’re 3 to 5 people watching the projector. Always better than 3 to 5 people watching the small phone screen.
  • Cookie & Art: If you are cookie people or art people. You should know this use of the pocket projector. The pocket projector makes it easy to trace the image on the cookie, wall, paper, and canvas. Design your cookie and wall image. And project it on the surface you want to draw the image. It makes it easy to draw the image without any fault. You just need some practice.
  • Cinema: Most entertaining use of the pocket projector is to watch movies on it. Like the normal home cinema projector. Pico projector also takes the video input like them. If your pocket projector has an HDMI input port. You can connect the fire stick to your projector and stream the movies. Or to play the movies by using the MicroSD slot.

How does the pico projector work? 

Pico projector has the same light processing technique to project the image. Like the normal projector. They also use DLP, LED, and Laser light sources. And the same LCD and DLP display technology. But they have small projector parts or components. The first laser pico projector was introduced by Microvision. 

But they have small projector components which work on a small scale. And process the light to project the image.

What do pico projectors do? 

Basically like every other projector. The pocket projector takes a video signal from its video input port. And project it to the big screen.

Types of pico projectors. 

  • Standalone: Those types of the pocket projector. Have their own battery power. And then can run without any power cable electricity supply. And to store and play the content they have their own storage space. They are independent of any kind of outer support for the power and content source. Standalone pocket projectors are completely independent.
  • USB pico projectors: The USB pocket projector has a USB port. That you can use to connect with the phone and tablet. By using the USB port. To make the connection between the pocket projector and smartphone or tablet. You can play the smartphone or tablet content on the pocket projector. As well you can charge the projector with the USB port in the pocket projector.
  • Embedded: Embedded pocket projectors are not the separate projector. Means that don’t have a different structure or body of the projector. The embedded pocket projector is part of any device like a smartphone and camera. There are two good examples of the embedded projector Samsung Galaxy Beam 2 and Blackview Max 1. These phones have an inbuilt laser projector. And the camera example is Sony PJ410 Handycam.
  • Media player pico projectors: Those pocket projectors. Who takes the media content to project on the projection surface. From an external source. To take the media content pocket projector can use the micro sd card. And also HDMI and USB ports. To play the content, you can use one of them. It’s enough of a connection option. To project any kind of video and image content. Which can your pocket projector handle?

Portable Vs. Pico Projectors: What’s The Difference?

  • Portable Projectors: At least in the good portable projector. You will get the DLP display technology. The portable projector has better hardware. The portable projector has a better light source. Result in the portable projector you will get a bright image. This type of projector has better battery power than the pico projector. In the portable projector. You will get better video playback time than the pico projector. It’s three hours.
  • Pico Projectors: Pocket projectors are very small. You can assume it is the smallest projector available in the market. Its structure from the inside is small and not that complicated. For example, we take an LCD projector. Inside the LCD pocket projector. There is only one LCD panel inside the projector. Like every other LCD screen device. But there is a difference between. Other LCD screen devices (smartphone and tablet) and LCD pocket projectors. Smartphone LCD screens hold the light. While the pocket projector LCD screen lets the light pass. That’s how a pocket projector makes images on the projection surface.

Similarity: Both the pico and portable projector. Easy to use and handle. But the portable projector has better brightness, image quality, and battery power.

Things to consider when you are choosing the projector. 

There are some points you should notice. When you are thinking of buying the pico projector.

  • Battery Life: The battery life. Will be the main concern most people like to use the pocket projector standalone. And the pocket projector gives an bettery life of up to 4 hours. It is good to watch movies without charging the projector. But after that, you have to charge the projector. Then you can use your projector for the cinematic experience. Or you can use the pcoket projector during chargeing the projector.
  • Resolution: Resolution is an important factor in any kind of projector. And with this projector company try to mislead you. So they can sell most of their projector. But I want to aware you about the projector. Don’t believe what some projector manufacturers claim. Their projector is 1080p or supports 4k. Because pico projectors don’t have the hardware that supports this type of video signal. Their native resolution is 480p.
  • Brightness: In terms of brightness, the pocket projector manufacturer. Try to fool you. Some pocket projector manufacturers claim that. They have a high amount of lumen projectors like 800 lumens and 1000 lumens. But it’s not true, it’s also false. Pocket projectors have 200 to 300 lumens. And in the product specification. You may also get the words lux, lumen, and ANSI. They also are the unit that measures the projector brightness. Read more in this article. Which explains the lux, lumen, and ANSI.
  • Connection: Also see that you have a connection port available. In the projector which is needed to play and show the video and image content. If your projector doesn’t have the necessary connection port. You will be unable to project your intended image and video content on the projector. Which will not be a good thing.
  • Screen Size: In the pocket projector specification description. You will see that the projector can project up to 100 inches. But it’s true but not optimal to get the best image quality. You will be able to do that size of the screen. But it will not be clear and watchable. If you want to do the good projection. I will suggest you do the 25 to 50-inch screen projector. It will be optimal to get good quality image output.
  • Audio: Like every other projector. The pocket projector also has a built speaker. And they are not that good. But there are some interesting features about the pocket projector. If you are not using the projector for the projection. You can use the projector to play songs. By using the projector internal speaker.

Best pico projector.

Here I have some pocket projector suggestions. If you want to buy the pocket projector:-

  1. Anker Nebula Capsule
  2. ViewSonic M1+
  3. KODAK Luma 350
  4. Nebula Capsule II
  5. Meer YG220
  6. Optoma ML750ST
  7. AAXA P7 Mini Projector
  8. XGIMI MoGo Pro


The Pico projector is good. If you want to give the gift and mediocre use. And pocket projectors are also good. For the cookie and mural art-making.

And the best part is they can be used as a standalone projector. And pocket projector provides you a mediocre movie experience in your home.

See you next time…


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