What is led projector and It’s various surprise queries resolved.

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There are many types of light source for the projector. But today we are going to talk about the led light source projector.

Let me clear you first in this article. This is not a display technology of projector it’s the light source. About this light source, we discuss everything in my way so get ready for that.

I have discussed the various queries which, clear all your doubts about the projector. Let’s get into our article immediately.

What is a led projector?

The projector has a Light-emitting diode as its a light source, which is known as an LED projector.

This kind of projector has a long life, the average life of a projector is 20,000 hours, and its largest life 100,000 hours.

Don’t produce much amount heat, it’s Cooler and Safer. Also, these projectors are energy efficient.

The parts of the projector are well organized. Projector is portable at a low price.

Many fascinating features offered by the projector like mirroring, compatibility with the IOS/Android device, portability, standalone feature projector have the rechargeable battery.

This means you can charge the projector and use it anywhere.

Advantage (Pros) & Disadvantage (Cons)

Advantage (Pros):-

  • Projectors are energy-saving, they produce low heat.
  • Cool and safe.
  • The projector’s design is compact, so these projectors are portable.
  • The least lifespan 20,000 HRS, the greatest lifespan is 100,000 HRS.
  • Projectors have many features. Like a rechargeable battery, streaming, and much more never-ending depend upon your projector model.
  • Virtually less maintenance.
  • Produce less noise.

Disadvantage (Cons):-

The only cons I get in the projector is not bright enough for the ambient light room

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What is the difference between DLP and LED projectors?

There is a lot of difference between the DLP and LED people talk. But the major difference I see, I won’t tell you. You agree or not tell me in the comment section.

In DLP projector uses a color wheel, which is made of micro mirrors. Continuously moving when you operate the projector. To divide the light into three primary colors.

DLP projector’s average lifespan is 2,000 to 5,000.

Where led projector has the semiconductor diode, which shines. When you turn on the projector. Its light source is energy-efficient and has a long life.

The average life of LED is 20,000 and the highest goes up to 100,000 hours, which is better than any lamp and a laser projector.

It’s hard to tell which is better DLP or LED. They have their good zone. But I have a suggestion for you.

If you are going to buy the projector and confused between them. And want the best image quality and 3D effect then go with the DLP projector.

And want great life projector with the quite good image quality projector. Then go with the LED.

Note: DLP is display technology and LED is the light source.

What is the difference between Laser and LED projector?

Both are the light source Laser and LED.

The major difference between the both projector Which you should know.

In laser, the projector has a laser light source which is an intense beam. LED has a semiconductor diode as a light source that is scattered.

In the battle between the LED and Laser projector. The clear winner is the Laser projector, which means laser is better than LED, why let’s talk.

Light inherit from the laser projector is intense and every photon means the smallest part of the light, is concentrated at one point. The reason, why its images, are vivid than LED. Brighter than the LED. And it starts intense.

While LED lights are scattered on the screen. That’s why LED images and brightness are faded in front of the laser.

To know more difference between the LED and Laser, and why laser is better than the led projector you can read this article on LED and Laser projector.

Now you know Laser is better than LED. So defiantly go with a laser projector, if you are going to buy a projector.

What is better LED or LCD projector to buy?

Note: LCD is display technology and LED is the light source.

If you are going to buy the projector and are confused between LED and LCD my suggestion will help you follow me.

There is two option available for an LCD projector, single-chip LCD projector, and 3-LCD projector. If you have a good budget I am sure you should go with the 3-LCD projector. For the bright and good color-saturated image.

And also LCD projector generates less noise.

If you have not a good budget you can go with the single-chip LCD and lead. It will be better for you.

Which one you have decided let me know in the comment section. And why.

UHP vs LED Projector, Which is better?

Light SourceUHP have the filament in it’s light source. LED have the semiconductor diode.
LifespanAverage lifespan we get is 2,000 to 3,000.LED lifespan is better than, UHP. LED average lifespan is 20,000. And highest is 100,000.
BrightnessLumens start from the 2,000 and end at 9,000.Highest lumens is 2,000.
PortabilityUHP is bulkier than LED. Because they need cooling system.LED are portable.
Heat ProductionUHP produce lots of heat, reason why they explode sometimes.Cool than UHP and energy efficient.

As you can see on the upper column, four-time LED wins in the LED vs UHP, that’s why LED is better than UHP. And also here no make sense to go with the UHP in this modern age.

If you want to go deep in this topic. You can read this article on LED versus UHP.

What are the type of LED projectors?


In USB projectors need USB support to play video on the screen. You have to outsource the video content, for that connect your projector with another device with a USB cable. Now projector can project your video content on the screen/flat surface.


Those projectors that have rechargeable batteries are called standalone led projectors.

This types of projector don’t need to plug in when operating, these projectors are independent of power cable.

You can use this projector anywhere you wish. The battery life depends upon the battery power.


Embedded led projectors can define as those projectors that can be embedded on other devices to receive video signals to project on the screen/flat surface.

These types of projectors don’t need any other power source and video signals to play video, they get both things from the device in which they are embedded.

Media Player

The Media player LED projectors are examples of a DVD player like on a DVD player we use a DVD, a USB flash drive, and a micro SD card to play media.

In the same way, you can play the video by using a USB flash drive, micro SD, and Fire Stick, on the projector.

What is the use of an LED projector?


In the modern education era. Projectors are the smart way to interact with students. The teacher can show the image, audio, and video content to the student. For the student, it’s easy to understand the topic.

Colleges and schools are adopting this technology by knowing the benefits.

To play Video Content

Say no to those fixed size entertainment screens. Because you can enjoy your video content on the flexible big screen. LED projectors give you the live movie theater experience at your home.

Use of Portability

These Projectors are more portable than other projectors available on the market. These projectors are ready to use anywhere, because of their compact design and lightweight. Some projectors can fit on your pam and also in your pant pocket.

More Services

The best things I like about the projectors, offer various connectivity and streaming options. These projectors have inbuilt features to connect with IOS, Android. And you can do mirroring with your smartphone. And a lot more services.

For Gaming

There is lots of actual gaming projector available on the present market you can buy. They have lots of port options available you can connect with your gaming console and enjoy your favorite game anywhere. With good quality of graphics and inbuilt sound. Play video games like a pro not noob.

Office Use

Projectors can be your good office companion. With some practices, you can project your video, image content, and official data on the screen. And explain your work in front of your boss and colleges. And also these projectors are portable so don’t need to worry about how to carry them.

How does a led projector work?

How LED projector work diagram by onsme.com

Here you are seeing the diagram of the UNIC projector. Where LCD screen use. This diagram can vary based on the screen technology, so don’t hesitate if you see another diagram.

Let’s talk about its work cycle;

First off, we start from the LED light source. Behind the light source here is a concave mirror that pushes all light towards the mirror (M1) then all light goes through the converging lens.

The video play on the LCD screen is vice-versa of the video, which you are going to see on-screen/flat surface. The Fresnel lens propagates the lights towards the mirror (M2) then the mirror (M2) reflects the lights on the convex lens. From a convex lens, you can adjust the size of the image on the screen/flat surface.

Q&A for LED projectors.

Do LED projectors burn out?

No led projectors don’t burn out, But why let’s checkout.

Because this kind of projector’s light source consumes less heat and reduces less heat that’s why projectors don’t burn out. Not work sometimes due to failed diodes.

What is the difference between LCD, LED, and DLP projectors?

The last LCD projector uses a liquid crystal display, they don’t have any moving parts, reason why LCD projectors are less expensive.

The LED projector has a great long life. LEDs are lightweight and portable than LCD and DLP.

In the DLP Color wheel break the white light into the three primary colors. DLP has DMD micro mirrors.

What is the future of LED projector?

The future of the projector is bright because of these benefits Energy Saving, Cooler and Safer, Longer Life, More Compact.

I hope projector manufacture companies do more innovative research and development and provide us more benefits, in a compact size of the projector.

Why led pico projector not working?

There are three reasons why the led pico projector does not work sometimes. We will talk one by one.

There is no power

First, check the power adapter is connected properly with the power board and projector. And then check your power board or battery is in a good condition.

Video source is not connected or selected

In this case, first, select your present input source, you can choose the desired input on the main menu. Then check your video source signal to make sure it’s properly connected with the projector.

Video format is wrong

To resolve this issue, you can try to convert the video format by using the video converter tool. Which is supported by your projector.

Mark my last words

In this article, I have tried to cover everything possible related to the LED. I have compared the LED with the various kind of projector like DLP, Laser, LCD, and UHP.

In this comparison, we get that LED image quality and brightness faded in front of the Laser and LCD projector.

Also, I have broadly described the types and uses of the led projector. And various topic is covered by me in this post.

If you think anything missed tell me and have a confusions let’s talk about it.


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