What can I use as a projector screen? 9 Best cheap alternative.

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What can I use as a projector screen? Cheap alternatives.

Ok, you have chosen a great projector. Now you need a good projector screen on which you can project movies.

And we all know professional projector screens are very pricey. So you will need a cheap projector screen alternative.

Which you can use without investing in the thousand dollars professional projector screens? So in today’s article.

We are going to talk about the ten best projector screen alternatives.

You can use it in your indoor and outdoor home theatre.

And to create these projector screens very easily. You don’t need to be any skill full folk. So let’s get started.

What can I use as a projector screen?

  • Blank Wall
  • Bed Sheet
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Roller Shades
  • Picture Backdrop
  • Projector Screen Paint
  • Black Out Cloth
  • Spandex
  • Tyvek

What to use for projector screens (cheap projector screens alternative)

So here are the top ten ideas. By using them you can make a DIY projector screen. Which are better known as the projector screen alternative. Some of them you can make using household stuff.

Blank Wall 

Wall will be accessible to everybody. Who has a home but it’s important to have a blank wall. Where no image frames or anything is hanging. So you can use your wall as the projector screen.

If you have a smooth blank white wall. Then you can use the wall as a projector screen. But the image will not be popping. Like the projector screen.

So, what can we do? To get the best image on the wall. You have to do some extra work. There are two factors you have to care about then. You will get a nice-looking image on the wall.

Wall texture and the paint. Not the normal wall paint. You will need the best projector screen paint. 

First of all, you have to make sure you have a smooth wall. For that, you can use sandpaper and wall putty to make your projector screen.

And then apply the special projector screen paint on your projector screen. And your DIY wall projection screen is ready. About the special wall screen paint. 

And how you can turn the wall into a projector screen. Read this informative article on the kind of paint to use for the projector wall screen.

And also read about the difference between projector screens and walls.

Bed Sheet 

The most common thing in any home is a bedsheet. But it’s important what color bedsheet can be used as a projector screen. Make sure you have a bed sheet properly clean. 

And your bed sheet is wrinkle-free. If it’s not then you can use the iron to do that. And you can make a plan. Yes, there will be a loss of light.

But in the light control room. Inside your home, you will easily get a good-quality image on the bedsheet. If you have a projector with a good contrast ratio and resolution. 

Then you will get good image quality. Without investing in any professional projector screen. 

Wrapping Paper 

Whoever thinks that you can use the wrapping paper as your projector screen. To get a good image color. You can use the gift wrapping paper as a projector screen.

For that, you have to buy wrapping paper. Which is white or neutral grey. And that should be tough enough. So it won’t tear down easily.

So now what do you have to do? Now you will need regular tape and double-sided tape. And then stretch the wrapping paper and stick it on the wall. 

And it will help you to get a bright and colour full image from the simple wrapping paper.

Roller Shades 

Usually, roller shades are used to don’t let in the sunlight inside the room. They completely block the sunlight. And when the roller shades are down. You can use the roller shades as a normal projector screen.

For that first of all choose the projector’s appropriate size. Which can give you the complete. Cinematic experience at your home.

Use the roller blind which is the blackout. Which should be thick. Because normal roller blinds are not appropriately thick for the projector screens.

And then choose the right color for the projector screens grey or white. Because both white and grey colors. Have different properties to catch and reflect light. And to present the image.

Also, make sure your roller blind should be wrinkle-free. Use the backside of the roller blind. 

Picture Backdrop 

Picture backdrop can also be used as the projector screen. Because picture backdrop material is tough and easy to move. It doesn’t tear easily. 

And also the picture backdrop doesn’t let pass the light. So make sure your image projector is lumens. Will not waste. And you will get a bright image.

Or you can use the backdrop stand in your backyard. As the screen stands by using the vinyl. 

Projector Screen Paint

Projector screen paints are different from normal paint. We used to paint the wall. Using the special screen paint. You can paint the wall.

And there are some projector screen paints available. Which you can use to paint any plain surface to make that surface projector screen. And use a plain surface as a projector screen.

If you want to know more about the best projector screen paint. You can follow our detailed article on this type or kind of paint to use for the projector wall screen.

Black Out Cloth

The best projector screen alternative is black-out cloth. This is very cheap in comparison to the actual projector screens. And the famous blackout cloth is by carl’s place.

You can apply the black-out cloth on a wood frame. And it will give you a screen close to a professional screen. You can buy the black-out cloth at the Carl’s Palace online shop.

And there various types of cloth color are available. White cloth to get a bright and color full image. And the grey color is for the great contrast.

Or if you are going to use the projector in the place. Where is the ambient light? Then the ALR screen cloth is better for your requirement.

Or if your place is to hide the center speakers behind the projector screen. Then the acoustic screen cloth will be better to buy.


Spandex is stretchable material. And it can be used as a projector screen. The spandex screen material is perfect for both outdoor and indoor. 

When you are planning to use the projector outside. And you want the temporary projector screen outside your home. Then you should use the spandex with the backdrop stand and bungee cord. 

And outside move watching is over then you can roll the spandex material. And store it easily. This is for temporary use.

If you want something permanent. Then you can apply the spandex material over the fixed frame. 

It will give you the ultimate movie experience at your home. Without spending on the actual projector screen. For information, you can follow this post. Or the below video.


Tyvek can also be used for indoor and outdoor projector screens. For that, you have to apply the Tyvek over a wood frame. And use the staples for an even surface. It’s very sturdy you can use it inside the home or outside the home. 

Do I need a projector screen or will an alternative will work for me?

Projector screens are made by professional people and materials. Reason in the projector screens. You will get a better reflective surface. Which you won’t get on the alternative projector screens. 

And also in the professional projector screens. They are very smooth. All these give them an extra edge over the DIY projector screens.

So, what about the homemade DIY projector screen? They are a good alternative to the professional projector screen. Yes if you don’t have the money to spend on a professional projector screen.

DIY projector screens are a good alternative to professional projector screens. They can’t give you the image quality but are pretty close to the professional screen.

And their price is very low. And you can make a DIY projector screen at home. With the help of household tools and materials.

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Can I use a projector without a screen?

Yes, it’s no big deal. If you have a smooth wall in your home. You can consider using that wall. Without using the projector screen paint on that. But make sure you have a good-resolution projector.

Which have also a good contrast ratio and lumens rating? Then you will not face any issues. While using the projector on the wall.

Or you can also consider other cheap projector screen alternatives. I have talked about this in the article.

Can you use cardboard as a projector screen?

Make sure your cardboard is smooth. Or try avoid any big distortion in the cardboard. Then according to your room. Light condition. You can use the color on your cardboard.

Black or White or Grey. It will be good. If right now you are not interested. In spending on the actual projector screen.

Can you use a shower curtain as a projector screen?

Yes, you can use the shower curtain. But while buying the shower curtain. Look for the frost curtain. Not clear, not white. You can use PVC pipe or Wood. To give shape to the shower curtain.

So, it can look like the proper projector screen. For more detail, you can watch the below video.

Credit: 3DpastorDOTblogspot


Getting a new projector option is not available for everyone. Still, you can have a good projector screen for your projection inside or outside. 

All the projector screen’s alternative options are DIY. That means you have to buy some cheap stuff to make the projector screen.

Or there are lots of homemade stuff available. Using them you can create a DIY projector screen. And that wouldn’t be tough.

See you next time…

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