If you are wondering, how you can connect your digital video camera with the projector. Then you will come to the right place. 

Here in this article, I have a great tutorial that educates you about various ways. To connect your projector with the digital video camera.

In this article, I will introduce three ways to connect your projector with the camera. Two ways will happen with the help of cables.

If you want to connect your projector and camera wirelessly. Then the last option is for you. Where I have educated you about wireless connection with the help of Nyrius Aries Pro.

Before I start the main conversion. Read the troubleshoot and suggestions. So you won’t face any issues. When connecting the video camera and projector.

Troubleshoot and Suggestion.

Choosing the cable input. It’s up to you which cable you are going to choose for the connection. For example, if you decide to connect the projector and camera with the HDMI cable.

Go to the input settings and choose the port in which you hook up the HDMI cable.

If your digital camera supports a wifi connection make sure you turn off the wifi. While you are connecting the camera and projector.

If the connection between the projector and camera does not work. I suggest you. Reset your camera settings. It will resolve the problem.

Make the resolution and device control auto. At the setup menu.

You can do video recording during the screen sharing of the camera with the second monitor.

How to hook up a video camera with a projector by using the cable?

There are two cables which help you to connect both devices. Let’s take look at them one by one.

With the RCA cable.

Step 1: Get the RCA cable

We take RCA cable (Check price out on Amazon). One end is a 3.5 mm audio jack and another end has two RCA males.

Step 2: Camera and RCA cable

Connect the 3.5 mm audio jack at the audio port of the camera. Which is available for the headphones. But here we use that port for our purpose.

Step 3: Projector and RCA cable

Connect the RCA male to the projector. But before that figure out the colour of your RCA male cable and the port available in the projector. Put the RCA male cable according to the colour port available.

Step 4: Power UP

Turn on both of your devices.

With the Mini HDMI to HDMI cable.

Step 1: We take the cable.

Here we take the HDMI cable which both ends. Not like a normal HDMI cable which has the same size of the head. One end has a normal HDMI head. Another will have a small HDMI head. This HDMI cable is called Mini HDMI to HDMI cable (Check out the price on Amazon).

Step 2: Camera and HDMI cable.

Mini HDMI port put in the HDMI port of the camera

We take the small end of the HDMI cable first. It will go in the small HDMI port of your digital camera.

Step 3: Projector and HDMI cable 

Normal HDMI cable put in the HDMI port of projector

Now it’s time to take the normal head of mini HDMI to HDMI cable. And put in the HDMI port of the projector.

Step 4: Power

Turn on/Power Up your devices.

What if I have a VGA port in my projector?

If you have a projector that doesn’t have an HDMI port available in the backside of the projector. So in this case you will need the HDMI to VGA Adapter (Check out the price on Amazon). HDMI female and VGA male.

Until Step 2: Camera and HDMI cable. The process will be the same. But after that, you don’t have to put the HDMI cable directly in the HDMI port of the projector.

Before that use the HDMI to VGA adapter. And connect the normal head HDMI cable in the HDMI female of the adapter. And then connect the VGA male at the VGA port of the projector.

This extra step only if you have a VGA port at the backside of the projector.

How to connect a video camera to a projector wirelessly?

If you want to connect the projector and camera wirelessly. Then you have to invest in the Nyrius Aries Pro (Check out the price on Amazon).

Step 1: Collect Essential

Connecting the camera and projector will be easy as well as costly. Things you will need Nyrius Aries Pro. Power Bank, HDMI to Mini HDMI Adapter, or Female HDMI adapter to Mini HDMI cable.

And other cables will be available in the box. So don’t worry about the theme.

Step 2: Receiver Power UP

Receiver power up and connection with the projector
Image by Nyrius

Connect the power cord adapter to the power board and micro USB will be in the receiver. 

Step 3: Receiver and HDMI cable

Now we take the normal HDMI cable which both ends have the same HDMI head. One end goes in the HDMI port of the receiver and another end goes in the HDMI port of the projector.

Step 4: Transmitter and Camera

Transmitter and Camera connection setup
Image by Nyrius

We take the transmitter. And you will notice that your transmitter has a large HDMI output. While your camera has a small HDMI input. To connect your camera with the transmitter. 

We will need the HDMI to Mini HDMI Adapter or Female HDMI adapter to Mini HDMI cable (Amazon Link). You can choose one of them and it is up to you.

So here I am giving the example of a Female HDMI adapter to Mini HDMI cable. Connect the transmitter HDMI head in the Female HDMI and then the Mini HDMI cable in the camera.

Step 5: Transmitter and power source

We connected the transmitter with the camera successfully. Now it’s time to power up the transmitter. To connect the transmitter with the power source.

Micro USB to normal USB cable is available in the box of Nyrius Aries Pro. So here we take the micro USB end to connect with the transmitter.

And the normal end of the USB goes in the power bank (Check out the price on Amazon).

I am here using the power bank for the power source. So that we can freely move to shoot with our DSLR. If you are going to use the camera in only one place.

Then you can also power up the transmitter with the power adapter of your smartphone.

What if the transmitter and receiver don’t connect automatically?

If you power up all your devices. And still, the transmitter and receiver do not connect. Then unplug the transmitter USB cable. And press the power button until the light blinks. Then again connect the USB cable with the transmitter.

These step same goes for the receiver. Where you have to unplug the micro USB cable.


So that’s how you can easily connect the video camera with the projector. With the small investment and easy steps.

Here I would like to talk about some extra points about wireless connectivity. With the Nyrius Aries Pro, you can go up to 100 feet wirelessly, which is amazing. And the bonus feature is it will be 1080p.

I hope all this information helps you a lot in connecting the video and projector.

See you next time.

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