VAVA 4K vs Optoma P1. Which is better option to buy?

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Vava 4K vs Optoma P1

If you wish to have an Ultra Short Throw projector for your living room. Then in today’s article, we are going to compare two UST projector VAVA 4k laser projector vs Optoma P1.

Both projectors are very competitive in their price and specifications. Both the projector provide you best smart TV experience, in living room.

But one of them is better than another one. About this, we are going to talk in this article. So stay tuned to this article at the end.

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VAVA 4K vs Optoma P1: Comparison Table


Optoma CinemaX P1




Lamp Life

 30,000 hours

 25,000 hours

Fan Noise

26 db

32 db


3000 lumens

6000 lumens (2500 ANSI)


HDR 10

HDR 10

Contrast Ratio



Voice Assistant

 Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant


Screen Adjustment



Input Lag



Throw Ratio




4K (Pixel Shifting)

4K (Pixel Shifting)

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Both the projector are designed meticulously, in both the projector every detail is designed. Which should be in any Ultra Short Throw projector which going to sit in someone’s living room.

VAVA 4K vs Optoma P1 have good build quality. If we compare back of both projector. Defiantly VAVA edge it and Optoma P1 look decent.

But in the wooden table and black background table. Optoma P1 looks great. Although VAVA has a black edition. But personally, I like the Optoma P1.

Optoma P1 (Amazon) is the winner in terms of design for me. What do you think about their design?

Operating System

In the vava 4k, you will get Android 7.1 and in the Optoma P1 Android 8.0 is available. But in both projectors, you will get the play store.

In the replace of play store you will get the Aptoide TV in both the projector. And Aptoide TV doesn’t work properly in both the projector.

Aptoide apps are buggy in both the projector. To use apps and for better streaming, you have to use the Fire Stick (Amazon) and NVidia Shield TV Pro (Amazon).

In the term of operating system and apps experience, both the projector are same.

Image Quality

Optoma P1 image quality picture
Optoma P1
VAVA 4k projector image quality demo

To check the image quality on both the projector. Here I have to use the VIVIDSTORM screen (Amazon) to project images. And to play 4k CD I have used here Sony UBP-X700 (Amazon).

Before I start to talk about both projectors. I want to share with you VAVA 4K and Optoma P1 projector use pixel shifting. So they are not native 4k, but their image is true 4k. By pixel shifting both projector project 8.3 million on the screen.

I play some 4k videos by using Sony UBP-X700 on both the projector. I get good color accuracy in the Optoma P1.

In VAVA 4K and Optoma P1, you will get the HDR 10 option for image calibration. But in the Optoma P1, you will get the HDR 10 with the HLG.

Optoma P1 HDR 10 performance is well in front of Vava 4k HDR 10. In the Optoma P1 HDR 10 image, you will get more popping color and color accuracy than VAVA 4k.

While in the VAVA 4k you will not get that much wow color effect in the image.

In the term of bright image quality definitely, Vava 4k ahead form the Optoma, thanks to 6000 lumens in the Vava 4k. Optoma P1 you will get the 3000 lumens. Which can’t compete with the VAVA. Later in this article, we talk in detail, which projector performs well in the ambient light.

I get a better dark level in the Optoma P1 than VAVA 4k. Although the DLP projector doesn’t have a good dark level. And in Vava 4k you because of 6000 lumens you will get a little bit clear image in the VAVA 4k.

But not a better dark level than the Optoma P1.

Conclusion: My experience with the Optoma P1 related to picture quality, color accuracy and dark level is amazing. Optoma P1 (Amazon) is the winner.


If I go individually with both projector for gaming. VAVA 4K and Optoma P1 are not good 4k gaming projectors.

VAVA 4k projector has a latency of 101.2 MS estimated. And the Optoma P1 has 50-55ms latency. I got sluggish gaming experience in both the projector.

But when I compare both the with each other. I got a better experience in the Optoma P1. And also Optoma P1 has better image quality.

With better image quality and latency rate, Optoma P1 (Amazon) is the winner for gaming.

Ambient Light

VAVA 4k vs Optoma P1 image quality Comparison

It depends upon your projector setup room. In my case, I am using the projector in my living room with a little bit of ambient light.

By comparing both the projector image quality closely. I got that the VAVA projector provides better image quality than the Optoma P1 in the ambient light.

Because VAVA has 6000 lumens and Optoma P1 has 3000 lumens. The projector ALR screen I am using. Also helps the VAVA projector to view the fantastic image in the ambient light.

As you can see in the image I have added. The image of the snake is a little bit green and the flower is grabbing looks red (In Optoma P1).

In the presence of the ambient light, the Optoma P1 image is washout in the comparison of VAVA 4k.

And the other hand you can see the VAVA 4k image in ambient light. Not looking crisp clear but, you can easily recognize the color of leaves and bamboo in the forest, And you can easily see the clear image in the VAVA 4k with the ambient light. But not in the Optoma P1.

So this is the comparison of VAVA 4k and Optoma P1 image quality in the presence of ambient light. VAVA 4k projector provides you better image quality, VAVA 4k projector is the winner.

Smart Feature

Both the projector are smart projector. So let’s see which projector has the more inbuilt smart feature.

VAVA 4K and Optoma P1 have an android operating system. VAVA 4k has Android 7.1 and Optoma P1 have 8.0. And for the app market place Aptoide TV available. Which don’t work properly in both the projector. As we talk earlier. You will need the external stick.

In the Optoma P1, you will get the Smart Fit App. Which helps you to fit your image on the screen by geometry correction. Without any hassle.

There is other three smart features available in the Optoma P1 Info Wall, Voice Assistant, and IFTTT support. Let’s encounter them one by one.

You will get the two voice assistants in the projector Alexa and google assistant. Which helps you to give the command to your home theater projector.

With the Info wall feature, you can show your timetable, news, and calendar on your living or bedroom wall. By connecting your smartphone with the projector. To connect the projector with the smartphone you have to install the Optoma app.

Last one IFTTT support. If you have many smart gadgets in your home you can easily connect with your projector.

Thus you can see in the Optoma P1 you will get more smart features than the VAVA 4k projector. So Optoma P1 (Amazon) is a winner for the smart features.

My advice on VAVA 4k vs Optoma P1

You should go with the Optoma. There is various reason to get the Optoma P1:-

  • In Optoma P1 you will get the 30,000 hours lamp life.
  • Fan noise of Optoma P1 is 26 DB.
  • You will get more smart features than VAVA 4k in the Optoma P1.
  • Optoma P1 have better image quality than VAVA 4k. (Except in the ambient light)
  • You will get less input lag in the Optoma P1.
  • In my opinion Optoma P1 look great than Vava 4k.
  • Optoma P1 perform better in dark place or in place with little light.

I know Optoma P1 is pricey than VAVA 4k. But your investment in Optoma P1, will not be useless.

Optoma P1 (Amazon) is a winner in the conversion of VAVA 4K vs Optoma P1. So defiantly go with the Optoma P1.

See you next time….

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