Modern projectors are so flexible with the help of technology. So there are possibilities are endless to uses of projector in daily life.

But In today’s article, I am going to tell you the Creative and Cool uses of a projector in daily life. You have never listened anywhere.

So be ready and excited:

I will tell you the fascinating uses of the projector one by one and at the end of the projector. Also, I will solve all possible queries related to the use of a projector.

Where is the projector used?

The projector is used in various places like Home, Office/Meeting room, Restaurant, Sports Bar, Camper van, Movie theater, Military, Education place, Night Club and church.

What are the uses of overhead projector in classroom teaching?

There is two main use of the Overhead projector in the classroom for teaching. Use to enlarge written content and teacher’s also use this projector used to show the small object in bigger size from its original size.

What is the use of a smartphone projector?

The smartphone projector is made of a cart board. It works the same as the video projector. It can project images and video. But its resolution and brightness are very low.

That’s why its image quality is not that much good. You will need a lit darkroom to use this projector.

What is the use of a slide projector?

In old days this projector uses to project images and video. To project images you will need the slide of your images, and for the video, you will need the collection of the slide.

What is the use of a film strip projector?

In old cinema hall films, a strip projector is used to project the movies on the screen.

Top 11 productive & excellent uses of projector in daily life.

Van Life

Lot’s people having a dream to go around the world to explore new things.

And they want entertainment in daily life. So they choose the mini or pico battery charged projector for their camper van life.

Usually people prefer the 12V charging projector. So they can easily charge there projector with their inverter.

Why mini or pico projector for the camper van life?

Because these projector are stand alone projector and you can play movies, shows from the both online and offline platform.


Using the projector for sewing is an innovative idea.

Before this people use printed paper to cut the cloth pattern. In this, you have to first print your pattern on paper then you can cut the cloth pattern.

But by using the projector you can project your cloth pattern directly on your cloth. For the correct measurement, people-first design their pattern in the software and set cloth pattern on the grid.

For the projection, you have to fit your pico projector on the ceiling in the right position. With the help of a hanger. It’s important for the correct measurement.

Thus you can use the projector for the sewing.

Mural Art (Wall Art)

It’s a good idea to replicate your image on the wall with the help of a projector.

If you are a muralist you may familiar with this, No then I will introduce you.

In the wall art or mural, an art projector uses to project the image on the wall or surface for the tracing.

First mural artists project the image on the wall they want to create, and use acrylic paint for the tracing.

Digital projector, Overhead projector, and Opaque projector use for the projection.

With the digital projector artist project image digitally. In the overhead projector artist have to create an image first on the A4 page then put this page on the Fresnel lens. Now you can project your image.

The opaque projector needs the specific image size of its copy area example 4″x4″. For the projection, you have to put the projector on the image. Read also the affordable projector for mural art.

Decorating Cookies

To make your cookies different from others or you want to make a beautiful designee on the cookie, you can use the projector.

For this, you need the pico projector with the help of your projector. You can project your name or loved ones, word art, and any kind of beautiful art on the cookies.

For the tracing or to give the shape to your projected designee, you can use icing.

And done, this way you can decorate your cookies with the use of the projector.

Viewing Cinema

For the viewing cinema projector use at home and movie theater. Personal and Commercial.

For home normal LED, an LCD projector is used. For commercial iMax projector is used with 70mm reel. Read also a best home movie/cinema projector under 500.

Presentation & Conference

A modern video projector is very useful in the business meeting room.

At the business meeting, a room projector can be used for various purposes.

To project the PDF and up & down graph of the company so you can analyze your company’s success.

Powerpoint presentation is the main reason why office people use the projector. But for this, you will need the projector which supports the PowerPoint.

Modern projector support zoom and google meet mean you can do your online conference meeting by using a projector as your primary screen.

These are some uses of projector in daily life of company.

Home Fun

In the home, you can use the projector for various fun purposes not only for watching movies.

You can do projection mapping inside your home on your room wall and can decorate your home wall with projection light.

You can create artificial fireworks inside your home and enjoy them with your family.

And the last one you can tell a story to children for the bedtime. So you and your children can have a sweet dream.


To teach school and university students smartly.

Today’s school and university adopting the projector. To clear the student concept in the study, they should teach in the three mediums Text, Image, and Video.

That’s how students interact with the various learning method and their learning skills grow.

There is a projector call interactive projector which people prefer to use in the classroom.

In the modern projector, teachers can play videos from the online platform and can use the informative podcast.

This how the projector used in the modern classroom and projector have an important role in the projector.

Augmented Reality Sand Table/Sandbox

This is a very fascinating technology. Which is done by the projector, sensor, Sand Table/Sandbox, and Laptop/PC.

Let’s talk about how it’s useful for the Kindergarten School and Military:

This best way to introduce technology and science to children. During the playing with the sand, they will get a good experience of sand art also.

A military person uses this technology for the virtual planning of their battlefield. So they can perform well on the real battlefield.

Golf Simulator

If you don’t like to go out to play golf or outside the home weather is not good for golf.

You can create your golf court inside your home for your personal use. And can play home inside the home.

To play golf inside your home you will need some equipment like a simulator, Golf net, and PC/Laptop to operate.

And if you want to feel the real golf inside your home you should buy the projector and projector screen for sure.

Thus you can use the projector for the golf simulator.

Projection Mapping

Projection mapping is done by the video projector, that’s why it’s also called video mapping.

In projection mapping, we project art in the video form on the building, home, and wedding cake.

By using projection mapping people decorate wedding cakes.

People decorate their houses from outside for Christmas and Halloween. For the special moment, buildings are also decorated by projection mapping.

For a different kind of projection mapping different types of video projector use.


For the normal wedding cake mapping and house projection mapping 1000$ to 15000$ video projector use.

For the projection mapping of the buildings commercial projector use like Christie Digital projector.

Also, If you want to do 3D projection mapping you will need the DLP video projector.

Thus we use the video projector for the projection mapping and project our video art on a different surface.


If you want to play games on a big screen you should know about this use of the projector.

Modern video projectors are so much evolved. Which is beneficial for the gaming geek.

In modern video projector gaming, people can play games from their smartphones.

Or they can connect their favorite gaming console with their projector. When you play the game you don’t feel any lag, your gaming experience will be smooth.

The projector is the best choice if you want to play gaming in your home comfort on a big screen.

FAQ related to the use of the projector.

Why is a projector important?

Imagine if you are connecting with people in a large number of people and you want to show them some visuals. On the small LCD screen, it’s tough. But if you are using the projector you can easily go up to 300 inches.

What is the use of a projector in church?

In the modern church, the projector has an important role to interact with a huge no of people. You can show the Bible and song lyrics on the big screen.

What are the uses of a profile projector?

Profile projector use is commercial. In factories this projector use in measuring the small parts of the machine.

What does a projector do?

All modern video projector does the same thing, they receive video and image signals and project on the screen.

How do you use a projector?

Interesting question it’s up to you how do you wanna use your projector. If you want to play games, want to see movies, or want to do a business presentation. You can do it easily with a modern video projector.

Why do we need projector?

We need a projector to project our image and video on the screen.


These are some uses of a projector in daily life. It does not end here because today projector is so evolved than the old one.

So it also depends upon your creativity how you wanna use the projector. If you have tried some creative and cool thing, which is not on this list you can tell me in the comment section.

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