In today’s article, we are going to talk about the types of projectors and their functions. We will also talk about some queries related to the type of projectors at the end of this article.

Projectors are used in schools, colleges, movie theaters, or you have seen at anyone’s home for home cinema purposes.

They do the different thing, they project images and videos on the screen or flat surface. And their technology is different from each other.

What is a projector?

A projector is an optical device. Which use light to project image and videos on the screen or surface.

What are the functions of projector?

Projector receive image and video signals in digital way from the mobile, computer, SD card, USB drive and computer.

To create the image or moving image on the screen and surface. This is basic function of any projector.

What are the different kind of projectors?

Main Type

  1. DLP
  2. LCD
  3. CRT (Old School)

Other Type

  1. LCoS
  2. LASER
  3. LED
  4. Overhead Projectors
  5. Slide projector
  6. Opaque projector
  7. Video projector
  8. Handheld projector

Main Type

DLP Projector

DLP’s full form is Digital Light Processing. DLP projectors white lights turn into three many colors like red, green, blue by the color wheel.

Because of its color wheel, we see the rainbow effect in the DLP projector sometimes due to the color wheel.

DLP projector has the DMD mirror which is moving in the cycle of 16 million per second.

This DMD mirror is also known as a DLP chip. Its work is to convert all the RGB light into beautiful images/videos like real life.


  • DLP projector need less maintenance.
  • It’s mirror tube is dust free.
  • Often light weight.
  • No lack of pixel for sharp image quality.
  • No scattered pixel.
  • Environment BFF.
  • 3D affect shows.


  • Rainbow effect.
  • Limited brightness.
  • Limited no of pixel.

LCD Projector

LCD’s full form is a Liquid-crystal display. LCD projectors have three LCDs that work to make the picture on the screen/flat screen.

This projector uses three primary colors (Red, Green, Blue) to make the image. These three LCDs project all primary colors on the dichroic prism together, to make an image and video.

There is some industry-leading LCD projector manufacture like VANKYO, EPSON, Panasonic, etc.


  • LCDs are cool and bright projector.
  • This kind of projector are quite.
  • Work well in room with ambient light.
  • Any flat surface is good for projection.


  • Dead pixel.
  • Bulky.
  • LCD chip fails.

CRT Projector

CRT full form is Cathode-Ray Tube. It’s an old-school projector first introduced in the 1950s. In this projector, three CRT vacuum tube is available for the primary optical color red, green, blue.

When the high voltage pass through these CRT vacuum tube projector emits the light, to project the image on the screen. This projector’s image quality is good according to its time.


  • CRT projector have the variable resolutions and refresh rate.
  • Good lamp lifespan up to 10,000 hours.
  • There is no rainbow effect in the CRT projector.
  • CRT projector capable for the Better black images. Like LCD and DLP.


  • Heavy.
  • Less bright.
  • Not a power efficient.

Other Type

LCoS Projector

It’s Full form is Liquid crystal on silicon. LCoS projectors are next generation of the LCD and DLP projectors.

This projectors follow the DLP like liquid crystal chips with a mirrored backing, that’s why it’s reflective.

And also this kind of projectors block light with liquid crystal like the LCD. Thus LCoS projectors follow both the the projector technology.


  • Hybrid of DLP and LCD.
  • This projector has motion blur.
  • There is no rainbow effect in projector.
  • These projectors use Auto Iris technology for a great contrast ratio. In Iris technology, the projector lens opens and closes according to light in the environment.


  • Light out put is not good.
  • Not portable and compact.

LASER Projector

LASER full form is Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. It’s a modern projector which doesn’t use the lamp and led as a light source.

In this projector, the laser is used as a light source which provides good contrast and image quality than the normal led and lamp projectors.

RGB laser projectors have three laser light sources red, green, blue. These kinds of the projector are good for continuous use in home, office, school.


  • Quick on/off.
  • It’s power consumption is low.
  • LASER projector can work 24/7.
  • Long lifespan.
  • No need to pay attention towards the maintenance much.


  • Expensive.

LED Projector

LED full form is a Light-emitting diode. A LED projector can define as a projector that has a light-emitting diode to project the image/video on the screen.

It is better than the halogen lamps. This kind of projector gives long life and very compact. LED projector gives many features in its price every range.

You can easily connect with the android, just plug in fire stick and stream, etc.


  • Compact in usability.
  • Offer lots of new generation features.
  • LED bulb have long life.
  • LED projectors can be your office companion.


  • Limited brightness.

Overhead Projector

Overhead, the projector is an old type of projector. This projector is replaced by the modern LED and Laser projector.

Inside this projector, you will get the bulb, which 750 to 1000 watts. And also blower is added inside the box to control the heat of the bulb.

Transparent paper use in this projector to project the image. The transparent paper is put over the Fresnel lens which illuminates the paper.

Then its content falls on the projection lens.

And the projection can be managed by the plane mirror. Both projection lens and plan mirror are adjustable.


  • Easy to use with the transpires.
  • You can project paper content on the big screen.


  • Produce lot’s of heat.
  • It’s heat can melt parts.

Slide projector

I can introduce the projector as an OLD video projector. Because during the old days, this projector was used for entertainment purposes.

People use this projector to see movies with family and friends. Slide projector not only use for the entertainment purpose.

This projector is also widely used for educational purposes. For the projection this projector using a 35 mm slide.

For the projection of the picture, you will need a couple of 35 mm slides and for the complete, you will need the collection of 35 mm slides.

This projector replaces by a modern projector that uses a digital medium. To project the content.


  • Easy to use, only you need the 35 mm slide.
  • Usable in house and also can use in education field.


  • Not usable in this modern era. Because their better options available.

Note: But still available on the market by Kodak.

Opaque projector

The opaque projector is also knowns as the enlarger projector. Because of their enlarger behavior. This projector is used for enlarging images, drawing, and the pages of books.

This projector is still available on the market, but better than the old one.

These days opaque projector use for mural art (wall art). Mural artists use this projector to enlarge their paper art on the wall and for tracing.


  • Don’t have complicated parts.
  • Still available on the market for the art and artist.
  • Low price.
  • Easy to use.
  • Use normal LED bulb as a light source.


  • Not enough bright you will need the dark room to see the projection.

Video projector

A projector that receives video signals. Video projector rule in the modern age projector. In the modern video projector use, different-different types of display technology example LCD and DLP have the major part.

Their light source is also evolving from the lamp to LED and Laser. For the bright image quality and also for the long life of the projector.

Video projector can have a higher price and lower price. In the recent market LED projector has a lower price than the Laser projector.


  • Have good image and brightness.
  • Projection screen could go higher up to 300 inch.
  • Portability.
  • Have long light source life.


  • Need maintenance.
  • Need dark environment.

Handheld projector

Those projectors have a compact size. This type of projector has fewer components. Handled projectors are stand-alone, they have an inbuilt battery. You can charge the battery and run-up to its capacity.

Handled projectors are same as other projectors they can project images and videos.

And the last thing I want to tell you Handled projector can also call as Pico, Mini, Pocket and mobile projector.


  • Ultra portable it can fit in your pocket.
  • Have in built battery.
  • Easy to use.


  • Limited brightness.

Queries Related to Types of Projectors.

How many types of slide projectors are there?

Slide projectors are optomechanical devices generally use for business purposes to show pictures and infographics. There are four types of slide projectors carousel, Ekta graphic, audio viewer, and Ekta pro.

What type of projector is better, Epson or BenQ for 4k resolution to watch movies?

BenQ TK850 True 4K HDR-PRO Projector is best for the 4k resolution movies.

What type of projectors are used in 3D illusion shows?

In 3D illusion shows, most used projector is DLP projector.

What are the different types of overhead projectors?

There are three type of overhead projectors Closed head, Open head & Inverted head.


These are the modern types of projectors and their functions which are used in the today projectors.

Except CRT projectors, I have added this because I want to share the complete info about the types of projectors and their functions.

I hope you get the all info about old and new projectors type. If you have any queries related to this list you can tell me on comment section.

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