If you plan to split your projector screen. Then in this article, I am going to tell you two ways to split your projector screen. 

You may have various reasons to duplicate the screen. Some gaming people want to play games with their friends by splitting the screen.

Or there could be people who want to do office presentations with a quad screen. You may also need to project your CCTV camera. You can also do this by splitting the projector screen. And project a big number of camera footage on one screen.

Expectations could vary from person to person. So in this article, I am going to solve your dilemma related to projector screen splitting.

Let’s get into today’s article.

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How can you split the projector into two?

If your projector has native screen splitting features. Then you can split your projector screen into two. Or you can also do it by HDMI switch.

With Split Screen Feature

Here I am giving the example of an EPSON projector. Which have natively split-screen features. There are two ways you can divide screen.

The first method is just by clicking the split button which is available in the IR remote. For the different video projections on both sides of the screen. 

You have to use a different HDMI video signal source. Or you can go to the menu of the projector. Then go to the Settings where you will get the split-screen. To close the screen split, press the escape button on your remote. For the practical overview check out this video.

Without Split Screen Feature

If you want to do the two images side by side projection. And if you don’t have a split-screen feature. Then there I have one product suggestion for you. Which helps you with this 2×1 HDMI switch (Amazon Link).

This HDMI switch has two inputs and one output. By using this you can split your projector screen.

What does this HDMI switch do:

In this projector, you can connect two HDMI devices at the two HDMI input ports. Then the output will be at one port. And this one output will go in the projector. 

On the HDMI switcher, you will get the button. To switch between the different projection types.

You can use one screen at once and switch between them. Or you can project both sides by side.

What if I want four or more than four split screens?

In case you want four or more split screens. Then you will need another HDMI switch. For the four split-screen, I will suggest this switch Quad Multi HDMI Viewer 4 in 1 Out (Amazon Link). 

And for more than four. You should use this one Expert Connect 9-Channel HDMI Multi-Viewer (Amazon Link).

To connect the devices with these HDMI switches and projector will be easy and the same. So there I am showing you the example of four in one out (Same you can connect 9×1). 

To complete the whole setup you will need the five HDMI cables (Amazon Link).

Step 1: Take one HDMI cable. And plug the one end of the HDMI cable with the device (output port) you want then another end will go in the HDMI switch (Input port). Same way connect all your rest three devices with the HDMI switch.

Step 2: Now we take the HDMI cable. Which connects between the projector and HDMI switch (From the HDMI switch output port to the projector input port). 

In these two steps, you can connect all four devices with the HDMI switch and projector. And in the HDMI switch, you will also get the 3.5 mm audio out port to connect external speakers.

Now power up all your connected devices.

In this same pattern, you can connect all your devices. With the 9×1 HDMI switch. The process will be the same. There will be only one difference: the number of devices you connect with the HDMI switch. 

And the number of HDMI ports available in the HDMI switch.

What is the best projector for split-screen gaming?

If you want to play the games on the split projector screen. For sure you will need a good gaming projector. Because when you split the projector screen. You will need a projector that can handle your hardcore games.

For that here I have two suggestions for a projector. For you, all gaming needs BenQ TK700STi and Optoma UHD50X (Amazon Link).

One from BenQ and another from optima. Both have low latency rates. And they provide you with good graphics. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of splitting the projector screen?


At home, if you have friends gathering or in your home have two people play games. And they want to play games at once on one projector. Now they can enjoy the game simultaneously.

Not only at home. Split-screen features can also be very useful at the office. Various people can present their presentations at once. This will increase work productivity and save the time of work professionals.

People use the projector to project their security camera. With the help of HDMI switches and a split-screen. Now you can project nine camera footage at once in one projector screen seamlessly. 


By splitting the projector screen. You are wasting your projected pixels on the screen. How?

The image you project on the screen will view half of the pixel, natively image has. And both sides of the screen will have fewer pixels than it has natively.

If you are going to use the projector for the office presentation and security camera. Which does not necessarily require audio or you can switch between the split-screen. Not all screen audio is required at once. 

While for gaming you can’t compromise with the audio in any condition. No matter if you are a noob or pro gamer. When you are using the HDMI switch to split the screen for gaming. 

You will get only one audio output in the HDMI switcher device. You can’t use the audio for both split screens at once. 


There you won’t need any software and complicated devices. To split the projector. You can split the projector screen easily by using the HDMI switcher. 

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