How to remove wrinkles from projector screen [7 Best Ways]

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How to remove Wrinkles from projector screen material perfectly?

After the long use of the projector screen. Its fabric or screen material becomes saggy

And creases or ripples or waves or wrinkles build on it. And it becomes a headache. When you are watching a movie on it. 

Because of these informal things. It affects the image quality on the screen. 

So it’s important to fix these things. So it can’t ruin your movie experience on your screen. 

There are different ways you can remove wrinkles from the projector screen. Things you can do to deal with the wrinkles. 

You can apply tension to the screen material. Or you can apply the weight at the bottom part of the screen.

If these things do not help. You can do some heat treatment with the help of sunlight, iron, a hairdryer, a cloth steamer. And a central heating system.

About all these things in this article. We talk in detail. How you can do it properly

So you don’t tear down your projector screen. Before that let’s know. What are the possible reasons? Why are these things on the projector screen material or fabric?

What causes wrinkles on a projector screen? 

When you buy the projector screen fabric for your entertainment purpose. 

And the screen material is folded by the retailer. Like a cloth to export. Then the wrinkles made on the screen fabric. 

And if you are making the outdoor movie setup. And you put the screen fabric in the storeroom. 

Without folding them in the right manner. It would be better if you roll your screen fabric. On the wood stick or something like that.

So the wrinkles. Don’t come on the screen fabric. And you don’t need to worry about unwrinkling the screen.

How do I remove wrinkles from the projector screen? 

So from here. We talk in detail. How you can get rid of the projector screen creases and ripples. 

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Use a tension frame with your projection screen

This is the first thing you can do to get rid of the wrinkles on the screen fabric. 

You can taut your screen fabric in the frame. But there are some things. 

You should care while taunting the screen fabric with the frame. So you can easily get rid of the wrinkles from the screen fabric.

Make sure to use the frame in which all the corners have a proper hook or something like that. 

Which can hold the screen material properly. From all corners. So you can easily deal with the wrinkles.

And make sure you start from the one end. You have to do with the two people so one can hook the screen with the frame. 

And another can hold the other end of the screen fabric with a hand tightly.

So you can deal with all the wrinkles on the screen fabric. And let it rest for days or hours.


To apply the tension on the screen fabric. You can also use the truss tower and the bungee cord.

You will need the two truss towers. Hang your screen fabric with the help of a bungee cord. Both the vertical side of the fabric. 

And use the number of bungee cords. Based on the height of the fabric. If you are unable to do it alone. You can take help from another person. 

Once you are done with hooking up the screen with the truss tower. Then you can make the distance between the two truss towers. So the screen can get stretched.

Check out the below video. For a practical overview.

Apply weight/pressure to the bottom of a hanging projector screen

Find the support from which you can hang your screen. Which can take a load of your projector screen and the weight. You will apply on the projector screen. 

Now properly hang the projector screen fabric. With the support. And now hang the weight at the bottom of the screen fabric. 

And it will depend on how much time you have to apply the weight to the size and depth of the wrinkles.

Also, take care of the weight you are applying at the bottom. It should not tear your projector screen fabric.

If the above two ways don’t work for you. Don’t feel discouraged. Ahead there are five heat treatments. 

You can try at your own risk. If you dare to do those things. After reading some instructions. 

Then go ahead. And try those heat treatments. These ways will help you to deal with wrinkles on the screen fabric for sure.

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Place screen in Sunlight

This thing is the safest heat treatment you can try. You should start with this treatment. 

To start, first taut your screen fabric with the frame. And make sure you have properly taut the screen. 

And there are no wrinkles left on the screen. Now place your frame in the direct sunlight

And leave the screen fabric in the direct sunlight. Until you don’t get rid of the fabric wrinkles.

Basically by heating the projector screen fabric with the appropriate temperature

Its fabric molecules will expand. And when it cools down. Its molecule will come back to its normal position. 

And that’s how you will get rid of the wrinkles on the screen. How much time do you have to leave the screen fabric in the direct sunlight? It depends on the wrinkles.

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Use Iron

Using an iron is the harshest heat treatment on the screen. You can consider. When you are using the iron. You have to take extra care of the heat.

When you are using the iron to get rid of the wrinkles. You should start with minimal heat. And if this temperature is not enough. Slightly increase the heat.

And press your screen fabric gently. You will notice that wrinkles are leaving the screen fabric. If you use heat that is not appropriate heat for your screen fabric.

It will expand the screen fabric forever. And your screen will become saggy. So use the iron carefully. 

To deal with the wrinkles on the screen fabric. At the appropriate temperature. So it won’t destroy projector screen fabric.

Use Hairdryer

Using the hairdryer can also hurt your projector screen and melt. So there is one precaution you can take. 

Which is different from the other heat treatment for screen fabric. 

First, take the soggy cloth. The water is not falling from the cloth. For that, you have to first soak the cloth in the water. 

And then twist the cloth. And make sure there is no extra water on the cloth. Then put the cloth where wrinkles or creases are present. 

Then on your hairdryer. And then set medium heat on the hairdryer. And use the hairdryer on the place you have put the soggy cloth. 

Make sure you are using the hairdryer. From 6 to 12 inches from the screen fabric. From the opposite side of the screen. Where you put the soggy cloth.

Important thing. When you are using the hairdryer. Make sure you have put the screen in that manner. 

You can put the soggy cloth on the front side of the screen. And on the opposite side, you can use the hairdryer.

So you won’t hurt the fabric. And successfully get rid of the wrinkles on the screen. 

And yes, and you are blowing the heat on the fabric. Always remember your hand should always be moving.

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Use Cloth Steamer

If you have vinyl fabric. Then you should try this heat treatment on your screen fabric. 

The wrinkles or ripples or creases immediately go from the projector screen fabric. For that on your cloth steamer. 

And wait to create the water vapour. And then from a little distance. 

Blow the vapour on the vinyl fabric. Within a few couples of second wrinkles. Will be gone from the projector screen fabric material. And you will get a nice-looking screen. Where you can project the movie. And you will get a nice-looking image.

Central heating system

This is the last heat treatment for your projector screen fabric. Which have wrinkles. You can try. For that, you will need a central heating system in your room. 

For that, first, attach your screen fabric. In the frame and make sure your framed screen fabric is flat in all parts of the screen fabric. 

Then also take care of the temperature in the room. The optimal room temperature will be 90 degrees or 194 Fahrenheit

After heating treatment of the screen fabric. 

Let the screen fabric cool. So its molecules can relax and its wrinkles can leave the fabric. 

And if your fabric wrinkle does not leave. You can repeat the heating process.

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How can you remove wrinkles from an inflatable screen?

If your screen size is so big like the inflatable screen. And there are wrinkles on it. 

Then you can hang the projector screen fabric. And let it rest. Or you can fill the air in the screen structure. 

And apply the screen fabric on it. Do this sometimes before you will project something on it.

How to remove wrinkles from the anti-light projector screen? 

There are two types of light rejecting material. Ambient light rejecting and Ceiling light rejecting. Both purposes are to reject the light from the screen. 

And provide you with the best colour and contrast image on the screen. 

But somehow you may see the wrinkles on these screens. Which cannot be resolved by the normal heat treatment.

Because of these normal heat treatments. It will hurt the microstructure of the screen. And the screen will reflect the light inappropriately.

You have two options to deal with wrinkles on this type of projector screen fabric. 

For that, you can stretch the screen material on the frame. If it does not work for you. 

You have to contact the retailer from whom you have bought the projector screen. 

They will help you ahead. In this case. Don’t try anything otherwise. It will hurt the projector screen fabric more. 

How to remove creases from the DIY screen?

When you are making a DIY screen With any fabric. Make sure you have properly created the frame. Don’t forget to add the support beam in the middle. 

And also stretch the screen fabric properly. And hook them with the wood. For that check out the below video. Making of the DIY projector screen.

How to remove wrinkles from the pull-down projector screen?

There are three ways you can deal with the wrinkles on the pull-down screen. First, you can completely take out the screen fabric. And apply that on any other frame. 

But this way you will lose the Retractable nature of the pull-down projector screen. Another thing you can do is just open the screen for two to three days. 

And the last thing you can do is grasp the material between the thumb and the fingers. From the bottom bar. Now move your hands slowly outwards. 

How do you clean a fabric projector screen?

To clean the projector screen. You have to first collect the right equipment. So you can easily deal with the stain on the projector screen fabric. You will need:-

  • Microfiber cloth.
  • Dish wash liquid.
  • Distilled warm water.
  • Air can.

Now we start cleaning the projector screen fabric. 

  1. Use the air can. And blow the dust from the screen fabric.
  2. Now mix the 5% dish shop. In the 95% warm distilled water. 
  3. Then moisture the microfiber cloth. For that little bit, dip the cloth in the mixture. And press it and remove the excess water. 
  4. Now with the gentle press. And right-hand movement cleans the projector screen fabric.
  5. After cleaning the screen fabric with the moisture cloth. At last, you will use the clean dry cloth on the screen. And your cleaning process is done.

For more instruction and more knowledge about this topic. You can read our detailed article on how you can clean the projector screen.

Conclusion: Remove or Repair wrinkles from the projector screen.

Watching movies inside your home and outside the home on the screen. Which have wrinkles on them. Spoil the mood of watching the screen. 

And wrinkles affect the image quality. But that would not be any big issue after reading this article. 

Because there are various ways you can remove the wrinkles from the projector screen. 

By giving tension and weight to the screen fabric. And these things do not work. You can try different heat treatments on your projector screen fabric.

See you next time… 


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