Projector vs TV: Which is best for 2023 home entertainment?

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Projector vs TV: Which is best for 2021 home entertainment?

Comparing the projector vs tv is a vast topic. So it will be better if I don’t have time to read this article. You should bookmark this page. So you can read it later.

So as you know there will lot’s of talk. I am not gonna take one side of any technology. They both have their pros and cons. I will give you a brief explanation. 

According to different conditions. So you can judge both technologies according to your place. And choose the best entertainment screen for your home.

At the end of this article. I will also explain some specific places and conditions. Which one should you choose: projector or tv. So stick to the end for an in-depth comparison between the projector and tv.

Projector vs TV: Which flat screen is best for your media room?

From here I am going to compare both display technologies in various aspects. And these aspects are a lot. To know them all requires patience. Let’s start.


projector vs tv eyes

Eye comfort is important. When it comes to health. When comparing both technologies. Because you will spend lots of time in front of both the displays. 

So it’s important to choose wisely. Which display hurts less or more your eyes. Both the displays emit blue-ray light. Which is naturally available in nature. 

But while watching the tv or projector. Both fall on your eye’s retina. But the way they fall on your eye is different. 

When you watch the tv the blue-ray light directly falls on your eye. Which is the reason for dry eyes and dizziness. This type of symptom is harmful to your eyes. 

While in the projector the blue light in-directly falls on your eyes. First, the projected light falls on the projector screen.

And that light reflects towards your eyes. Which is not harmful to the eyes health like the tv.

So these are some important points about health. And that is directly related to your eye’s health. Which can’t be let just slip. While choosing the projector or tv. 

In terms of eye health, the projector is the winner. This is obvious because projector blue light is reflected. Not directly fall on your eyes like tv.

Home Theatre

Home Theatre

Home theatre means here, is the dedicated room/ambient light controlled room. You have in your home. For entertainment purposes.

In that type of place, you should go with the projector. And there are various reasons for that.

In the dedicated home theatre room. You don’t need to worry about the ambient light. Which is the most important thing.

Because always in the presence of ambient light. Lots of colour and contrast are lost by the projector.

There are lots of native 4k projectors available. And they can give you a great image like the tv. On the big screen. And that experience will be phenomenal. 

Which can’t be denied by anyone. If you have something like a dedicated home theatre room. I will highly suggest you go with the native 4k projector. 

For any kind of purpose. Like watching movies, gaming, and cinematic experiences. Like the tv, you can also connect the ps4 with the projector. Not a big deal. 

Also, you can connect a streaming device like the Roku and firestick. Which makes it very easy to access any kind of entertaining content and apps easily online.

So, these are some reasons why I will highly suggest you go with the projector. So for the dedicated home theatre projector is the winner.


projector vs tv Gaming

Gaming. Which everyone likes/most people. And when you start playing games. There is no limit to time. And you get into the game for a long time. 

Which is very exciting. You can experience a great gaming experience on both displays. Because there are various gaming projectors and tv available.

Which gives you a great low latency rate. And colour production on the screen. But you can’t play games for a long time like the tv.

On the projector, because there is some certain age of the projector lamp or light source.

After that, you have to test and change the projector bulb. So you can’t continuously use the projector. 

The reason why I am talking about a long time of gaming consumption. Because I know there are lots of people. Who likes to play games? 

Which you can do the same with the projector. That is not ideal. You have to change the bulb after some time.

Which is heavy for your pocket. Buying a new original lamp for your projector.

If you like being drawn into the gaming world. Although both technologies are great. But if you are mad about gaming. I will suggest you go with the TV. TV is the winner for gaming.


projector vs tv bedroom

It depends on the size of your bedroom apartment. Generally, people buy a projector to get the big image on the screen or wall. 

Nowadays people like to watch subscription content. More than the cable tv content. If you are addicted to Netflix, Hulu, and amazon prime content. 

Here you don’t need to worry about how you will play the content on the projector. It’s very handy. You can check out this article on Netflix on the projector.

The projector takes the minimum place to fit. You can hang up the projector with the ceiling. Or when you are not using the projector.

You can put a projector in the closet. It won’t take the place of the wall space. If you are living in a congested place.

For the big image on the screen. You will need a good projector screen. So you can get most things from the projector on the big screen.

For that, you can use a retractable screen like a manual pull-down.

The projector screen can be easily hung up with the ceiling. And whenever you need you can easily pull down the projector screen.

And when the purpose is done. Just pull once again. It will be in its place.

Like the TV for the big screen. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on the projector. With 200 to 300 hundred dollars. You will get a big immersive screen. With decent image quality.

With the good thousand dollar projector. you can achieve a great image on the screen anywhere easily. All these things in the projector felt like something special.

In the bedroom and apartment. Because everyone has a TV.

The projector is the winner.

Screen size 

projector vs tv screen size

Because of the screen size, the projector feels very special. No matter where you are using the projector. And in terms of big-screen size at present, it looks very difficult to achieve by the TV.

With the good thousand dollar projector. You can achieve the 100 to 130-inch screen anywhere. No big deal. But when it comes to the tv. 

TV struggles a lot to get the big screen size. If you will spend the lots of chunks of money. You still don’t have a big immersive screen like the projector. 

So here in terms of screen size. The projector is the winner. No doubt.

Color Accuracy

projector vs tv colour accuracy

Both devices have good colour production technology. In the projector, there are three types of colour production technology used. 3LCD, DLP, and LCOS mainly.

Want to know more about the 3LCD and DLPfollow this link DLP vs LCD/3LCD Projector.

In which 3LCD projector gives you the most accurate and bright colour on the screen.

TV also has its colour production technology. Which helps TV to produce the best colour on the screen.

And HDR property is available on both devices. So in terms of colour accuracy both the devices are similar.


Projectors are portable most of them. Except for some commercial projectors. And home theatre projector buys the JVC. They are pretty handy to manage.

You can easily set up your projector in any room of your house. And project the image on the flat wall. With the native 1080p projector you will get good picture quality.

And there also battery managed projector are available. Which gives you up to 3 hours of battery backup.

If you want to set up the backyard movie night. You don’t need to worry about the power source.

And when it comes to portability. This type of mini projector comes in a bag or case. You can easily carry them.

And also you can use the projector for van life. Because their power consumption is minimum. In comparison to the TV. It takes less space and is very portable.

The projector is a winner in portability.

Ambient light And Brightness 

projector vs tv ambient light

I think in this term the projector struggles a lot with the TV. But unable to give you a bright image like the TV. In any condition. In terms of brightness or use of these technologies in the presence of ambient light.

TV is always a winner. Because TV will always give you bright image quality. No matter where you are using the projector. Inside the home in the presence of ambient light. Or outside the home.

There is a specific outdoor TV from sunbrite. Which can be used outdoors in any condition.

The maximum brightness that can be output by the tv is 930 nits in SDR. And in the HDR this 2,000 nits. This brightness is achieved by the Samsung 65Q9 TV.

And in the projector, the maximum lumens is 2000 lumens in lamp projectors. 

So in terms of brightness. TV is the winner because tv’s brightness is much higher than a projector

Cinematic Experience 

And when it comes to cinematic experience in the home. We expect a big immersive screen. From the projector and TV. Like we experience in the commercial movie theatre.

Big screen and it should be in the 2.35:1 aspect ratio. Both are things you can’t expect from the tv. Even if you spend thousands of dollars on the tv. Still, you don’t get the immersive experience like the projector in any home theatre tv.

And this is the reason why people generally buy the projector. For the immersive cinematic experience. At home, which is phenomenal. 

And these types of things are never filled by the TV. So for the cinematic experience in any home theatre. The projector should be the first choice.

The projector is the winner for a cinematic experience.

Setup Or Installation

projector vs tv installation or setup

TV is very easy to handle for any person. And most people read this article. Interact with the TV once in their life. But the projector is not accepted by a large number of people. 

When you get the new TV. You don’t need to do anything extra. Just unpack the TV. And put it over the TV stand. Or hung from the wall. For that, you need two people.

Connect with the power source. And connect any video source. And your TV is ready to use.

But the projector installation process is not that easy like the TV. For the perfect projector setup. You will need the appropriate projector screen size.

And you have to put the projector at an ideal distance to get the big image. You can put the projector over the table. Or you can hang from the ceiling.

And you have to sit in the right place so you don’t need to move your neck to see every scene of the movie.

And when you have to place the projector and projector screen. You have to take care of the ambient light. 

So your image doesn’t wash out. TV is very easy to install and use. For setup and installation TV is the winner.

Room Size

projector vs tv room size

For the normal long throw projector, you will need the space. To make a big image on the screen. Otherwise, you will get a small image. That’s not the purpose of buying the projector.

There is another projector also available for the small space. Short throw projector and ultra-short-throw projector. Short throw projector is affordable for most people.

But ultra-short throw projector is not affordable for everyone. For every type of room. The same goes for the TV. Every size of the TV is available.

Choose the TV screen size according to your room size. Go with the big TV screen. When you have a big room. So you can sit at the right distance to get the right viewing angle.

Otherwise, get a small TV. For room size, both the TV and projector have various options available. For room size TV and Projector similar.

Sound quality

projector vs tv sound quality

Most projector speakers are garbage. And if there is a projector have good speakers. That is useless in the projector setup. Because of the way the projector is used. 

To get the big screen from the projector. You will put the projector behind you on the rack. Or you will hang the projector from the ceiling. To get the clean setup. 

So even if you have a good sound quality projector. You won’t get a good sound from it. And everyone can’t afford the ultra-short-throw projector. 

Because there is some ultra-short-throw projector is available, which speakers quality is impressive.

That’s why people connect their projector with the soundbar. Or speakers with wire or without wire. You have to invest in external speakers.

But when you have the TV. TV you will put the TV in front of you. And TVs have decent speakers. And that will be useful. Or you can also connect the TV with the external speakers.

For sound quality TV is the winner.


projector vs tv contrast ratio

Contrast can be explained as the black and white levels of the images. And the brightness of the projector can be known by looking at the lumens number of the projector.

If you want to judge the projector brightness I will suggest you know the ANSI lumens of the projector.

In the ambient light TV contrast, stand out but projector contrast can’t be compared to the TV. TV is a winner for contrast.


projector vs tv resolution

I think both device TV and projector have a similar resolution available in the market. Both the device have 4k HDR resolution options is available in the market.

This means they can accept the 4k video content and show you the 4k images on the screen.

In past years there is no 8k projector are available in the market. But right now by the JVC.

There is an 8k e-shift home theatre projector are available in the market. As well there is 8k TV is available by Samsung.

So both TV and Projector have. 8k resolution capabilities only price can vary. The JVC 8k e-shift projector price is $17,990.84.

And Samsung TV price is $4,197.99. Projector price is comparably high to TV. Because 8k s-shift is new to the projector. For the resolution, both have a similar approach.

Projector vs TV: Advantage and Disadvantage

If you are still confused do worry. Here I will talk about the pros and cons of the projector and tv. So you can get more clarity. While choosing.

Pros of projector

  • If you want the cinematice experaince at home. Then projector is the only thing. Which can give the the cinematice experiance.
  • Want to spend less. And still want the good image and big screen.
  • The biggest reason. Why people attract towards the projector. Becaseu of the projector big screen. At less price.

Cons of projector

Pros of TV

  • When you will use the tv. You don’t need to worry about the ambient light in the room. Your image will not be washout. Like projector.
  • Contrast ratio is better in the tv. You will get crisp image.

Cons of TV

  • If you are looking for the big screen. Then you have to spend a lot in comparison of projector.
  • Tv is not portable enough to caryy anywhere.
  • You wont’ get the cinematice experaince like projector on tv.

Projector vs OLED

You can’t compare the OLED TV’ experience with the projector. Because both are different technologies. Achieving the OLED quality on the projector is very difficult.

For that, you have to spend on the JVC high-end home theatre projector. And you will need a truly light control home theatre room.

Home theatre room paint should be dark and also its curtain should be black. 

With all these, you will get an OLED quality image on the screen from the projector. I don’t want to go through all these headaches.

Just go with the OLED TV. But remember you will lose the cinematic experience in your home theatre. As well the big screen.

Projector vs TV: For the classroom 

If you want the big image in the classroom. Then I will suggest you get the projector. Because there are various projectors available especially for the classroom.

Which sacrifices the colour accuracy but. That’s ok for the academic content. But you don’t need a big screen, so I will suggest you go with the tv. 

Projector vs TV: For the meeting or conference room

There can’t be one regular answer. It depends on your room type. And the type of content you want to project. TV has a 16:9 aspect ratio. The projector is available in the 16:10 aspect ratio. 

Which gives you some extra space to show some extra information. And also the big screen in the comparison of the TV. And you can store the projector. When you don’t need the projector.

And when it comes to the TV. With the tv, your setup will be simple. You don’t have to deal with the zoom and placement.

You can use the TV in the lit room. Do not need to worry about the image you will show.

Go with the projector. When the number of people is big in the meeting room. Or use the TV if you have less space to use the projector.

Although an alternative option is available of the projector for less space. Ultra-short-throw projector.

Should you go with a projector or TV for Church?

When you use the TV in the church. Then you don’t need to do the extra work as the maintenance. Cleaning the projector lens and changing the projector bulb. 

But you have to pay a much higher price for the big screen. And TV has less viewing angle. If your church sanctuary is wide. Then you will need the two TVs in the church sanctuary.

If you have a big number of people. Then it will be better to go with the projector. Because it will viewable by a large number of people. 

At a wide viewing angle. If you are getting the low brightness from the projector. You can try projector stacking and rear projection.

But you have to take care of the projector. For cleaning the projector screen. And cleaning the projector lens.

Why use a projector instead of a TV?

There are some reasons. You can go with the projector:-

  1. The projector is known for the cinematic experience. And under a 1000 dollar projector. Will give you the movie theater experience at home. 
  2. Screen size. If you are thinking of making a dedicated home theater at home. Then you will need the big screen. And TV can’t give you the big screen like a projector. If there is a TV available which can compete with the projector. That price will be very heavy.
  3. Portability. It’s not easy to move the tv anywhere home. For that, you will always need a couple of people. And on the other hand, you can easily move the projector to a different room. Or you can set up outside for the movie night.
  4. Also, the projector is healthy for the eyes in comparison to the TV.

What are the disadvantages of the projector?

Ok, we know the projector is great for the cinematic experience at home. But what are the reasons? We should not buy the projector.

  1. Projector maintenance is very important. On specific time interval, you have to clean the projector air filter. As well you have to clean the projector lens and the screen.
  2. Projector speakers are not useful. There is some ultra-short-throw projector. The speakers are little but impressive. Otherwise, most projector speakers are not useful.
  3. Ambient light will wash out the image color and contrast. You can use the ALR screen. But in the comparison of TV. That is not impressive.
  4. Setup and installation can be a headache for you. If you are a newbie. Because there are lots of things to consider.

Can a projector be used as a TV? 

If you are thinking of using the projector like you will on the projector for 8 t0 10 hours. Then there is no projector built for you.

Because the projector has a certain lifespan. And also the projector bulb will burn. For this type of use.

If you can use the projector for some certain number of hours like 3 to 4 hours. Then you can consider buying the ultra-short-throw projector.

Which comes with the laser light source. Which assures you will get a good lifespan. Generally 20,000 to 25,000 hours.

Which flat screen should you use for catarman?

If you are on a boat. Then there will be limited power. In this situation, it will not be better to go with the TV. It will consume the power. It will also take up space in the boat.

There is various good portable battery-powered projector available. Which can give you good image quality. And also you can consider buying the pull-down screen. 

You can go with this idea if you have no issue with the ambient light. Otherwise, go with the TV.

But check the power consumption of the TV. And where are you going to put the TV on your boat?

Conclusion: Projector Vs TV.

It’s very difficult to choose between the projector. Until you what do you expect from your display? But there is one thumb rule.

By following that you can choose between the projector and TV. If you are still confused.

If you want the cinematic experience at your home. And you can control the ambient light. Then for sure go with the projector.

If you are thinking of using a projector regularly like the TV. 

Then don’t choose the projector, go with the TV. And also consider buying a TV. If you don’t have control over the ambient light.

See you next time…


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