Projector vs Monitor: Which is best according to your need?

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projector vs monitor

Are you confused between the projector and monitor? If yes. Then today I am going to tell you what are the major differences between the projector monitors.

I do not compare both displays on one factor. I will compare both displays on various factors eye, gaming, and meeting/conference room. 

Those factors will be more about. What people are facing the problem. When they are going to choose between projector and monitor. This could be different for different people. 

And what are the advantages and disadvantages of the projector and monitor?

Here, I can’t give you a direct answer. Which display is great for you. You have to think about what you want from your display. Then only you can get the ideal display for your needs. 

So let’s get into today’s article.

Advantages and Disadvantages: Projector and Monitor



The projector is versatile. There screen size you can adjust. And you can easily change the projector’s location. The projector takes less space. If you have a space problem at your place. It will be good for you. Easy to install, no wiring hassle. Also, the projector is 3d compatible.


Need regular maintenance after certain use of time. Otherwise, you have to face some issues. Projector’s dead pixel, green tint, noise, and overheating. Have a certain lifespan. You will need speakers. If you have a gathering of people.



Monitors are available in various screen sizes 15 to 77 inches. You will face no difficulty no matter in which condition you use the monitor. In the lit room or dim room. All light conditions are acceptable.


Monitors are very expensive. The higher the screen size. Price will also increase like LG 77 inch monitor price is $2,999.99. And monitors are not durable. They can easily break.

Comparison: Projector vs Monitor 


The projector indeed hurts less than the monitor in the real world. And it’s healthier than the monitor for eye. Because the projector follows the ideal condition to be healthier for eye health.

If you are facing eye strain issues or tired eyes. You can consider going with the projector. But before you set your mind to replace your monitor with the projector. Listen more about the projector on eye health.

The way the DLP projector works. Because of that people are facing eye issues with the DLP projector. LCD projector and LED projector are good. People haven’t complained yet.

Let’s talk about the status of monitors for eye health. For sure the monitor is harsher than the projector. The light coming from the monitor backlight directly falls on the eyes. Which is not ideal for the eyes. 

If the monitor is bothering you. You can change that with the new projector which is ideal for the eye. 

Or in the monitor and projector. You can try to play with the monitor and projector contrast and brightness. To get relief for the eye. And also take breaks you don’t use for a long time. When you feel your head is spinning or eye strain. Or use blue ray spectacles.

And the last one closes your eyes and thinks about distant objects. 


Who doesn’t like to play the games on the good screen? Which gives them an immersive gaming experience. But choose which one?

Both display projector and monitor. Have various input and output options available, to play and feel the game. Those people who think that projector is not good for gaming. 

It’s not true. There is a gaming projector available whose highest refresh rate is 240HZ with a 4.2 input lag. I don’t think it will despair the hardcore and casual gamer. Both at the same time.

Although monitors have a 360 Hz refresh rate with a 2.8 input lag. Which is way higher than the projector. 

So both can give you immersive gameplay. But which one will you choose? Here I have one question for you, which type of gamer you are: casual or gaming geek (who plays hours of games in a day).

On the projector, you experience great gaming. But if you play games a lot’s of in a day. Then the projector is not made for you. Because soon you have to change the projector bulb. 

But the condition is different with the monitor. You can play lots of games without worrying about changing the bulb. It will be ideal for the hardcore gamer. As well for the casual.

Meeting/Conference Room 

There is a projector available in the online market. Which are dedicated to the conference room. These projectors are business types. 

The projector is ideal. When you need the big screen. With the projector, you can project more than 100 inches. And here the projector is BenQ MH733. Which can project up to 300 inches.

Its brightness, contrast, and resolution are good. Because it’s made for the conference room. So what is the point of a big monitor here?

With the monitor, you can go up to 77 inches. This is way less than the projector. Monitor only goes ahead. In the conference room from the projector in terms of brightness a little bit. In the presence of ambient light.

And if you want. You can use the IPEVO annotator and you can convert your projector into an interactive one. Which will be helpful if you are doing the presentation. It gives your presentation an extra edge.

Still, the monitor will be a good option. If you somehow don’t like the projector.


Monitors are made for productive work. Like programming and graphics designing. And any other productive work. The only difficulty using the monitor is a headache or eye strain. If you use it for a long time.

On the other hand, a projector is made for a smooth or cinematic experience. Also to enlarge the images. 

During the coding on both displays, you can see. What are you typing? Because the displays have a good contrast ratio. Although the projector has a good contrast ratio ( 500:1 to 100,000:1). According to RATINGS monitor maximum and minimum contrast ratio is 6,888:1 and 620:1.

Projector has a higher contrast ratio than the monitor. But we also don’t forget the distance you are sitting from the projector and monitor. 

Despite all these things the projector is not productive. For the programming, I will suggest you go with a good monitor. Which is good with the resolution and refresh rate.


So who is the winner in the projector vs monitor? There is no direct answer to this question. As I have already told you at the beginning of the conversion.

To choose the ideal display option for you read the full article. You will know the disadvantages and advantages of both displays. Also, don’t forget to go through the various aspects. These aspects also help you to get an exact one.

See you next time…


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