If you work at an office or in the home you have the home theater. And you have the projector causing the sound issue. Or your projector sound not working.

There could be various scenarios. You are using the projector. And you are not getting the sound from the projector.

You might have connected the projector with the laptop. Or you are using any kind of streaming device and blu-ray player as a video source for the projector. 

More from this in our today article. We also talked about other ways to get audio from the laptop. While connecting with the projector. 

And also how you can make your projector louder. If your projector speakers are not enough to give the audio. As you want.

So, let’s start without wasting any time.

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Projector sound not working: Dolby sound, Streaming Device & Blu-Ray player.

If you have the budget projector. Or a projector that does not support the Dolby audio. And you are using streaming devices. Like amazon fire stick, apple tv, Roku tv, Chromecast, and blu ray player.

This type of device supports Dolby audio. And if they are set to the Dolby audio. They will pass the Dolby audio to the projector. When you plug this device in the HDMI input port of the projector.

And if your projector is not made to accept the Dolby audio your projector. Will not produce the audio. And hence you feel your projector needs repair or replacement.

But this problem can be fixed with a simple step. Go to your video source device like Amazon fire stick, Apple TV, Roku TV, Chromecast, and Blu-ray player. 

In the audio settings. Find the option to change the Dolby audio to stereo audio. And your audio problem will be solved. In the streaming devices and DVD players. Also, check if there is any system update available here. If it’s available here then update it.

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Things you should do on the projector.

  1. Make sure on the projector. Sound is not muted or turned into the low volume.
  2. If you are using the external speakers and that are connected with the aux cable. Confirm that your external speaker’s volume is turned up. And if that external speaker is a Bluetooth speaker. Then go to your projector Bluetooth setting. And check if it’s properly connected with the projector or not.
  3. On your projector. You have selected the right input port to get the audio and video signals.
  4. If you want to use the projector speaker in standby mode. Turn on the communication. And standby audio on your projector.
  5. If you are using the HDMI cable. Make sure it’s non-resistant. And also check the audio connection. Between the projector and your video source device.
  6. Once unplug the HDMI cable between the projector and your video source device. And again plug it.

Troubleshooting projectors and HDMI to laptop/computer connections

  1. On the laptop, if you have a DVI and HDMI port. Then use the HDMI port.
  2. On some projectors, have there power management settings. Where is your laptop or computer on the batteries? Then through the HDMI cable audio will not be pass. To resolve this you have to change the management settings on the control panel. If this type of setting exist in your laptop.
  3. These days on the projector and laptop/computer. Both have the HDMI port available. And when you connect them. Make sure they are on the same port. Like if you have more than one HDMI port. Then it should be connected in a manner 1 HDMI to 1 HDMI or 2 HDMI to 2 HDMI.
  4. Also, check the type of HDMI cable you are using. Type-A with 19 pins, Type-B with 29 pins, and Type-C with 19 pins. Use the HDMI cable that supports both devices. Projector and laptop.
  5. Go to your laptop audio playback settings. And choose the projector as the default audio output of your laptop.
  6. Go to your control panel. Under Security and System select the Find and Fix problems. Or in the view category select the large icons, and select the Troubleshooting. After this, you will get the option Troubleshoot audio playback click on this. Then click on next and further follow the instruction.
  7. At last these do not work. Update the re-install or update the graphics driver of your laptop. Last solution.

Further windows audio troubleshooting. You can check out this article.

Your main options for bringing sound from your computer/laptop to a projector

There are two main ways you can bring the sound from the laptop and computer:-

  1. Wired way. Connect the aux cable with your speakers.
  2. Wireless way. Go to your projector Bluetooth setting one the Bluetooth. And make the Bluetooth speaker into pairing mode. And select your Bluetooth speaker. 
  3. Or when you connect the laptop with the projector using the cable. You can use the projector speakers.

How can I make my projector louder?

Most projectors are available in the market. They have good audio quality. They can’t fill the whole room with the audio. Because their speakers have less power. To produce the sound like an external speaker.

To improve your projector audio quality. You can use the external speaker. Which comes at a very cheap price. As you can see below. 

These two speakers are very cheap. But provide a good sound. Which is better than the projector’s built-in speakers. Speakers can be connected with a cable or Bluetooth.

Conclusion: Projector sound not working.

Without sound playing the video on the projector. Is like tea without sugar. There is lots of troubleshooting available you can do. While using the projector and laptop/computer.

Or when you are using the streaming device and blu-ray player. I hope all these troubleshooting processes. Will help you to resolve your problem related to the projector sound not working. Before you replace your projector considering it’s garbage.

And if your projector’s built-in speakers do not sound enough. Then you should spend on the cheap external speaker. For sure.

See you next time…


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