Is it normal for a projector to get hot or projector overheating? Yes, it’s normal for the projector to get or overheat. It’s an obvious thing if any machine work. It will produces heat. Projector also gets hot. 

But if they overheat it may be because of some issue, you should check out what’s the problem.

There could be various reasons why projects get overheated. Today we are going to discover this in our article. 

And we also talk about how you can cool down your projector. So it can project images normally. At the end of this article, I also address some general questions.

Before, let’s see what happens when the projector overheats. 

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What happens when a projector overheats?

When your projector overheats. You will get the red LED light blink on your projector top. Or you may get a warning on the screen. 

Your projector is about to close in minutes. If it’s getting too hot your projector is not even on for the seconds. It will shut down to prevent the projector.

Also, the projector bulb will get burned.

What causes a projector to overheat?

Air Filter 

Here you may get overheating because of the air filter. Sometimes when you don’t do maintenance of your projector. Your air filter gets dusty. And its cloth gets stuck with a tiny particle full of dust. Which doesn’t let the outside air inside.


External temperature. There can be various reasons your projector is getting the external temperature that overheats your projector. 

Your room is not circulating the air with the outside atmosphere. And during the summer days, your room increases more than its normal temperature. 

Or you put your projector in front of your home device that produces heat. Like over the DVD player and near to the device like a heater. 

Which produces heat or any other device you have in your home. Put the projector on these devices.

Not accurate RPM 

Your projector thermal sensor is not reading the speed of your projector fan accurately. It could be a problem with your fan not spinning at legit speed. 

Or your projector thermal sensor is dusty or faulty.

Fan and Blower

What I think first is that your projector fan and blower are deteriorating. Or inside your fan and blower something tiny unwanted object gets stuck. Which does not allow them to move.

Position & Place

Your projector isn’t in a good place and position. Which doesn’t allow the projector exhaust to pump out the projector’s internal hot air.


If your projector doesn’t clean for a long time. In your bulb dust collects and burns. Which also can cause the projector to overheat.

How to prevent the projector from overheating?

Open the projector

First, unscrew your projector screws and dismantle the projector top. Now you have to inspect your projector there and you have to check many things. Let’s see what projector parts you have to check out.

For a while on the projector. And check your projector all fans are working constantly fan and blower both. If not then fix them, and if it’s all good then fine.

While you are checking the fan they are moving at enough speed that your projector can sense. And also check your thermal sensor condition. It’s alright or not. Sometimes it gets dusty, and not reading the right amount of heat. And giving the wrong info.

If your projector fan is not moving at enough speed. You can try the high altitude mode. In which fans move fast to run the projector constantly. But remember it can downgrade your projector bulb life span. Because the projector bulb needs a certain amount of heat to work.

Here I wanna add another point related to the bulb. Also, check your bulb if it’s dusty clean by the compressed air. Don’t touch it (Because it will be hot after using. It will burn your hand). If it’s burnout because of overheating. Then you have to change the projector.

And when you are about to close the projector top portion. I will suggest you use compressed air all around the projector. It will be good for projector maintenance.

Cleaning Air Filter

This is the first thing you have to do. When your projector is overheating. In every projector, you will get the air filter which can be disassembled.

Because the companies know that it’s necessary for the projector maintenance.

So, open the projector air filter. And tap on the hard surface if it’s clean your air filter then it’s ok. If this step does not clean your projector. Wash your projector air filter. If it is washable. And let it dry then assemble it. 

Because a clean air filter lets enter the air enter the projector. Like our nose for our body.

Right Position & Place

Place your projector in that place. Where form the projector exhaust and air flitter can easily do air in and out. 

If you have hung the projector from the ceiling. Then make sure the projector has enough distance from the ceiling. So projector exhaust can work properly. 


Make sure you put the projector in an environment that is normal or cool (Not cool like a freez). For that, open your room window, which I prefer. Or you can also use the room AC or Fan. 

And keep away your projector from other devices which produce heat. Which produces the heat around the projector.

Cooling System

If your projector’s internal cooling (Blower, Fan, and Heatsink) system doesn’t work you can also use the external cooling pad. Which can cool your projector silently. 

Here is one cooling pad suggestion for you: AC Infinity AIRPLATE T7. Which works silently, if it’s work for your ok. Or you can also find another cooling pad. Which fits inside your projector. Like Pc fans.

Using CPU Heatsink

This kind of heatsink is used for the big CPU. You have to apply this heat sink over the lamp replacement unit. For a practical overview of how you can do this, check out this video.

Using Noctua thermal paste

There is the last option left if all other concerns are fine. This is the last option I know you can try. For this first, you have to open the projector.

And pay attention to your circuit where the heatsink is. Now on the projector for a while so you can checkout. Which heatsink gets warmer?

To check. You will need a phone that has a thermal camera. Which helps you to figure out which heatsink is overheating. When you can figure out which heatsink is overheating.

At this position, you have to use the Noctua thermal paste on the heatsink. And also you have to use the 70s to ’81 pennies. Take the pennies and move back and forth over the heatsink. And spread the Noctua thermal paste over the heatsink.

And left the coin over the heatsink. Hope it will not fall apart. This is what you can do with your projector heatsink. To avoid the projector overheating.

To know more about this you can read this expert opinion

Some special instruction:-

If you have these projector brands you can try some special instructions to avoid overheating.

ZTE projector overheating.

Before I say the cure of overheating. I would like to talk about some reasons why your projector is getting hot. There are many windows related to overheating. 

In a ZTE projector, you may get the pop for the projector overheating, because your projector is in high brightness. To solve this, close the pop-up and lower your brightness.

There will also be another pop. Which tells you that the projector battery is higher than its normal heat. In this case, you have to close the projector. So it can cool down. 

Same thing you have to do. When your projector is used for a long time. And the dialogue box opens and says your projector sussed for a long time.

There is an only special instruction for the ZTE projector I have. If you have another brand of projectors like Viewsonic, Hitachi, Optoma, Sony, Epson, BenQ, and Panasonic. 

You can try the above option. I have told you to stop the projector from overheating. One of them will work for you for sure.

Is the projector overheating because of the ceiling mounting?

Yes, the projector can overheat because of the ceiling mounting. If you hang up the projector there will be no space for the air exhaust of your projector. 

Then it will overheat the projector. So make sure. Whenever you hang up the projector from the ceiling. There should be a distance between the projector air exhaust and the ceiling floor.

Why does the projector overheat after replacing the lamp?

This is happening because you have used the unofficial projector lamp. So make sure you always use the projector lamp from the authorized seller.

If you are still facing the overheating issue because of a projector lamp. It might be a bug so disassemble the projector lamp again. And put it back. 

I am not sure about this trick. But you can try.


So, inclusion for the projector overheating. If your projector gets hot. That’s not the big issue, it can be solved by the following tips. If all these tips do not work for you. 

I am sure your projector has a serious issue in your projector related to overheating. I will suggest you contact your projector official support staff. 

Now they can only help you out of this problem. I have shared everything I know about the projector overheating. I hope all my tips help you out with this overheating issue. 

So you can enjoy gaming with your friends and family.


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