Blurry images are not distracting that much the first time. When you see it on the screen. But it’s been on the projector screen for a long time. Then it will be so irritating. 

Because it will continuously distract you. And attract your attention towards the imperfection on the screen. Which overkill the movie on the projector screen. And also the official presentation.

Keeping an eye on these things. Today in our article. We are going to talk about the reasons for the blurry projector. And how you can resolve these things. 

And use your projector without any imperfection. So let’s see why your projector is blurry and how you can make your projector picture clear. 

Stay tuned at the end. We also cover some interesting questions. Which answer you might get anywhere else. Like here.

What makes a projector blurry? 

So, there are five reasons. One of them might be the reason for your projector blurry.

Not aligned correctly 

When you are installing the projector or doing the setup of the projector. No matter where you put your projector. On the table or you have mounted the projector. You might not have aligned the projector with the screen.

Lens has cap

A new projector might have this reason. When you buy the new projector. You are excited. And when you are doing the setup of your projector for the home theater. Or for the presentation in the office.

You might have forgotten to take off the lens cap. And your projector lens cap is still over the projector lens. And because of that, you are getting blurry images on the screen.

Lens dust or condensation

If you use the projector. For sure you take off the projector lens cap for the projection. And because of that, the dust particles accumulate over the projector lens.

Or it might be possible. Some of your family members or office colleagues. Has mistakenly touched the projector lens. With their bare hands. And because of that on your projector lens. Have the smudges. 

These things make your projection blurry. Check out these two things on your projector lens.


This is also an important thing. Check your projection surface. Where are you going to project your content? See if your projection screen is smooth or not. 

Because the rough or uneven projection surface can make your projection looks blurry. No matter how high resolution the projector you have native 1080p or 4k.

If your projection screen is uneven or rough. Your naked eye has to face difficulty to make the difference between the text and color.

Warmed up

When you power on the projector. Some projector models need to be warmed up. And for that, they need some time. And if before that time you try to adjust something in the projector. You may face some blurry images on the projector.

How do you fix a blurry picture on a projector? 

So now you know the reason why your projector is blurry. Let’s resolve. This issue and make the image clear.

Projector focus 

This is the first simple thing you can do. On your projector to get rid of the blurry projector picture. On the top of your projector, there will be a circular dial. That can be moved in a circular motion. To make the image sharp. You have to move the dial. In the circulation motion. And try to get the best sharp image from the projector.

Get rid of dust or condensation 

There are two ways by following them. You can clean your projector lens. First using the projector cleaning solution with the microfiber cloth. 

And second with the distilled water with the q-tip. There are a lot of things you have to do and do not. For that, I will suggest you read our detailed article on the cleaning projector lens. If your projector lens has a scratch. Here I have also explained. How you can deal with the projector lens scratch. Everything in detail.

And when you bring your projector from the cold place. To avoid condensation on the projector. Let your projector warm up.

Changing the position of the projector 

When you are placing the projector on the table. Or mount the projector from the ceiling. You should make sure your projector and projector screen. Facing each other. 

Play with the keystone correction 

With the keystone correction. You can adjust your projector screen. Vertically and Horizontally. So adjust your projector screen. In a vertical row or the horizontal row. Until you get the crisp projector image on the screen. But do over adjustment with the keystone correction. It will hurt your image quality.


Go to your projector setting. And find the contrast and adjust according to your eye’s sweet spot. It will make your image look sharper.


When you are connecting your projector with the external video source. Like laptops, computers, and PS. Make sure the video signal output is similar to the projector’s native resolution. So your projector can easily understand the video signal.

Choose Right Surface 

When you are doing the setup of the projector. It’s important where you are going to project your projector. Because it directly affects your projected image quality. So choose the smooth projection surface. If you are confused between the projector screen and wall. Then you should read our detailed article on the projector screen vs wall.


Blurry projector pictures can also be resolved. That is by using the small projector screen. Because when you use the small projector screen. The collection of the pixel will be dense on the small projector screen. And the image on the screen will be crisp and clear.

If you want to make your projector look sharper. And above things do not work for you. I will suggest you check out the below youtube video.

Why clear pictures but blurry text? 

This problem also occurs with the monitor after some time. If you are projecting the text on the big size screen. It’s an obvious thing. First, it will be noticed pixelated text. Which is a normal thing. 

If you are using the text content source is a laptop and computer. Then I will suggest you use the HDMI cable for the visible text on the projector screen.

Or you can try the different resolutions on the projector. It might dull your image quality. But it will improve your projected text content. On the projector screen.

What causes blurry corners?

If your projector screen has blurry corners. You can try to refocus the image. Or try to adjust your projector to the screen from a different angle. And at last, you can try to adjust the distance between the projector and the screen.

After changing the bulb, is my projected image blurry?

If you have changed the projector lamp. A few days ago and after that, you are getting the blurry image in the center of the image. Probably it’s happening because of the lamp. Because when you use the lamp you buy from the non-authorized dealer. Or Lamp that is not made for your projector.

It will produce heat and ultraviolet rays as well heat. That will affect your projector LCD panels or Polarizer. If your projector lamp is placed near the LCD panels or polarizer.

To solve this you have to change the projector aftermarket lamp. With the projector a new genuine lamp. And also the LCD panels and polarizer. To get rid of the blurry image.

My RCA projector is blurry?

If you are using the fifty-dollar projector. That has only the native resolution of 480p. For the blurry image, this could be the reason. Why are you getting the blurry image? 

When you are using this kind of projector. I will suggest placing the projector and screen closer to each other. So you can avoid any kind of image distortion on the screen.

If your projector has a focus dial. Adjust your image with that.

My projector is blurry. When I am using the mounted projector?

If you have mounted the projector with the ceiling. There are three-four reasons why your projector is blurry. 

Make sure you are using the right projector ceiling mount. That can hold your projector on the ceiling with stability. Or if you live in the building. Where there are multiple floors. And your upper floor people walk on the floor. It can make a vibration. And it can shake the projector lens.

If you are doing the projection on the plaster. It could be the reason for imperfection in the image. Or if you are doing the projection on the screen. It is possible your projector and the screen are not perpendicular.


It’s distracting and irritating. Both at the same time. This problem can be resolved using some simple non-technical thing. You don’t need to be an expert in the projector.

Everything is explained in this article. Will be very helpful for you to get a clear image on the screen. 

And the reasons. To identify the right reasons why your projector is blurry. 

And also we have covered some special queries. Which will be more helpful. When you are trying to identify and solve the projector blurry picture.

See you next time…


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