What is a projector hush box? Making of the hush box & Benefits.

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What is a projector hush box? DIY construction of box & Benefits.

If your projector makes an irritating noise. Then don’t worry, in this article, I will talk about the projector hush box.

What is the projector hush box? What are those important parts? You will need to construct or make the box.

It will be completely DIY. I will explain the construction process step-by-step and share some design ideas. So you can make the hush box on your own. By adopting the design. You can make a hush box for any projector.

And I will also talk about the benefits of the hush box. And many other things. So let’s start our article.

What is a projector hush box?

A hush box is a type of enclosure box. Which consists of the number of fans. Which constantly sucks the cool air inside the projector and keeps out the hot air. 

While using the projector. So the projector can be kept cool inside the projector. But the main purpose is to use the hush box. To control the projector noise

The hush box keeps the projector noise inside the projector. For that acoustic foam is used in the wall of the hush box.

While using the hush box rarely you will listen to any noise from the projector. 

Generally, a hush box is made from wood. It’s completely different from the normal projector enclosure box.

How do you make a hush box for a projector?

These will not be something. Where I will teach you how to make a hush box from scratch

Here I will give the example of some projector hush boxes. And by following them. You can make your own hush box

Because of every projector construction. And people’s preferences are different. Don’t worry if you have a short-throw projector

How are you going to make a hush box for that? There is also a solution for that.

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Body or Design

Here I am sharing the two images. Both are different depending on you. Which is your preference or your projector requirement? 

In the first image. As you can see below. This one is a bit complicated for some people. 

Who didn’t work on this type of project before? But the second one is very simple. In the fan placement and air circulation. We talked Later. 

Projector hush box design number one
image credit: hifi-forum.de
projector hush box number two
image credit: avsforum.com


I hope you have chosen your hush box design. And how or where you will put your projector inside. So it will be better to take the measurement of your projector. 

And make sure you are going to build the hush box. Should be bigger than your projector. So you don’t face any difficulty fitting your projector inside the hush box. 

And when you choose the wood for your projector. I will suggest you get the wood. Which is light and tough. So it doesn’t make any issue. 

When you are going to hang the projector from your ceiling. After making the measurement for the projector, cut the size and piece of wood. 

According to the design you have chosen. And give them the shape of your hush box.

Applying the acoustic foam

The purpose of making the hush box is to make the projector less noisy. So make every possible way to make our projector less noisy. 

For that, we apply the acoustic foam on the wall of the hush box so it can absorb the projector noise.

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Cooling fan and its placement 

This is going to be the most important. Things when you are going to build the hush box. Because if you avoid this thing. Your projector will fry inside the hush box. 

The placement of the cooling fan. And the airflow of the cool and hot air. There are two models of placing the fan. 

First, you can place the cooling fan near the projector exhaust. And whenever your projector puts hot air outside from him. The cooling fan will immediately suck that hot air and put it outside the hush box. Before the hot air spread in the hush box.

And in the second one in the hush box. There will be only two cooling fans inside and there will be vents. 

For the consistent flow of cool air and hot air inside the projector. No special fan near the projector exhaust. In this type of placement. 

We first let the cool air in. And after that, it will be pulled out by another fan. This type of projector construction is simple for those. 

Who is making this type of thing for the first time? It will be easy for them. There are lots of great fans you can consider buying.

And here you are using the fan. For sure here your fan will suck the air as well the dust. 

Inside the hush box. So you have to buy the net to save your hush box from the dust. This net will work as an air filter for a hush box.

Placing glass 

When you are taking the measurement for the projector body. Make sure you have also taken the measurement for the projector lens. 

So you can cut the place for that and make a hole in the wood.

And also you can be sure your projection will come out of the hush box. And where you have cut the hole. You have to place glass in that place.

For that, you can’t place any kind of glass. It will degrade the image quality. For this, you will need the special anti-reflection coated optical glass

Power Supply

It’s important to power up your hush box fan. So they can suck the cool air and pump out the hot air. 

So the circulation of the air should be running. When you are using the projector. So the temperature inside the projector could be maintained.

So, how can you power up your hush box fan? For there are two ways. You can power your hush box fan. If you have a 12v trigger port available in your projector. 

That’s a good thing. You don’t need to pay attention to things. With that, you will be able to control. Your cooling fan. When they will be on or off.

You have to just connect the fan with the 12v trigger off the projector.

If your projector doesn’t have the 12v trigger port. Then you can invest in the slave extension

Which will help you turn on or off the projector. And the last one you can use your projector USB port. 

If one of your USB ports can power up your projector.


If you want to mount the hush box no big deal. But make sure you are using the heavy-duty chain and heavy-duty ceiling hook (Amazon Link). 

So you can safely hook the hush box from the ceiling with the projector without any worry. 

When you hang up the hush box with a projector. Make sure you are drilling the joists in the ceiling. So you can strongly suspend the hush box with the projector in the ceiling.

If your ceiling doesn’t have joists. Then you can drill in the other strongest part of your ceiling. So you can hang the projector with a hush box. Safety is important. While hanging the projector. That’s why I am giving you this type of suggestion. So you can be safe and sound in your living room and home theatre room .

Bonus if you want to make the hush box for your short throw projector. You can check out this post.

If you want to watch some practical stuff and some different design I have mentioned. Then you can watch the below video.

Credit: ProjectsandThings

What are the benefits of having a hush box?

Using the hush box for the projector is very beneficial. For you. Its main purpose was to make the projector quieter. To reduce the projector noise. 

So we can enjoy the movie in our home. And use the projector without any muzzling sound. In the school and the business presentation. 

Using the hush box for the projector. Not only save you from the projector’s unnecessary sound. It also saves your projector from any kind of hazard.

And also keep your projector cool. And that’s how your hush box increases your projector life also.

What is noise reduction in a projector? 

To reduce the anonymous noise coming from the projector. If you want to try another way to reduce the noise coming from the projector. 

Rather than a hush box. For that, you can read our article on the noise reduction of the projector

Where you can read about the reason for the nose. And how you can solve them.

Should you buy or build the hush box?

When you are making the projector by yourself. You can make your projector according to your preference. And the projector requirement. Both things are important.

There is not any point in buying the thousand-dollar hush box. In which your projector doesn’t fit. And you don’t like the design of the hush box. 

And the fan placement is not optimal for your projector. They are not capable of making the projector cool inside the hush box.

And there is not a huge number of hush box sellers. So there is no competition between the hush box manufacturers. Reason for the high price of the hush box.

If you are thinking of buying the hush box on amazon. You won’t get any hush box. At least at the time, I am writing this article. There is only a projector enclosure available. 

So, it will be better for you to make your own hush box. Which will be great for your projector.


So a hush box is very useful when you want to get rid of the projector noise completely. The hush box completely captures all the noise of the projector inside the box. 

And make the environment completely silent. You won’t hear anything unwanted from the projector.

Making the hush box for the first time can be a tough job for the first time for anyone. 

But not after reading this article. Because everything is available you will need to construct the hush box.

Don’t think about buying the hush box. Unless you have lots of money. Because you can make your own custom hush box which will be better than what you buy.

See you next time…

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