Projector Flickering: 8 Reasons and 8 Solutions on how to fix.

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Projector Flickering

If you have lamp based projector. That you own. There is most common reason for that your projector lamp is suffering from the Arc Flare, Arc Wander or Arc Flutter. Or less common reason power quality issue.

This is not the only one reason. Why you are facing projector flickering or image shaking.

We talk about the projector flickering in the two portions. First, why does flickering happen? And how you can solve flickering or shaking issues

Without being a technician. Most of the time. So let’s start our article. You can look at the below table. If you are in hurry.

Or you can read the whole article.



Eco Mode

Set to normal or high mode.

Damage bulb

Replace the bulb.

Electrical surges

Try different power outelets/Call electrician/Use surge protector.

Components have broken

Change the glass projector parts.

Ground Loops

Connect the projector and video source with same power source.

Frame Rate and Refresh rate

Increase frame/refresh rate.

Loose or Damage Cable connection

Get new cable & Tight the cable.

Color Wheel

Clean the colour wheel.

What causes a projector to flicker. And How to fix projector flickering.

We are going to talk about the reason for the projector flickering and how it can be resolved.

Eco Mode

Generally, people use eco mode for the projection. So they can use the projector for a long time. Or their projector light source life can be increased. 

This step helps you to use the projector for a long time. But sometimes this projector mode becomes the reason for the screen flickering. For the projection. Your lamp should need a certain amount of power. 

And in eco mode. Your projector lamp is unable to get that amount of power. That’s why your screen is flickering. So how can you overcome this issue?

You have to move from the eco mode to normal or high mode. In your projector setting. Not for permanent. Don’t worry. Change this setting after some hours of use. And your issue will be resolved.

So that’s how you will deal with the flickering screen. Try this once. Then move for the next remedy of flickering.

Damage bulb

There is an anode in your projector lamp. Which generates the arc. When the projector is plugged into the power outlet. With a long time of use of the projector. Projector lamp anode got faltered

And when the projector is plugged with the power source. Arc generated on the tip of the lamp anode. And that arc does not fall off the other anode

And the arc falls somewhere else. Which causes the issue. And you see the flickering screen or shaking image

And there could be one reason. The light source is used in the lamp based projector. Have a plasma lamp. And there is gas inside the lamp.

Which make the things unstable. Also the larger curvature slow down electrodes degenerate. Means slow down in the current flow. More read here.

It’s happen in three different type Arc Wander, Arc Flare and Arc Flutter.


There are three ways. You can solve this issue. If the projector bulb or image is flickering. Because of this reason. 

You can change your projector power increase consumption mode. Or you can also try to change the picture mode. If all these things don’t work. 

You have to change your projector lamp. For that follow our comprehensive article on Projector bulb or lamp replacement.

Or get the laser projector. To deal with this type of issue.

Electrical surges

An electrical surge is pretty common in the household. It’s happening because of electrical overload, faulty wiring, lighting and power outage/blackout. Read more about the reason for electrical surges.

So these are some reasons why electrical surges happen. And when you connect the projector with the power outlet. And you see a flickering screen. Which is very irritating. For everyone.

For this, you can try a different wall outlet. In your home. For the power source. Or if there is a problem with the electricity in your home. 

You should call the electrician. To solve this issue. The last thing you can do. You can use the surge protector. To solve this issue.

Components have broken

In the projector, there are various glass projection parts used in the projector. Which completes the projection in any projector. By reflecting the light towards the final destination.

If you have ever opened the projector. It might be possible. You have accidentally touched the projector-sensitive glass projection part. 

And it hurts the glass parts of the projector. Or some dust collected over the glass projection parts.

To resolve it you have to change the glass projector parts. Which causes the issue. I will suggest that you should call the professional. Because you don’t want to hurt your projector more.

Ground Loops

Ground loops happen. When you plug the two different devices in the two different power outlets that share the same ground path. If you are using the projector with a separate video source.

And that device is connected to a different power source. From the projector. Then it is a hundred per cent sure. You are facing a flickering issue. Because of the ground loops or earth loops

For that, you should connect the projector and video source device with the same power source/outlet/surge. So you can get rid of the flickering issue. In your projector.

Frame Rate and Refresh rate 

A low frame or refresh rate also causes the screen flickering. So go to your projector frame rate setting. And check its frame rate. If it is low then. 

Change your projector frame rate. And increase the frame or refresh rate of your projector. It will help you to resolve the issue. 

Loose or Damage Cable connection

It’s also possible that you are using the HDMI or VGA cable that is defective. Or loose when you connect with the projector and the source device. 

So, use a good quality HDMI cable and check the cable. It is tightly connected with the HDMI or VGA port.

Color Wheel

Because of the regular use of the projector. Collect the dust inside the projector. All over inside the projector. But here we will only talk about the dust on the colour wheel.

When dust is collected over the colour wheel. It makes the screen flicker. Because the colour wheel is part of the projector. Which converts a white light source projector into a different primary colour.

You don’t need to get into too many technical things. But you should know if your projector is a DLP projector. Then it could be the reason for your projector flickering. For that, you have to open the projector and clean the colour wheel in the projector. 

For that, you can read this article. Or you can check out the video below. Read or see them carefully. Before you start disassembling the projector.

How do I know if my projector lamp is bad? 

There are various suspicious phenomena. You can notice if you want to check if your projector lamp is bad:-

  1. If you notice the flickering. Your projector lamp may be about to die. Be ready with the new lamp for your projector. 
  2. Turn up your projector brightness if you will notice that. Still, your image brightness does not increase. In the darkroom.
  3. If your image color has changed. From the normal day projection. 
  4. Go to your projector menu and in the info section of your projector. And check how much life is left for your projector amp.
  5. When you are on the projector. And when you listen to the pop sound. It’s also a sign that your projector is dead.

For the complete surety, you can use the millimeter to check the condition of your lamp. For more information check out our detailed article. Where I have explained how to test the projector bulb.

Why flickering while using the converter? 

If you have left your converter for a long time. And don’t use the converter. And you see that after a long time you are using the converter and it’s flickering. 

Then one thing you can try. Just plugging in the converter with the power source. Overnight can fix the flickering due to the converter.

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Why does the projector flicker when connected to the laptop or iMac?

When you connect the projector with the laptop. There are various reasons. Because of that, the projector screen flickered. 

It is happening because of the driver. Your laptop driver is not updated. So update your graphics card driver. Go to your manufacturer’s website. And try the most recent driver.

While connecting the two electrical devices like projector and laptop. Also, take care of the ground loops. Make sure you have connected your projector and laptop to the same power outlet.

And also check the cable you are using to connect the projector and laptop. And if you are using the iMac. Then soldering inside the iMac went bad. Or Graphics ports are loose.

Your iMac will work normally. But when you connect the iMac to the external screen, It might show some abnormal behaviour.

Why is the projector flickering with the ps4 hook-up HDMI?

If you are using the old HDMI cable or HDMI cable with loose pins. Or defective HDMI cable to connect your projector with the PS4 or PS5

Then because of these reasons your projector screen is flickering. Now you can replace your old HDMI cable. with the new fast HDMI cable. 

Your flickering problem with the PS4. Will be resolved.

Can HDMI cause flickering?

If you are using the HDMI cable like 100 feet long in your projector set up. To connect with the video source device or another device. 

You may face the flickering because of the long HDMI cable even with the AMP. I will suggest you use the HDbaseT receiver for the long-distance with the Cat 6 cables

Why is the smart board projector flickering?

It’s happening because of the resolution and the refresh rate. You have to change the resolution settings. 

In the computer that you have connected and the refresh rate too. Which compiles with the projector.

Or discounts all input from the projector. And let the power source be connected to the projector. 

And let’s see how it resolves the issue. Test the video source and cable causing the issue.

At your own risk, you can also try a factory reset. For that refer to the projector manual.


Projector flickering is a very frustrating and hair-pulling problem. If you are facing this issue. These tips I have shared with you will definitely work. Try the theme one by one.

You can try these solutions on any projector like BenQ, Epson or Optoma. Because all projector working processes are similar.

See you next time…

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