What is projector dead pixels? Reason and How to Fix it.

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projector dead pixels

If you’re seeing the white dots on your projector screen. Like the moon and stars in the sky. Which annoys you while seeing the video on the projector or in general. Then in today’s article. I am going to teach you how you can deal with the projector’s dead pixels.

I will cover what are the causes of the projector and how you can fix them. And also go through some related terms. So you can educate yourself better about the projector’s dead pixels.

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What are Projector dead pixels? 

Those useless black or white pixels. Which can’t be fixed by the normal remedy. When you power on your projector these pixels will show in black or white color on the screen.

What is Projector stuck pixels? 

Those pixels which stuck in the wrong color pattern of the screen. And these color patterns normally are Red, Green, and Blue. 

Difference between Dead Pixels vs Stuck Pixels? 

Dead pixels or black and white dots are a permanent issue. You can’t easily solve this. While the stuck pixel can be solved simply. And they have three patterns of color Red, Green, and Blue.

What do dead pixels mean for a projector?

Having dead pixels on the projector gives your a blurred image on the annoying screen. By making the black and white spot on the screen. Which solved soon otherwise it will destroy your screen. As well as seeing the movies on the projector.

Is it common to have dead pixels in the projector?

Yes, it’s common to have dead pixels on the screen. Many people use the projector for a long time. But they never get the dead pixel on the screen. 

While there are a bunch of people. Get dead pixels on the screen because they don’t maintain their projector. Or I should say they are unlucky. Because sometimes the projector’s dead pixel is a manufacturing defect.

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What causes dead pixels on the projector? 


Smudge on the projector DMD chip and lens. Sometimes people open their projector. To fix other problems like projector green tint and projector overheating.

But they don’t care about their touch. They use their naked hand to clean the projector or handle the projector.

In this case, might touch the projector lens and projector DMD chip, and LCD screen. Which are the main components and also sensitive to human touch.

By the naked hand touch, the DMD chip and LCD screen can be harmed. Which result is the projector dead pixel or some kind of distorted projection on the screen?

Dust Issue

Good maintenance of the projector helps the projector lens and light source. And other parts to be used for a long time. Which also keeps the projector from getting dusty.

Because of the dust issue. In the projector, there is a lot’s issue you will face like the projector’s green tint and overheating. 

On them is a dead pixel or spot on the projector screen. How does this dust get into the projector? All this dust gets inside the projector through the air filter. 

If you think about why we don’t block the air filter. Because it’s the way dust gets inside the projector. We can’t block the projector air filter. Because it will be the reason for the projector overheating.

So clean your projector after every use of a hundred hours. To avoid the dead pixel or spot. 

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Have you ever dismantled the projector? You have seen the heatsink behind the projector DMD chip. Which helps the projector DMD chip to cool down. While it’s working constantly for the projection.

What does the heatsink here? Generally, in every machine, you will get a heatsink. Which work to convert the heat into the other form (Liquid and Air).

The same work was done here for the DMD chip. And also here your thermal past is pasted. The purpose is too cold down the DMD chip. 

Some projector manufacturers don’t use good quality thermal paste. Which dry or lose the surface and stops the cooling DMD chip. 

Because of this mistake. DMD chip micro mirrors don’t flip properly anymore for the projection. And that’s how we see the dead pixel in the projection. 

Faulty Video

This problem recently lots’ people facing. Because of their faulty video. There is the movie call Army of the dead by Zack Snyder. 

In this movie projection, people are getting dead pixels. While they are watching the movies. So there are possibilities of dead pixels on the screen. Could be because of a faulty video.

So whenever you get the dead pixels on the screen. Make sure you check your movie video. 

Manufacturing defect

It will be the unluckiest reason why you are getting the projector dead pixel. Manufacturing defects could be the reason for your dead pixel. But not always do projector manufacturers have their quality control tests.

It could be one in a hundred. It’s also a possible reason for the dead pixels.

Current Overload

Access electricity in the projector circuit board or an unusual amount of electricity. When passing through the projector circuit board. Which also can be the cause of dead pixels. 

It burns or over-charges the pixel of the DLP chip or LCD panel. That’s why you are seeing the black or white spot on the screen. 

Damaged LCD

Inside the LCD projector, an LCD panel is available which is similar to our smartphone. But our smartphone screen is coated from one side. While the LCD projector LCD panel is naked from both sides.

So the light comes from the projector light source. Easily go through the LCD panel. When this LCD panel faces excess heat and dust. 

This LCD panel got damaged. And when it’s damaged you will see red, green, and blue spots on the screen on the screen. 

Failure of pixels

Pixels in the projector inside the screen work in the rhythm. So they can create an image for the projection. Because of some external interface like heat. So they won’t work properly. The reason you see the black or white spot on your screen.

How do fix white dots and dead pixels on the projector?

Here I am going to give a simple step tutorial. So you can fix the dead pixels of your DMD chip projector.

Note: While you do all these steps. I have one suggestion for you to take a picture of every step. So you can easily re-assemble the disassembled part of the projector.

Step 1: Take off the top cover

First of all, you have to unscrew those screws. Which prevents your projector top cover from taking off. For you, it could be under the projector. Or at the edges of the projector like BenQ MX720. In all scenarios, you have to unscrew the screw so you can take off the top cover.

Step 2: Go behind your projector

Now unscrew those screws which hold the projector ports from behind the projector. If you don’t unscrew these screws. In the next step, you will be unable to disassemble the main circuit board.

Step 3: Disassemble the Main circuit

Until we have disassembled the projector top. And unscrew the screws from behind. Now we have to disassemble the main circuit. So we can take out the projector DMD chip assembly. 

So let’s start unscrewing the screws. Which holds the main circuit board. When you complete the unscrewing. Take out the main circuit board.

You will not face any issues taking out the main circuit board. Because we have already unscrewed those screws. Which holds the main circuit board from behind.

Step 4: Take out the DMD chip Assembly

As you disassemble your main circuit board. You will freely unscrew those screws which hold the DMD chip assembly.

So now unscrew those screws. Which holds the DMD chip assembly. And take out the DMD chip assembly. For cleaning or changing the DMD chip.

Step 5: Clean or Replace the DMD chip

Now there you have to clean the lens or replace the DMD chip. Depends on your condition. Inspect your projector DMD chip. It needs cleaning or replacement.

For the inspection of the DMD chip, you have to disassemble the heatsink from behind the DMD chip.

For that, you have to unscrew the screws. Which holds the DMD chip and heatsink. After separating the DMD chip and heatsink. You can clean or replace your DMD chip easily.

Here I am adding the two videos. Which teaches you practically how you can do the whole process easier. There are some things that could be different. 

But the base process will be the same as disassembling. And reassembling the projector parts. If your projector is in warranty period you should contact your dealer. So you can replace the projector or repair the projector.

For finding your projector DMD chip. On the DMD chip, you will get the model number of your projector DMD chip. Search that number online and find a similar one.

Another way to fix it.

If your projector has an LCD panel. Then it will be worth it for you. With this, you remove your projector’s black spot available on the screen. For that power on the projector.

Reverse your projector. Remove the cover. Which is available underneath your projector. Now from there, lots of light come out to stop this with your hand. 

And take cotton ear cleaner and put it inside that hole. And move around the LCD panels. So you remove the black spot from the screen.

When it’s done put the cover on the hole and now it’s down. For a practical overview see this video.


Having a projector dead pixel on the screen is very annoying. Because it distracts your attention. When you are watching the movies on your projector.

If it’s one or two on the screen. It can be neglected, but if it’s in huge numbers like a star in the sky. It is serious and it should be resolved as soon as possible.

Because in this condition your screen is useless. 

So you should fix this issue and also know. What is the reason behind that so don’t make that kind of mistake next time? And in this article, you will get all these things.

See you next time…

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