Projector bulb or lamp replacement. All basic you should know?

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Projector bulb or lamp replacement. All basic you should know?

If you’re going to do the projector bulb or lamp replacement. Then you will need a lot of knowledge. Which bulb to buy and how to install it in your projector.

First of all, guide which type of projector bulb or lamp module. You should buy it. Because there are lots of bulbs available in the market. And should you buy the projector bulb from online stores like Walmart, Amazon, B&H, and office depot?

After buying the projector lamp. How are you going to change or replace the bulb? This is also a dilemma for any newbie. Who is going to change the bulb from his projector?

And lot’s of other things we will discuss in this article. And every basic beginner should know.

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What is the right time of projector bulb replacement? 

Before you think about changing or buying the bulb for your projector. You have to be sure that your projector needs a new bulb to replace.

So there are some symptoms. You have to notice to be sure that in your projector you need it. Those symptoms are:-

  1. Flickering in the image.
  2. Turn up the brightness.
  3. Colour shifting.
  4. Check your lamp status in settings.
  5. *Pop* sound.

So these are something you have noticed to be sure, that you have to replace or change the projector bulb. To know more about this you can read our article on How to test & tell a projector bulb condition?.

Are projector bulbs universal? 

At present. No universal lamp exists. So be careful while choosing the projector lamp. First, know the proper ID# of your projector lamp. 

Then you will be able to find the right one for you. Match every digit of the number, to be sure. Otherwise, if you install the wrong lamp in your projector. 

Then you will not get enough light output from the projector. And your projector will overheat. And the projector stopped working.

What are the reputable projector manufacturers?

There are three reputable brands available in the market Philips. Which is the biggest projector lamp manufacturer in the world. Philips has a 70% share of projector lamp manufacturing.

Then came Ushio and Osram. Ushio is Japan-based and Osram is a German-based projector lamp company. These are the dominating brands. Remember these names, when you are choosing or going to buy the projector. 

The option you have to replace the lamp or bulb 

These are some lamp or bulb replacements available. In the market.

  1. OEM lamp module: OEM bulbs are the best option for the projector. Because the OEM lamp module works as intended for the projector. And fit in the projector lamp module place. Comes with a cage and a bulb. And the cost is higher than any other lamp module. But it’s worth it.
  2. Lamp voltage: Those lamps are available or chosen based on lamp voltage or rating. Like if you choose the projector lamp that voltage rating is low. Then you will get less light output. And with the high voltage rating lamp. You will need high electricity. And that causes the projector to overheat.
  3. Lumen Output: Lumen is the rating of projector brightness. For the home theatre, 15,00 to 2,000 lumens is enough. About lumens. You can read here Lux vs Lumens projector: Which is best for your projector brightness
  4. Elliptical vs. Parabolic Reflectors: Elliptical and Parabolic reflectors collect the light. Project the light on the wall or the screen. Elliptical reflectors are a little bit efficient in projecting light. In comparison to the parabolic. But not that much. Because of the difference between both reflectors, both are not interchangeable. 
  5. Ignition Type: Those lamps or bulbs need highly compressed gases to produce light. These types of bulbs have a short life. But the image quality is better than others.
  6. Lamp without casing: Those bulbs do not come with the complete module. Cage is missing in this type of bulb. Avoid buying this type of bulb. Because after buying this type of bulb. You have to unscrew the old bulb from his cage. And install the new one. And can damage the bulb. Dust can be collected over the bulb or casing. Which causes the projector to overheat.

Where should you buy the projector lamp or bulb?

You know the reputable lamp or bulb brand. And the projector lamp replacement options. Now it’s time to know where you should buy the projector lamp or bulb. 

Below there I have listed the best places to buy the projector lamp. One by one go through all the sites. And find the best projector lamp with a great discount. And get the best deal. 

Avoid buying the projector lamp from online places like Amazon, B&H, Walmart, and office depot. 

  3. Projector Central 

How to change or replace the projector lamp?

Until you have chosen the new lamp or bulb for your projector. Now it’s time to know how you will change the old projector lamp with the new one. Let’s see step by step.

  1. First of all, turn off the projector. And let the projector cool down for one hour. And more. So you can be completely sure that the projector lamp is cool down properly.
  2. After letting cool down the projector. Now find the location where the projector lamp is installed in your projector. Because every projector lamp placement is different. You can use your projector manual. If there is anything about the projector lamp or projector light source.
  3. After knowing the right place, where is your lamp? Now unscrew the screws. Which is tight the roof or cover over the projector lamp. After unscrewing the roof of the projector lamp. 
  4. Now unscrew the nuts that hold the projector lamp module. In his place. After unscrewing these screws take out the projector lamp module.
  5. If you have, buy the bulb without a cage. Then here you have to unscrew the old bulb from its cage. And install the new bulb in the cage. For this, I will suggest you do it with gloves. (Optional)
  6. Until you have taken out the old projector lamp module from its place. Now it’s time to install the new projector module. In the place where you have taken out the old projector lamp module.
  7. Now tight all the screws make everything like it was before. And on the projector.

When you on the projector. Reset the projector lamp timer. In your projector. So next time your projector gives you the right warning about the life of the bulb or lamp. For the practical overview of the above steps. Check out the videos below.

How can you improve the projector lamp life?

So you have recently changed the projector lamp. That’s why here I have some tips. You can follow for your new projector lamp. You can use it for a long period.

  1. There will be three modes in your projector. Try to use the projector in economy mode. So there is no load on the projector lamp or light source. For high performance and you get a long lamp life.
  2. If you have a lamp-based projector. Except for the laser projector. Then try to avoid the use projector like the TV. Use the projector at optimal hours like 3 to 5 hours.
  3. Clear the projector exhaust and vents. Regularly. So your projector can breathe freely. And your projector lamp does not overheat. 
  4. Use the projector in a dust-free location. So through the intake dust does not get into the projector. And this problem is more with the LCD based projector. Place the projector in the place where your projector can get the complete free airflow. And cleaning the intake and exhaust is already mentioned.
  5. Avoid the frequent use of the projector. Because every time you are on the projector. To project something. The electrode of the lamp strikes and reshapes. This phenomenon decreases the life of the lamp. Don’t take small breaks (on and off). While using the projector.
  6. Don’t unplug the projector soon. While I stop using the projector. Let cool down the projector. It will usually take ten minutes to cool down the projector.
  7. Handel the bulb carefully. No matter whether the bulb or lamp is inside the projector. Whenever you are replacing the bulb make sure you don’t touch the bulb with your hand. So your hand oil won’t stick with the bulb. And yes when you hold the bulb with your hand make sure you are using gloves. And handle the bulb gently with your hand.

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What will be the projector bulb replacement step in the laser projector?

The way laser projector is made. So it’s difficult to replace the light source of the laser projector. One thing you can do is sell your laser projector for parts. 

And there is a possibility that your light source is still good. But your laser projector has some parts that are dead. Because usually, a laser projector comes with 20,000 hours. 

So with the normal use of laser projector. Laser projector life is the decade. So there are also possibilities. Your laser projector parts are dead.

Can I safely ignore the projector bulb or lamp replacement warning?

You should be ready with the new projector lamp module. So you can change the projector’s old lamp with the new one. And you can continue using the projector.

Using the projector beyond its hours. Your projector bulb will get dimmer and dimmer with time. And the mercury vapour will escape from the projector lamp or bulb.

Projector lamp is still dim after replacing the bulb?

This happens when you buy the aftermarket bulb for a low price. Cause those projector lamps or modules. 

Not meant for the projector. That’s why you might get good image quality but you won’t get the brightness like the original one.

And brightness is a big concern when we talk about the projector. So make sure you buy the OEM lamp module for your projector.

If you have, buy the OEM lamp module. Still, you are getting the dimness in your projector. It might be an issue with projector electronics. Go to some professional projector electrician.

Should I try a non-OEM lamp or bulb?

It’s gambling to go with the non-OEM. Because anything can happen there is no surety your new lamp module will work with the projector or not.

Non-OEM lamps will be too dim and fail to work before the hours promised by the manufacturer. Or explode and damage the projector other parts.

And there are also possibilities that your new non-OEM bulb will work like charm with no issue.

Conclusion: Projector bulb replacement.

Replacing the new projector lamp module is like doing heart surgery on the projector. This is a very critical thing. You have to choose the correct projector lamp module.

You can take the help of the technician to change the projector lamp module. Or you can do it by yourself. Both options are available for you.

Always try to buy the OEM lamp module. So you can get the right performance from the lamp of your projector. And your projector can be used for a long time. 

Buying the non-OEM lamp is gambling. It can work like charm or overheat the projector and hurt your projector other parts.

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