How to watch or play netflix on projector [Best and Easy way]

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netflix on projector

Are you wondering how you can play Netflix on projector? Then you are reading the right article. In this article, I have explained.

In every possible way, you can play Netflix on the projector. One of them might work for you so stay tuned till the end of the article.

What is the easiest way to watch Netflix on a projector?

The easiest way to play Netflix on the projector is to have a smart projector (Amazon Link). Which have the in-built ability to play Netflix. 

I mean smart projector already has a Netflix app. Installed or there is Aptoide or play store. So, here you don’t need to worry about anything to connect with the projector.

Just power on your projector. And log in to your profile. And start watching your favorite Netflix content on your projector.

There are many other best projectors for Netflix like this you can check out our recent list of best projectors for Netflix.

What is the best way to get Netflix on a projector?

If you want to watch Netflix with the streaming dongle I will suggest you go with the Chromecast with Google TV, Roku, and Fire Stick (Amazon Link). Just plug and power up. And ready to stream. And you can stream videos up to 4k.


  1. How to connect Roku to a projector?
  2. How to connect a fire stick to a projector?

Want to learn more ways to play Netflix on your projector? You can read further. I have explained a lot of things.

How you can play Netflix on your projector streaming dongle, console, and other devices. As well troubleshoot.

By connecting the streaming dongle & console.

By streaming dongle & console

PlayStation & Xbox

We have enjoyed the 4k HDR gaming on the Xbox and PS. But we can also use the Xbox and PS to stream Netflix. 

To stream Netflix on the Xbox and PS. You have to go to the apps section of your gaming consoles. 

And search for Netflix. And download Netflix if you haven’t.


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Apple TV

If you have a good amount of money and want to invest in a good streaming device for your projector. You can go with the Apple TV. 

It runs smoothly and fast. It has better processing and space than other streaming devices. If you own various other apple products. It will be too good to go with the Apple TV.

Nvidia Shield

Another pricey dongle on our list of dongles. It’s also like other dongles on the list. The interesting thing I want to talk about is the Nvidia Shield Pro (Amazon Link). 

You will get AI-enhanced 4k image quality. Which upscale your 720p/1080p image to 4k.

I don’t wanna brag about its user interface, it’s quite good and the video streaming quality is also good. 

Blu-Ray Player

On normal days people use the Blu-Ray player for the 4k blu-ray CD. But it can also be used for streaming Netflix. You have to go to the network setting.

 And here you will get the option to connect to the internet and choose your internet connection. And go to the video section. You will get the typical Netflix app.

By connecting with ios, android, and Windows devices.

Connection between projector and devices to play netflix

Here I am going to teach you. You can project Netflix by connecting it with your phone, iPhone, PC or Laptop, and Mac Or MacBook. 

I am assuming you have already installed Netflix on these devices.

Note: When you connect the projector with the HDMI cable. Remember to choose the HDMI port. Where you put the HDMI cable in the HDMI port of the projector. By input search (If it’s needed).

iPad or iPhone

I have already talked about how you can play Netflix on your projector from iPhone and iPad in an easy way.

  1. First, we use an HDMI cable.
  2. Second, we use the HDMI to lighting cable.
  3. Third/Last we use a lighting port

Read this fully explained article on How to Play Netflix on the projector from iPhone, iPad. You will know everything.

Android phone


To connect your android phone and projector. Without a wire, your phone and projector should support screen mirroring

  1. Power on your projector and go to your projector input search. And select the screen mirroring.
  2. Go to your smartphone settings and find the screen mirroring option. In some smartphones. You can get the mirror-sharing option by just swiping down your mobile screen from the upside.

When you get the mirror-sharing options click on that. You will get the option to connect with your projector. Click on your projector name. And you are ready to go. 

Now go to your Netflix app. And play movies.


For the wired connection, you will need the USB-C to HDMI (Amazon Link) cable to connect. You don’t need to do anything.

Take the USB-C end of the cable. And connect with your phone and Another HDMI end will go in the projector. 

Make sure you have chosen the HDMI cable for the input video signal.

Now go to your Netflix app. And play movies.

PC or Laptop

Let’s see how you can connect the laptop and pc to the projector. With wire and wirelessly.

To connect the projector and laptop. Here I am going to explain to you how you can connect the projector and laptop with the HDMI and VGA cables.

Projector with HDMI port

Take a good-quality HDMI cable. (1st) And connect with the laptop and another end. (2nd) You have to connect to the Projector. And your connection is done between the projector and laptop. With the help of an HDMI cable.

Projector with VGA port

You will need the HDMI to VGA adapter. Adapter which has HDMI male and VGA female.

HDMI male will go in the HDMI port of the Laptop/PC (For sure HDMI port will be available in every modern laptop/PC). 

Now the second process. Hook up the VGA cable with the VGA female adapter. And then connect the VGA cable to the projector. 

The last tip, choose the VGA port by inputting the search button on your projector. Or use a remote. And Press windows + P. Choose extended or duplicate.

Now play Netflix through on the laptop/pc.

If you want to read more about the connection between the projector and laptop. You can read. Our detailed article. On the laptop to the projector (Here I have explained various ways to connect with the projector).

Mac or MacBook 

There are three ways you can connect the Mac or MacBook To your projector.

If your Mac or MacBook has an HDMI port. Then take the HDMI cable which both ends have the same HDMI head. 

Now you have to connect one end of the HDMI cable to the projector. And another end with Mac or MacBook.

Mac or MacBook has mini display ports. In this situation. You have to buy the Mini Display to HDMI adapter. First, put the HDMI cable in the female HDMI port of the adapter.

Then Mini display cable will go in the mini display port of the Mac or MacBook. And the HDMI end will go in the HDMI port of the projector.

What if your Mac or Macbook has a USB-C port? For this, you will need the USB-C to HDMI adapter. Start connecting with the USB-C cable (of the adapter) into the Mac or Macbook.

Then in the adapter HDMI female port HDMI male cable will go. Last step, the rest end of the HDMI cable should be connected with the HDMI port of the projector

Now install the app or play Netflix through the browser.

Troubleshoot: If the audio is not coming out from the projector. Go to your Mac or Macbook audio settings. And choose the HDMI cable for the audio output.

And the home screen of your Mac or Macbook shows only in the projection. Then for this go to your display settings>arrangements. And choose the mirror display.


So these are all ways to play Netflix on the projector. If one way does not work for you then. You can try another. 

And if you face any issue. Then you can choose the solution according to the device you are using.

So, that’s all I have to say on How to play Netflix on the projector.

See you next time…


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