Streaming Netflix for watching movies will be a great idea to enjoy your projector big right. I know you all agree that’s why you came here.

But the one question arises when. You and I are thinking of watching or showing Netflix on a projector. 

Is Netflix play on the projector? Or you can stream the Netflix on the projector and the answer will be yes. 

Yes, you can stream Netflix from your Netflix to your projector. For that, you can use the streaming dongle & gaming console, and other things. By directly connecting with the projector.

Another way is to play Netflix on your projector. By connecting the iOS, Android, and Windows devices with the projector. 

In this article. I will not only talk about connecting dongles and another device to stream Netflix. I will also talk about some issues. Which some people face when trying to play Netflix on the projector. 


What is the best way to get Netflix on a projector?

If you want to watch Netflix with the streaming dongle I will suggest you go with the Chromecast with Google TV. Just plug and power up. And ready to stream. And you can stream video up to 4k HDR.

Or use your android phone. And by using the screen mirroring connect your android phone and projector. Audio will video both will come through the projector.

By connecting streaming dongle & console.

By streaming dongle & console

Xbox & PS

We have enjoyed the 4k HDR gaming on the Xbox and PS. But we can also use the Xbox and PS to stream Netflix. To stream Netflix on the Xbox and PS. You have to go to the apps section of your gaming consoles. And search for Netflix. And download the netflix if you haven’t.

Apple TV

If you have a good amount of money and want to invest in a good streaming device. You can go with the Apple TV. It runs smoothly and fast. It has better processing and space than other streaming devices.

If you own the various other apple products. It will be too good to go with the Apple TV.


Roku streaming devices have a clean user interface. In Roku, you will get a great user interface experience. Its user interface will not bother you. To choose the apps and shows.

If you want some private space in your living. While watching the movies on Netflix. In this case, you will get the option to connect your headphones with your Roku remote. I find great things about Roku. Its interface, streaming quality, and cheap price.

Fire Stick

Everyone knows about the fire stick. It’s the most famous streaming dongle out there. Its streaming video quality is good. And the price is also cheap. But the thing I don’t like about the fire stick is that. Its interface is not good. In its interface fire stick system. Show the amazon prime shows and advertisements to get the amazon prime.

Chromecast with Google TV

People know about the Chromecast. Use to cast their phone screen to the projector. By connecting both with the wifi. Which made the casting simple. But with Google TV. The game has changed here. 

When Google has added the interface to it. The new Chromecast comes with the feature of android TV. You can use it to stream Netflix.

And its user interface is also clean and easy to navigate. If you want to buy the dongle for streaming Netflix. I highly recommend you to buy Chromecast with Google TV. It’s a gorgeous product for streaming Netflix on the projector.

Nvidia Shield

Another pricey dongle in our list of dongles. It’s also like other dongles on the list. The interesting thing I want to talk about is the Nvidia Shield Pro. 

You will get the AI-enhanced 4k image quality. Which upscale your 720p/1080p image to 4k.

I don’t wanna brag about its user interface, it’s quite good and video streaming quality is also good. 

Blu-Ray Player

On normal days people use the Blu-Ray player to the 4k blu-ray CD. But it can also be used for streaming Netflix. You have to go to the network setting. And here you will get the option to connect with the internet choose your internet connection. And go to the video section. You will get the typical Netflix app.

By connecting with the ios, android, and Windows devices.

Connection between projector and devices to play netflix

Here I am going to teach you. How you can project Netflix by connecting it with your phone, iPhone, PC or Laptop, and Mac Or MacBook. I am assuming you have already installed Netflix on these devices.

Note: When you connect the projector with the HDMI cable. Remember to choose the HDMI port. When you put the HDMI cable in the HDMI port of the projector. By input search.

iPad or iPhone

I have already talked about how you can play Netflix on your projector from iPhone and iPad in an easy way.

  1. First, we use an HDMI cable.
  2. Second, we use the HDMI to lighting cable.
  3. Third/Last we use lighting port

Read this fully explained article on How to Play Netflix on the projector from iPhone, iPad. You will knw everything.

Android phone


To connect your android phone and projector. Without a wire, your phone and projector should support screen mirroring. 

Step 1: Power on your projector and go to your projector input search. And select the screen mirroring.

Step 2: Go to your smartphone settings and find the screen mirroring option. In some smartphones. You can get the mirror sharing option by just swiping down your mobile screen from the upside.

When you get the mirror sharing options click on that. You will get the option to connect with your projector. Click on your projector name. And you are ready to go. 


For the wired connection, you will need the USB-C to HDMI cable to connect. You don’t need to do anything.

Take USB-C end of cable. And connect with your phone and Another HDMI end will go in the projector. Make sure you have chosen the HDMI cable for the input video signal.

PC or Laptop

Let’s see how you can connect the laptop and pc with the projector. With wire and wirelessly.

To connect the projector and laptop. Here I am going to explain to you how you can connect the projector and laptop with the HDMI and VGA cable.

With HDMI cable

Take a good-quality HDMI cable. (1st) And connect with the laptop and another end. (2nd) You have to connect with the Projector. And your connection is done between the projector and laptop. With the Help of an HDMI cable.

With VGA cable

If your projector (Input) and laptop (Output) both have VGA ports. Then it will be as easy as an HDMI cable connection. 

Take VGA cable and connect with the projector and laptop. And if your laptop has only an HDMI port. And your projector has a VGA port.

For this situation. You will need the HDMI to VGA adapter. Adapter which has HDMI male and VGA female.

HDMI male will go in the HDMI port of the Laptop (For sure HDMI port will be available in every modern laptop). 

Now the second process. Hook up the VGA cable with the VGA female. And then connect the VGA cable with the projector. The last tip, choose the VGA port by input the search button on your projector. Or use a remote.

If you want to read more about the connection between the projector and laptop. You can read. Our detailed article. On the laptop to the projector (Here I have explained eight ways to connect with the projector).

Mac or MacBook 

There are three ways you can connect the Mac or MacBook With your projector.

If your Mac or MacBook has an HDMI port. Then take the HDMI cable which both ends have the same HDMI head. Now you have to connect the one end of the HDMI cable with the projector. And another end with Mac or MacBook.

Mac or MacBook has mini display ports. For this situation. You have to buy the Mini Display to HDMI adapter. First, put the HDMI cable in the female HDMI port of the adapter.

Then Mini display cable will go in the mini display port of the Mac or MacBook. And the HDMI end will go in the HDMI port of the projector.

What if your Mac or Macbook has a USB-C port. For this, you will need the USB-C to HDMI adapter. Start connecting with the USB-C cable (of adapter) into the Mac or Macbook.

Then in the adapter HDMI female port HDMI male cable will go. Last step, rest end of HDMI cable should be connected with the HDMI port of projector.

Troubleshoot: If the audio is not coming out from the projector. Go to your Mac or Macbook audio settings. And choose the HDMI cable for the audio output.

And the home screen of your Mac or Macbook showing only in the projection. Then for this go to your display settings>arrangements. And choose the mirror display.

What is the best mini projector for streaming Netflix? 

People usually prefer smart, mini and pico projector. That’s why I have added all types of projector here. You can choose one of them.

Product Image & Name 


Shop Now


Resolution: 1080p

Mounting Type: TableTop

Lumens: 700 ANSI

Display Technology: DLP

Contrast Ratio: 3000:1

OS: JMGO OS System

Screen Size: 300 inch

Nebula Capsule II

Resolution: 720p

Mounting Type: Tripod Mount,Table Mount

Lumens: 200-ANSI

Display Technology: DLP

Contrast Ratio: N/A

OS: Android TV 9.0

Screen Size: 100 inch

Anker Nebula Capsule

Resolution: 854x480

Mounting Type: Tripod Mount,Table Mount

Lumens: 100 ANSI

Display Technology: DLP

Contrast Ratio: N/A

OS: Android 7.1

Screen Size: 40-100 inch


Resolution: 854 x 480

Mounting Type: Tabletop

Lumens: 75-100ANSI

Display Technology: DLP

Contrast Ratio: 2000:1

OS: Android 7.1

Screen Size:  150 inch

Problem and Solution.

Problem and solution related to playing netflix

How to disable HDCP on Netflix on a projector?

Well, it will be theft of content bypassing the HDCP to stream the Netflix. Because after you disable the HDCP you can get the Netflix content on the second monitor. Without any protection. 

Can you disable or bypass the HDCP on Netflix on the projector:

The answer will be yes for that you will need the HDMI to HDMI adapter. Here are some suggestions for the adapter. Choose according to your need:-

  1. J-Tech Digital HDCP
  2. Splitter 1 In 4 Out
  3. 5×1 HDMI Switch

First, you have to connect the main video source with the splitter or switcher (With HDMI cable). Second, use the output port (or splitter or switcher) and take another HDMI cable out. Now you can use a second HDMI cable you can use on a device that doesn’t have HDCP protection HDMI port.

The splitter or switcher bypass the HDCP protection here. And allow you to connect with the second monitor. Hope you understand the whole process. How you can disable HDCP on Netflix on a projector.

Why does Chromecast Netflix on the projector have no video?

Here are five tips that can solve your issue of having no video on the projector by Chromecast:-

  1. Remove any special character from the name: It could be the reason why you are not getting video. To change the name go to the Devices tab and find the Chromecast device you want to rename. At the right of the name. There will be three dots. Click on that to get the rename option. In the drop-down select the last option device settings. The first option you get in the new menu clicks on that change that. After you change the name, save it.
  2. Cast icon is missing in your google chrome browser and Netflix app: Things you can try:-
    1. Update your Netflix app.
    2. Your Netflix video source device and projector should be on the same wifi network.
    3. Chromecast’s name cannot contain any special character like emoji.
    4. If you are using the google chrome browser. Chromecast extension is installed. And your projector and Chromecast are on the same wifi.
  3. If you are getting the cast icon on your device to cast. But you are having trouble connecting to the projector. Then reboot your projector and device. If it does not work, double-check all devices and update your Netflix app.

For more information check out this video.

How to solve Netflix’s black screen on the projector?

If you are getting the black screen on the projector. While streaming Netflix on the projector. I will suggest that you check your HDMI cable condition. 

It could be the reason for the black screen. Or you are using the HDMI cable (Amazon Link) that doesn’t support the HDCP. Check this too, if your HDMI cable doesn’t support HDCP get a new HDMI cable. Which support HDCP. If there is no problem it could be a problem with the video source. 

Where from your sending the video signal to the projector.


There are three steps you can follow. To make sure you won’t get a black screen. When you try to project Netflix on a projector.

  1. First, go to the Netflix official site. Or search in google “Is Netflix down”. If Netflix is down you have to wait for it. Until it gets normal because it’s a problem with everyone. You can’t do anything with this problem except waiting.
  2. Check your internet speed. It should be 5MB to 7MB to play Netflix. To check the internet speed go to the google search bar of your iPhone and search the internet speed. Test.
  3. Last step. Go to your iPhone settings>general>iPhone storage. And find the Netflix app. Click on the Netflix app and in the new interface, you will get the option to offload the app in blue color. It will not delete your profile details. It will just delete your Netflix app core file. After doing this again, open the Netflix app. 


There is some way you can try to fix Netflix on your PC/Laptop to fix the problem.

  1. Go to your Microsoft store. And on the right-hand side corner, you will get the three-dot click on the three-dot. In the new window, you will get the download and update option click on that. And there will be all your apps available. Find Netflix, if an update option is available update it.
  2. Go to your settings>app>app features. And find the Netflix app. And click on the advance option. In the new interface, you will get various options. Find the option to terminate and rest. First, terminate and reset the app. Now you have to go to your settings once. And in the search type troubleshoot and press the space button and press a. Here you get the option to troubleshoot the apps. This will solve your problem related to the apps.
  3. Now go to your left-hand side down the search bar and search temp. And open the new temp window. And on the search bar search for “%temp%” and press ok. Delete all your temp files. Do the same thing with the temp “temp”.

Android Smartphone

  1. Update your Netflix app on the play store if it’s available. If it’s already updated to a new version. Move to the next step.
  2. Go to your phone settings, find the apps, and notification click on that. And select the option app. And find the Netflix app tap on that. Go to storage clear cache. And restart your Netflix app.
  3. If all this does not work delete your Netflix app and reinstall the app. And restart your phone.

Mac Or MacBook

There are three ways to fix the problem on the Mac or MacBook. And those fixes are:-

  1. Change your browser and try with a different browser.
  2. You should use the HDMI cable that supports HDCP
  3. And Update your browser if the latest version is available.

If all these tips don’t work please kindly contact Netflix customer care.


You can indeed use Netflix on the projector. Not only by using the dongle. You can also stream Netflix. On the projector by connecting with other devices like phones, iPhones, etc. 

If by connecting with the phone, iPhone, etc. If you don’t work, you will get the solution.

And if you don’t wanna play Netflix by connecting to other devices and without using the dongle. You can use the smart projector, which has an android pre-installed. 

You can download the Netflix app from the play store. And stream Netflix directly from the projector. 

There is various ways to watch Netflix on the projector. And I think it’s because Netflix is the largest OTT platform in the world.

That’s all I have to say about Netflix on the projector. And all these are my thoughts.

See you next time…


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