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Best long throw projector

Looking for the best long throw projector. No matter where. You want to set up the projector in the basement, and living room.

Or you have the swimming pool inside or outside or in the backyard. And you want to place the projector across the pool.

So you can watch movies from your projector on a big screen. With your family and friends. 

And also if you want the long throw projector. For your dedicated home theatre room.

Because you don’t want to ruin your beautiful ceiling. And want to place the projector behind you on the shelf.

Today in this article. I will talk about the thirteen best long throw projectors

Which all have different throw ratios. Or with the different distances between the projector and the screen.

Those maximum distances (maximum distance between the projector and screen can be) will start from 15 feet to 33 feet and further away.

I will talk about this in detail. When we will go through the projector.

And we will talk about the ALR projector screen for the long throw projector.

If you want to learn about the long throw projector. Follow this article on Short throw vs Long-throw vs UST projector.

What is the best long throw projector? 

So, without wasting time let’s a look at our top thirteen long throw projectors:-

  1. Sony VW325ES (Home Theatre)
  2. Epson Home Cinema 5050UB (Home Theatre)
  3. BenQ TK850(Living Room)
  4. ViewSonic LS700-4K (Laser)
  5. Optoma UHD30 (Gaming)
  6. Optoma HZ39HDR (Laser)
  7. ViewSonic (PX747-4K) (Very Bright)
  8. Epson VS250 (Budget)
  9. Optoma HD146X (Best Overall)
  10. GooDee YG600 (Outdoor)
  11. Sony VPL-HW45ES (Home Theatre)
  12. Epson PowerLite 2255U (Very Long Throw)
  13. Epson PowerLite Pro G6550WU (Extrem Long Throw)

What does a long throw mean on a projector?

For the projection, if you put the projector at 8 feet. From the screen. 

Or you put the projector further away from the 8 feet. It will count as a long-throw projector.

Learn more here about long throw projector pros and cons.

How to choose the best long throw projector? 

Here are the 13 best long throw projectors. Not all projectors are meant for you. You have to choose the right one. 

How will you do that?

You can do that by paying attention to some important points. I will talk.


Projector installation or setup. Should be flexible. So you can fit it in your home theatre or living room.

Because every room and projector screen. The width and length are not similar. 

So, look for features like keystone correction, lens shift, and zoom. In your projector.

To make the projector installation easy.


So, you are going to buy the long throw projector. You will place the projector 8 feet away from the screen.

So your projector is bright enough. 2000 to 3000 lumens is enough. But you should go up to 3500 lumens and further you can go.

Depends on the distance between the projector and the screen.

Because the far way you will put the projector from the screen. You will lose the brightness.

Picture Quality 

Also, make sure your image won’t get pixelated. Because of the long distance between the projector.

So make sure you buy a native 1080p projector. And if you have a budget you can further.

List of best long throw projector.

Let’s talk about the best long throw projector. One by one. And know which one is perfect for you.

Sony VW325ES (Home Theatre)

Key Features:-

  • Installation: Powered zoom and Wide lens shift.
  • Brightness: 1500 Lumen
  • Resolution: 4K
  • Throw Ratio: 1.38 to 2.83:1
  • Contrast Ratio: N/A
  • Light source: Lamp
  • Input lag: From 80 to 27 ms for 4k. 36 ms for 1080p.

If you are looking for a premium long throw projector for your home theatre.

Then the Sony VW325ES (Amazon Link) is perfect for you. This projector can provide spectacular images and a good gaming experience.

Because this projector comes with SXRD (LCoS) projection imaging technology.

Which makes sure this projector is projected. All pixels are tightly close to each other. So you don’t see any pixelation.

While just sitting next to the projector.

Even this projector is not advertised as a gaming projector. This Sony projector comes with a specific gaming mode.

Which helps you to reduce the lag during gaming. This projector will give you the 34 ms input lag.

In 1080p. While in the native 4k you will get the 27 ms. Which is great for all kinds of gamers.

I hope you will like this if you are looking for a long-throw gaming projector.

If you love dark levels on the projector. You will love this projector. Because this projector comes with a great dark level.

I have done some torture dark-level tests and the dark color is just phenomenal.

And colors are also very accurate.

For the more like color and image. And also to reduce the noise. This sony projector has an x1 sony chip.

Let’s talk about the 3d in this projector. If you have active shutter glasses

You can enjoy 3d images on the projector. In 3d imagery, skin tones are just like the real. 

And the brightness was good. I have tried this projector in some ambient light.

And didn’t wash out. But I will suggest this projector to use in a completely dark room. For cinematic experience.

This projector remote is also very helpful. You can try the different image modes in just one click from the remote.

At minimum 8 feet. You have to place the projector. And further away you can go up to 18 feet.

From the screen to get the bright image on the screen.

To make the installation. This projector comes with a wide-angle lens shift.

And also have a powered zoom. Which helps your projected image. To project in the middle.


  • Love dark level.
  • The image is full and sharp.
  • Have a gaming mode.
  • Comes with the LCoS.
  • Enjoy 3d image on this.
  • Help full remote.


  • Nothing to say.

Epson Home Cinema 5050UB (Home Theatre)

Epson Home Cinema 5050UB 
Credit: Chris Majestic

Key Features:-

  • Installation: Epson Precision Lens w/Shift
  • Brightness: 2600 Lumen
  • Resolution: Native 1080p (Pixel Shifting)
  • Throw Ratio: 1.35 – 2.84
  • Light source: Lamp
  • Contrast Ratio: 1,000,000:1

This is an upgraded version of the 5040 ub. Both have the same chassis. 

In the Epson 5050ub (Amazon Link). You will get the extra 100 lumens. From the 5040 ub. Which makes the difference.

This projector comes with a 15-element lens. To project the image on the screen.

It makes the image look closer to the 4k. Even this projector is native 1080p.

Images are very sharp on the screen. And colors just pop on the screen.

Most important things about this projector image. This projector image’s black level is just so rich and silky.

You can watch movies on this projector with a little bit of light.

But for the great black levels and popping colors. I will suggest you use the projector in the absence of any kind of light.

Gaming is also good with the 25 latency rate. HDR on this projector is free with any kind of artifacts.

These days 3D is vanishing. But if you want to watch 3d movies on this projector. 

You will just need active shutter glasses. And that extra 100 lumens. 

You get in this projector. Make the 3d image bright. With this projector. You can go up to 27 feet away from the screen.


  • Gaming is good.
  • Support 3d.
  • Ultimate black levels.
  • Bright colour.


  • Soon the bulb burned out.

BenQ TK850 (Living Room)

Key Features:-

  • Installation: Zoom with Focus.
  • Brightness: 3000 Lumens
  • Resolution: TRUE 4K
  • Throw Ratio: 1.13 – 1.47
  • Contrast Ratio: 30000:1

If you are looking for a living room long throw projector. Which produces a bright and sharp image.

Then BenQ TK850 (Amazon Link) can be compatible. For your living room. This is the result of the great success of the BenQ TK800M.

Because of the dynamic Iris in this projector. You will get better black levels than the BenQ800M.

The image is very sharp on this projector. And the colors are very accurate. Because of the RGBW color wheel.

And gaming on this projector is not that bad. It has a latency rate of 70 ms

This might notice by some hardcore gamers. But others will be ok with that. To play games you can hook up PS4/PS5 with the projector.

Its fan’s noise is average. Not noticeable that much.

When you first start on this project you will get this projector. In the sports picture mode.

Which is a good balance of color brightness. To calibrate this projector more. 

You can follow our article on how to calibrate projector pictures.

With this projector. You can go up to a maximum of 15 feet away from the screen.


  • The image is sharp and bright.
  • Fans are not that noisy.


  • Input lag is high.

ViewSonic LS700-4K (Laser)

ViewSonic LS700-4K 

Key Features:-

  • Installation: 1. 3x optical zoom
  • Brightness: 3300 Lumens
  • Resolution: 4K
  • Throw Ratio: 1.13~1.47
  • Light Source: Laser
  • Contrast Ratio: 3000000:1

Want to buy the laser long throw projector? Here you can go with ViewSonic LS700-4K (Amazon Link).

It’s a home entertainment projector. It’s a native 1080p projector. But can receive and projector up to 4k content.

HDR content is not that good on this projector. 

In the color mode, the image is not that bright.

I tried 3d on this projector and the image was dim. Gaming in this projector.

While playing 1080p games on this projector. I got up to 63.3 ms. Which is not considered good for normal gamers.

Otherwise, for casual gamers, it’s a good projector. The big advantage of having this laser projector is no projector lamp replacement.

You can go up to 16 feet away from the projector screen.


  • No lamp replacement.
  • This projector is compact.
  • It’s very quiet.
  • Good resolution.
  • Gaming is for casual gamers.


  • Not good HDR.
  • The Colour mode is also not that good.

Optoma UHD30 (Gaming)

Optoma UHD30

Key Features:-

  • Installation: ±40° keystone correction and 1.1x zoom
  • Brightness: 3400 Lumens
  • Resolution: TRUE 4K
  • Input lag: 16ms
  • Throw Ratio: 1.31
  • Contrast Ratio: 500,000:1

Want a specific gaming long-throw projector? Here you can go with the Optoma UHD30 (Amazon Link). 

With this projector, you can play 4k games. From your favorite gaming console.

PS5 and Xbox series x or Xbox series s. To connect the ps5 or Xbox.

You will get the 2.0 HDMI input port. Using that you can connect your gaming console.

And enjoy gaming on this projector. The experience will be fantastic.

On UHD30. Because this projector has 16 ms of input lag. Which is capable of providing the best gaming experience for all types of gamers.

The image from this projector is very bright. But if you are going to set up this projector.

Far away 8 feet from your projector. You can go up to 23 feet from this projector.

For the perfect installation. And making the installation very easy you will get the zoom and keystone correction.

I will suggest that you avoid the keystone correction. As much as you can.

 You can use the zoom feature. To make the image look sharp.


  • The image is bright.
  • Have keystone correction and zoom.
  • The latency rate is 16 ms.


  • Image artefacts. Appear after sometimes on the screens.

Optoma HZ39HDR (Laser)

Optoma HZ39HDR
Credit: CROW1176

Key Features:-

  • Installation: +/- 30 degree vertical correction and 1.3x zoom
  • Brightness: 4000 lumens
  • Resolution: 1080p (Input Upto 4k)
  • Light Source: Laser
  • Life: 30,000 hours
  • Throw Ratio: 1.21 to 1.59:1
  • Contrast Ratio: 300, 000: 1

This is another gaming-specific long-throw projector. That you can use to play games.

Then you should go with the Optoma HZ39HDR (Amazon Link). There are various reasons for that.

The first one is a laser light source. Optoma promises its light source will work up to 30,000 hours.

And with this so many hours and years. You can enjoy games on the projector.

Without changing the projector bulb. It’s advertised as a gaming projector.

So you will get a low input lag in this projector. And during gaming colors and contrast are very acceptable.

This projector basically can take a 1080p video signal. And convert that into the 4k video signal.

I have played some Netflix HDR content on the projector. They look good.

Even in the presence of ambient light, the image was acceptable.

This projector can provide a good image. In the presence of little ambient light.

The only thing lacking in this projector is the uniformity issue. If you will try to focus on one side of the image.

Another side of the image automatically gets nonuniform. This is the only bad thing about this projector.

Which makes the deal breaker for this projector. Other things are great.

22 feet maximum. You can go away from the screen. To get a bright image.


  • Have a laser light source. No bulb replacement.
  • Bright enough for little ambient light.
  • The gaming experience is good.
  • HDR is also good.


  • Installation is a tough job. Because of a non-uniform image.

ViewSonic (PX747-4K) (Very Bright)

Key Features:-

  • Installation: 1.2x optical zoom
  • Brightness: 3500 ANSI Lumens
  • Resolution: True 4K
  • Life: 15,000 hours
  • Throw Ratio: 1.47-1.76
  • Contrast Ratio: 12000:1
  • Input lag: 50 ms

If you don’t have the budget for the 4k long throw projector. Here we have ViewSonic (PX747-4K) (Amazon Link). Which you can buy for under 1200 dollars.

Its image is pretty bright. And sharp on this projector. There is plenty of lumens on this projector.

I have projected on this projector. From 14 feet and get the 130-inch screen.

Which is pretty bright in the presence of the light. This projector is meant for movies and binge-watching.

The best picture mode in this projector is movie mode. In this mode, you will get a very bright image.

And the colors are very accurate. HDR on this projector is ok. The white color is looking dull.

This projector is a DLP projector. And in this, you will get the RGBW color wheel.

Which provides you a very bright white color. In the normal projector. Then it’s another variant, the PX727.

So in this projector, you will get two HDMI input ports. One is HDMI 1.4 (HDCP) and HDMI 2.0 (HDCP).

You can hook up the Xbox with your projector. And play the games on the projector.

You will get an input lag of 50ms. Which is good for casual games. 

If they like to play games with bright, colorful, and sharp images.

It’s easy to set up this projector. Using optical zoom. Your image can be evenly spread over the screen.

And its fan sound gets loud. But that can be managed with its 5w speakers.

It also does not work. There is a silent mode on this projector. But using that you can not project 4k videos.

Because by enabling this setting. Pixel shifting will be stopped. And you will only be able to project 1080p.

Maximum go up to 16 feet away.


  • Sharp image near to 4k.
  • Bright and accurate colour.
  • HDR is ok.
  • And gaming is also ok.
  • Silent mode.


  • Fan noise gets loud.

Epson VS250 (Budget)


Key Features:-

  • Installation: Digital Zoom 1.0 & Keystone Correction
  • Brightness: 3,200 Lumens white and color
  • Resolution: SVGA resolution
  • Throw Ratio: N/A
  • Contrast Ratio: 15000:1

If your budget is very tight and looking for the best long-throw projector.

Epson VS250 (Amazon Link) is here for you. You can go with this projector for under 600 dollars.

This projector’s resolution is very low. But if you use this projector in the darkroom. 

Like your bedroom. With low light, you will get the cinematic experience. The image will be bright.

The build quality is great and the design is too. Setting up this projector is very easy; it comes with digital zoom and keystone correction.

This projector does not have audio output. So if your projector speakers are not enough for you.

And you want to connect the speakers with this projector. There is one way.

When you connect any video source to the projector. Make sure that video sources have audio output options.

Anything like firestick or blu-player.

17 feet maximum distance from the screen.


  • Affordable in budget.
  • Good to have in the darkroom.
  • Solid design quality.
  • Elegant design.
  • The fan is not noisy.


  • No audio output port. Directly from the projector.
  • Not meant for the PPT slides.
  • Mono speakers.

Optoma HD146X (Best Overall)

Optoma HD146X High-Performance Projector
Image By

 Key Features:-

  • Installation: ±40° vertical keystone & 1.1x zoom
  • Light Source: Lamp
  • Brightness: 3600 Lumens
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Input lag: No game mode: 33 ms. Game mode on 12 to 16
  • Throw Ratio: 1.47 to 1.62:1
  • Contrast Ratio: 500, 000: 1

If you want something. That you can use it for both purposes of gaming and the movie. At budget.

In your dedicated home theatre or your living room. Then you will love this long-throw projector.

Optoma HD146X (Amazon Link) is an amazing projector. It’s easy to set up by using the 1.1x zoom and vertical keystone correction.

You can evenly spread the images over the screen. Cinema mode is more natural in this projector.

You can have your customized setup. This is a native 1080p projector. It does a great job.

In both conditions with the lights on and off. This projector provides you with the best image quality.

In your dedicated home theatre and living room. In the home theatre room. You will feel like you are in the movie theatre.

And when you use this projector. With full brightness, you can use this projector like a tv. 

In the home theatre room or living room with lights on.

Gaming is amazing in this budget native 1080p projector. Without the gaming mode on.

In this projector, you will get 33ms of input lag. Which is very low.

But if you are a competitive gamer. Then you can go into gaming mode.

And you will get the gaming input lag between 12 to 16ms. The only thing I don’t like about this projector.

It’s an IR remote. When you have to use the remote. You have to face the remote toward the projector.

And also it has only one HDMI input port. If you have to plug multiple things into this projector. You can use HDMI switch.

You can go up to 23 feet with this projector.


  • Made for competitive gaming.
  • Perfect for the living room.
  • Images work well in ambient lightroom.
  • Gaming mode is available.
  • The image is very bright.


  • Horrible IR remote.
  • Only one HDMI input port.

GooDee YG600 (Outdoor)

GooDee YG600
Credit: Leo Wells

Key Features:-

  • Installation: Dial
  • Brightness: 9500L
  • Resolution: 1080p Supported
  • Throw Ratio: N/A
  • Contrast Ratio: 3000: 1

Looking for an outdoor projector. That you can set up outdoors for the movie night.

And you want the long throw projector. I will suggest the GooDee YG600 (Amazon Link). 

It’s a cheap long throw projector. You can have it for under 200 dollars.

You will get the zoom and keystone dial. Adjust the image on the screen.

You will get adjustable feet in front of the projector. Adjust the height of the projector.

The image looks nice from this projector. But considering its price. You can use various ports to connect this projector.

With various video sources. The maximum you can put is 18 feet away from the screen.


  • Zoom and Keystone dial.
  • Adjustable feet at the front.
  • Perfect for the outdoors.
  • Various input and output ports are available.


  • Not compatible with the apple products.
  • Giant brown spots appear.

Sony VPL-HW45ES (Home Theatre)

Credit: Iris Salazar

Key Features:-

  • Installation: Wide lens shift & 1.6x zoom ratio
  • Life: 6,000 hours
  • Brightness: 1,800 lumens
  • Resolution: 1080P
  • Throw Ratio: 1.36:1 – 2.16:1
  • Contrast Ratio: N/A

If you want the real cinematic experience from the sony projector. 

Sony VPL-HW45ES (Amazon Link) can be an ideal option for the projector. This is a true home theatre projector.

It has a lamp source. Which helps to produce a very bright image on the screen.

It has SXRD or LCoS imaging technology. So this Sony projector can produce a very sharp 1080p image on the screen.

Which meant for the home cinematic experience. It’s a native 1080p projector.

You can place this projector 19 feet away from the screen. But remember it makes the image dim.

To avoid any motion blur in the image. This projector has motion flow technology. 

To avoid any kind of judder in the image. 

To set up the projector perfectly in your home theatre room. This projector has a wide lens shift and 1.6x zoom.


  • A great option for the home theatre.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Have an LCoS technology.


  • Nothing to say.

Epson PowerLite 2255U (Very Long Throw)


Key Features:-

  • Installation: Keystone Correction & Auto screen fit
  • Brightness: 5000 Lumens
  • Resolution: 1920×1200
  • Life: 10,000 hours Normal Mode
  • Throw Ratio: 1.38 – 2.28
  • Contrast Ratio: 15000:1

If you are looking for an ultra or extra-long throw projector. Avoid all the above projectors.

Because with this projector. You can go up to 30 feet away from the screen.

If you have to organize any kind of outdoor or indoor event. This projector is meant for that.

Epson PowerLite 2255U (Amazon Link) has 5000 lumens. With the white and color lumens.

Which makes sure your big immersive image is bright and color full. This projector can reproduce up to 1.07 billion colors.

By using its 3LCD projection technology. 

And this projector is a native 16:10 projector. And its native resolution is 1920 x 1200.

Adjusting the image on the screen is very easy. Because this projector has vertical and horizontal keystone correction.

 Vertically 30 degrees. Horizontally you can adjust 20 degrees.


  • Very long throw projector.
  • Very bright.
  • Have colour and white lumens.
  • Easy to set up the image.


  • Overheat and warranty issue.

Epson PowerLite Pro G6550WU (Extrem Long Throw)


Key Features:-

  • Installation: Keystone correction
  • Life: 2500 to 4000 hours
  • Brightness: 5200 Lumens
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1200
  • Throw Ratio: 1.26 – 2.76
  • Contrast Ratio: 5,000:1

If you have an indoor or outdoor pool. And you want to place the projector on the other side of the pool.

And there is a long distance between them. Then above all the projector won’t be enough for you.

For that, you will need a projector like Epson PowerLite Pro G6550WU (Amazon Link).

This projector comes with a standard lens. By projecting through a lens.

You can go up to 33 feet. Which is very far. But if you want to go further away.

You can buy the Epson long throw projector lens for the G series.

Because this projector lens is interchangeable. You can change the standard lens with a more powerful lens.

And don’t worry about the image quality. And the Image adjustment on the screen.

This projector’s native resolution is 1980×1200. Which is slightly better than the 1080p.

And the lumens on this projector are 5200 lumens. It has the Epson traditional.

Colour and white lumens. Which makes sure you get a colorful and bright image on the screen.

And for the image adjustment of this projector. You will get the 30 degrees vertical and horizontal keystone correction.

To make the image adjustment. Its inbuilt standard lens is 1.8 zoom out of the box.


  • You can place this projector far away from the screen.
  • Its lens is interchangeable.
  • The image is bright.
  • Better than native 1080p projector.
  • Easy to set up.


  • Lamp life is very low.

Best long throw ALR projector screen. 

So, you have chosen the right long throw projector. For your purpose.

But the further away you are from the projector screen. Its image will get dim.

And the image will get pixelated. So it’s important to have the ALR projector screen.

For your long throw projector. If you want to buy the ALR screen for your long throw projector.

Then here I have some recommendations:-

  1. VIVID STORM Long Focus ALR Screen-VSDSTALR100H
  2. VIVIDSTORM-Office Presentation Tension Screen
  3. VIVID STORM-Projection Screen, Obsidian Long Focus ALR

Conclusion: Best long throw projector.

Long throw projectors are made for home theatre purposes. You can have the projector behind you.

On the shelf. And adjust the image on the screen. Long-throw projector images won’t get destroyed.

Very easily.

If you don’t have a professional projector. But you have only smooth or plain white walls.

You can use that wall as a projector screen.

If your projector has good resolution and the bright image will look great on the wall.

And you can buy the long throw projector at less price than the short throw and UST projector.

Long throw projectors are not heavy for the pocket.

See you next time…

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