LG Subwoofer Not Connecting to Soundbar: 5 Best solutions.

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LG Subwoofer Not Connecting to Soundbar

Want to know if why LG Subwoofer is not connecting to the soundbar and solution.

Then, in this article, I have talked about the five best solutions. That you can try. And you might fix your connecting issue.

There are also lots of other queries. I have covered topics that you will definitely find informative related to the soundbar and subwoofer.

So, stick till the end of the article.

LG Subwoofer Not Connecting to Soundbar

Power connection

There could be various reasons for the faulty power connection. Let’s talk about the themes one by one.

Check the power cables of the subwoofer and the soundbar. Is there any damage to the power cable?

If the power cable is in good condition. Try a different power outlet for the power connection.

Check the power adapter. And make sure that you are using the right power adapter for the right device.

Or unplug the power cable and wait for five minutes. And then again, plug the cable into the power outlet and try.

There is also a chance that Whether your subwoofer fuse has blown or not If your subwoofer fuse has blown.

Then you have to change the fuse on your subwoofer.

Check the settings.

If you are going to connect the soundbar and subwoofer, Using a Bluetooth connection.

Make sure you have configured the soundbar and subwoofer by going to the Bluetooth settings.

So, both devices can easily connect with each other.

Firmware updates

Sometimes firmware updates might be the culprit. Why your subwoofer is not connecting with your soundbar.

So, let’s see how you can update your firmware. Step by step, in detail.

Before we update the soundbar firmware. Let’s check: is there any firmware update available for your soundbar?

Press the home or start button on your LG sound bar remote. A message will appear on the bottom right of your screen.

Or alternatively, check the firmware update. You can go to the settings>others tab and then select the software.

The system will check for your firmware updates. And if there will be any updates.

It will show you, and you will be able to download the firmware update.

Click on OK to start the download. The firmware update download will start.

When firmware will be downloaded. Don’t turn off the soundbar. Or make any kind of interruption.

After the firmware download finishes, The installation process will automatically start.

Unplug both devices from the power source. Then, after some minutes, again plug the power cable of the soundbar and subwoofer into the power source.

Wireless connection

If you are trying to connect the subwoofer and soundbar wirelessly.

And having problems. Then I got to your problems. The first thing you have to check is the power connection between the soundbar and subwoofer.

Check that your soundbar and subwoofer are securely connected to the power source.

Always place the soundbar and subwoofer four feet away from each other for a better connection.

You should also try manually connecting the soundbar and subwoofer.

Turn off the soundbar and subwoofer. Now press the pairing button at the back of the subwoofer.

For five seconds. The LED light of the subwoofer will start blinking. Once it starts blinking green,

Now turn on the soundbar. It should connect automatically.

Factory reset

Sometimes you need to reset the device. So let’s see how you can reset both devices.

Unplug the soundbar and subwoofer from the power source. Wait for five minutes.

Then again, plug the power cable into the subwoofer first. Now plug the power cable into the soundbar.

It’s time to turn on the soundbar first. Now press and hold the pairing button on the subwoofer.

For five seconds. The green LED light on the subwoofer will start blinking.

When the green LED lights on the subwoofer. When it becomes solid, it means your subwoofer is successfully connected with the soundbar.

Why is my subwoofer not connecting to the soundbar?

There are several reasons why your subwoofer is not connected to the soundbar. Let’s understand them one by one.

Make sure you properly plug the power cable into the power outlet. And you have turned on the subwoofer.

If your subwoofer is turned on. The subwoofer’s LED lit up.

Your subwoofer and soundbar Work at a certain frequency. So, set both devices frequencies at the same level.

You might have placed the soundbar and subwoofer there. Far away from easy others. So, place the soundbar and subwoofer a little bit close to each other.

Also check the power cable on the subwoofer. Whether it is in good condition or not

Don’t forget to check the HDMI cable or any other cable. That you have used to connect the subwoofer and the soundbar.

They are connected properly or not.

If you have tried all the solutions, I have explained them. And still. Your subwoofer does not connect with the soundbar.

Then you have to contact the manufacturer.

How do I reset my LG subwoofer?

There are a few simple steps. By following them, you can easily reset the LG subwoofer.

  1. Make sure you are properly and securely connected. The subwoofer with the power source
  2. When your subwoofer is connected to the power source. The green LED light will be blinking, and the red LED light will be on.
  3. Then you can proceed with the LG subwoofer reset. Press the stop button on the main unit. As well, press button 6 on the remote. Simultaneously for five seconds.
  4. After holding both buttons for five seconds. The display will show “WL RESET”. This shows that subwoofer resetting has been successfully done.
  5. Now, you can move on to the next step. And press the pairing button. To pair your subwoofer with the soundbar.

Why is there a red light on my LG subwoofer?

There are three reasons why there is a red LED light on your subwoofer.

First, your subwoofer is not connected to your soundbar. So use the manual method to connect. Your soundbar with the subwoofer

Second, your subwoofer might be in standby mode. To confirm that. Press the power button. On the subwoofer.

Then your subwoofer will turn on. If none of these situations apply to your subwoofer,

It means your subwoofer is in serious trouble. Contact LG customer support.


When the subwoofer does not connect with your soundbar, it is very irritating.

But don’t worry. In the article, I have explained every possible thing to you.

To troubleshoot problems.

See you next time…

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