LG HU85LS VS HU85LA | Which one is the best option in 2023?

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In today’s comparison, we are going to talk about the comparison of LG HU85LS and HU85LA. Two smart Ultra Short Throw Projectors by LG. I will compare both the projector LG HU85LS VS HU85LA. In various aspects.

So, we can know which one you should buy for your home theatre and living room.

If you are in a hurry you can check out the product comparison table below, for an instant buying decision.

LG HU85LS VS HU85LA: Comparison Table


LG CineBeam HU85LA

LG CineBeam HU85LS



Lamp Life

20,000 Hrs

20,000 Hrs





Two 5W Stereo

Two 5W Stereo




Voice Assistant

Google assistant, Alexa built-in, ThinQ AI Yes

LG ThinQ, Google AssistantNo

Contrast Ratio



Input Lag

57 MS

78 MS

Digital TV Tuner



Throw Distance

 7.2 inches

 7.2 inches

Wireless Connection

Wireless Contents Share, DTV Tuner, Bluetooth, USB, Screen Share 

Bluetooth, Screen Share, Wireless Contents Share

Native Resolution

3840 x 2160

3840 x 2160

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Both projector LG HU85LS and LG HU85LA are similar from the outside. Their design is boxy. The color is silk white. In front of the projector, you will get the silver color fabric.

Which cover two 2×5 watt speakers, about which we will talk later. Both the projector have nice-looking edges. The HU85LA dimension is 26.8 x 13.7 x 5 and the HU85LS dimension is 26.8 x 5.9 x 13.7 inches.

On the top of the projector, you will get the flip-up cover. Inside this, you will get the manual zoom dialer. And also 0.66 DMD texas instrumentation is available, stick to the end if you want to know more about the 0.66 DMD.

And at the below projector you will get screws to attach the projector to the ceiling. Other things are the adjustable legs of the projector and a power button (on the right-hand side). Which helps you to on/off your projector.

And also it can be used for the menu settings and volume buttons. On the left and right and side of the projector, air intake is available. Which produces fair noise.

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LG HU85LA ports
LG HU85LA ports


LG HU85LS and LG HU85LA have two HDMI ports 2.0. Which support a 4k video signal for the projection. Although both have 10-watt speakers, still you will get the audio out port S/PDIF 1(Optical).

Two USB ports to connect the USB stick and also USB type C for the display & charging. RJ45 connection is available in the LG HU85LS and LG HU85LA, for the wired network connection. You will get an IP control port on both projectors.


LG HU85LS: In the HU85LS you will get the RF IN port. To receive the analog video signal.

LG HU85LA: HU85LA has two more beneficial ports in comparison to HU85LS. And these ports are Digital TV Tuner and HID.

Digital TV Tuner to receive the cable connection. By the local TV stations. HID to connect the keyboards, mouse, etc through USB.


Both the projector also have a wireless connection available. In both projectors, you can do miracast with your android smartphone.

LG HU85LS and LG HU85LA have Bluetooth connections available for the Bluetooth speakers. You can share content wirelessly with the projector by using the LG TV Plus App.

You will get some extra wireless connectivity options in the HU85LA like DTV Tuner and USB.

So here you can see you will get the extra connectivity option in HU85LA. For wired and wireless connection. So LG CineBeam HU85LA (Amazon) is a winner in terms of connectivity.

Smart Stuff

As we all know LG is the leading TV manufacturer in the world. They have manufactured lots of smart TVs. And LG tries to inherit their TV smart features in their UST smart projector.

LG HU85LS and LG HU85LA have LG Web OS. From where you can download a different streaming app. Like Netflix, PleX, Roku, YouTube etc. And their interface is similar to the LG smart TV.

If you are an LG smart TV owner. The projector interface will be familiar to you. If you don’t get the streaming app you want. You can use the Apple TV and Fire Stick (Amazon).

In HU85LA. You will get Google Assistant, Alexa built-in, ThinQ AI, and in HU85LS LG ThinQ, Google Assistant. As a voice assistant.

In both projector boxes, you will get the Magic Remote. Which is very helpful for you. By using this remote you can navigate in your projector like a computer.

By controlling the arrow by remote you can do browsing. You can do google and YouTube search. And also by using the remote. You can give a voice command to Google Assistant, LG ThinQ AI, and Alexa in HU85LA. And in HU85LS you can only give a voice command to the Google Assistant.

As you can see here. You won’t get an in-built Alexa assistant in the HU85LS. And in HU85LS you can only give a voice command assistant to google assistant by remote. By this two-point here HU8LA has a better voice command and voice assistant feature than HU85LS.

So here LG CineBeam HU85LA has better smart features than HU85LS. LG CineBeam HU85LA (Amazon) is a winner in terms of smart stuff.

Picture Quality

 LG CineBeam HU85LA image quality

To test both projectors. Here I have used a special projector screen for the UST projector. It’s EluneVision Aurora 8K 120 inch(Amazon). I will tell you to use this projector screen for better image quality and contrast ratio. Or you can get this screen 120″ Reference 8K NanoEdge ALR (Amazon).

I have got an OLED quality image on both the projector. As you can see in the image for example, what I can show you. I know it’s tough to know the real picture quality in the picture.

But believe me, both projectors have great image quality. In reality. I have played an aquarium video on the projector, and it feels like I am in front of a real aquarium in the darkroom.

I have also tried other movies on both projectors. In cinema mode. And their HDR dynamic tone mapping is good. When you see the movie, which has brightness at 1000 nits or near to 4000 nits.

Now projector HDR dynamic tone mapping works well. It makes the brightness lower and makes details in the image. Which you can see clearly.

In both projectors, you get a good deep black level. Not great like the Epson 5050UBe and Epson 5050UB.

In both the projector you will get the 2,000,000:1 contrast ratios, your image will be razor-sharp on the screen. Fact: as an every shot throw projector. In the middle of the screen, the image will be sharp and the edges will be a little bit less sharp than mid of the screen.

Your projection will be seeable in the ambient light, thanks to 2700 lumens. But my recommendation will be to use the projector in the ambient light control room. In a less lightroom picture will be punchier than the ambient light.

Both have a 0.66″ DMD chip to project the projection light, about later we talk in detail. The native resolution of the projector is 3840 x 2160.

LG recommends projection image size should be 120″. But I have tried on another 135-inch screen. The picture was a soft little but it will not be viewable to every projector.

Both the projector can project laser-sharp image quality.


Gaming will be difficult on both projectors for any shelf-respective gamer. But in my case, it was good enough for me.

In HU85LA you will get the 57 MS and in the HU85LS 78 MS, which is higher than the HU85LA. HU85LS has a more sluggish gaming experience than the HU85LA.

But the gaming experience in HU85LA is still having lag. After an hour of struggling, I got a cure for the lag. Here I am sharing some kind of static, which help you come down MS in the projector:-

  • 4k 30FPS HDR: 100ms
  • 4k 30FPS SDR: 100ms
  • 4k 60FPS HDR: 20ms
  • 4k 60FPS SDR: 120ms
  • 1080P 60FPS HDR: 30ms
  • 1080P 60FPS SDR: 20ms
  • 1080P 60FPS HDR: 100ms

After using the game mode on the HU85LA and trying different FPS on different resolutions. I got ideal settings for me. You should try these settings. For your projector for optimal gaming.

Tip: In most games, there is an option available in the settings. Where you can choose the performance or image quality. I will suggest you go with the performance, so you don’t face any lag during gaming.

You may apply these tips on the HU85LS. But I don’t prefer HU85LS for gaming. My overall gaming experience with the HU85LA is great.

So, I will prefer the HU85LA for gaming. LG CineBeam HU85LA (Amazon) is a winner in the term of gaming.


In our both projector 0.66″ DMD chip is used to pass the light. By shifting the pixel twice in both projectors, they can project 8.3 million on the screen.

Twice pixel shifting makes both projector better than it’s a competitor. Read more about this type of XPR technology explanation.

Let’s talk about their light source. In both projectors one red laser light and two blue laser lights. Between two blue laser lights, one blue laser light is converted into the green. By using the green color wheel.

For the sharp image quality. Both the projector have the same projection technology.

My Advice On LG HU85LS VS HU85LA 

I have compared both projectors. On six parameters Design, Connectivity, Smart Stuff, Picture Quality, Gaming, and Technology.

If you go with the LG CineBeam HU85LA. You will get a better gaming experience than HU85LS in HU85LA. Picture quality will be like OLED TV in the less lightroom.

And also you will get an extra voice assistant & wired, wireless connectivity options in the HU85LA.

Picture quality is great on both the projector. My overall experience is great with the LG CineBeam HU85LA. LG CineBeam HU85LAis the winner (Amazon).

Some Honorable Mention

LG CineBeam HU85LS

LG CineBeam HU85LA

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