JVC NX7 VS NX9: Which is best? Comparison table [2023]

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If you are a native 4k home theater enthusiast then. You might familiar with these JVC models DLA-NX9, DLA-NX7, DLA-NX5. They are also named DLA-RS3000, DLA-RS2000, DLA-RS1000. From these models, we going to compare JVC NX7 VS NX9.

In this article, we compare both the projector in-depth. Because both the projector have lots of high-end features to explain. For the 4k native home theater projector.

And also both projectors are so heavy in terms of the price. So it’s my responsibility to share every detail of information with you.

So you can take buying decision. Let’s deep dive into our in-depth research article.

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JVC NX7 VS NX9: Comparison Table


JVC DLA-NX7 (RS-2000) 

JVC DLA-NX9 (Rs-3000)




40.2 MS

Data Missing







Throw Distance

12.3' - 20.7'

11.9' - 19.9

Contrast Ratio

Native: 80,000:1 Dynamic: 800,000:1

Native: 100,000:1, Dynamic: 1,000,000:1

Screen size

60" - 201"

60" - 200"





NSH 265 W

NSH 265 W


4096 x 2160

8192 x 4320




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Design & Connectivity

JVC DLA-NX9 (Rs-3000)

Both projectors look identical from the outside. In front, you will get the projector lens. In the NX9 you get the 18 element lens and in the NX7 you will get the 17 element lens.

And also at the face of both projector. You will get the air intake for the airflow and an IR blaster for the remote control.

On the left side of NX9 and NX7, you get the portion to open under the sticker. To change the projector bulb.

It’s all about the projector outer information. Let’s take a look what are the connectivity option is available in the NX9 and NX7. Both the projector have identical connectivity options available.

JVC DLA-NX9 (Rs-3000) ports/connectivity

You will get the 3D Sync, 2 HDMI 2.0b with the HDCP 2.2, RS-232-C, USB/Service, Trigger, LAN.

Both JVC NX7 and NX9 have two HDMI ports that support 60 fps 4k video signals, speed 18 GBs. With the restricted content. Although NX9 supports the 8k e-shift. But NX7 doesn’t support the 8k video signal.

USB only for the firmware updates. LAN/RJ-45 for the network connection. 3D sync it’s made easy and convenient, to provide the 3D signal to the viewer with 3D glasses.

Trigger ports let you on the projector without pressing the power button. And if the projector is inactive it’s let’s went the projector in sleep mode.

In case you lost the remote default buttons are available on the backside of the projector to change the menu.

Design & Connectivity: Tie

Picture quality

JVC NX7 and NX9 the projector can project the native video 4k content on the screen. But there is a little bit of difference between both images.

Take look at projector specifications that affect the projector image. And then I will explain to you the example. Which projector is better in image quality.

There are lots of differences between both projector specifications. And they affect the image quality of both projectors.

In the NX9 you will get the 100,000:1 native contrast ratio. While in the NX7 you will get the 80,000:1 native contrast ratio. Their native contrast ratio is different from the dynamic contrast ratio in JVC NX7 and NX9.

JVC NX9 dynamic contrast ratios is 1,000,000:1 and JVC NX7 dynamic contrast ratio is 800,000:1. Due to the difference between the contrast ratio. You won’t see any difference in both projector image quality.

The major difference I see in image quality due to the lumens. NX9 has greater lumens than the NX7. NX7 lumens is 1,900, while NX9 lumens is 2,200.

NX9 has 300 more lumens than the NX7. And because of this lumens difference, you will get the brighter image quality in the NX9. While image sharpness will be the same on both projectors.

Both the projector have HDR 10 auto-tone mapping option is available. HDR 10 takes metadata from the blu-ray 4k disc. And project the image on the screen as it should be. So you will get the image detail as it was made to show on the screen.

And also HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) available in both the projector with HDR 10 to project vivid image.

In both projectors, you will get a high-quality lens. Because NX9 have more lens element then NX7, it helps NX9 to create a sharp image.

JVC NX7 and NX9 have DCI/P3. Which helps both the projector to achieve the wide color gamut. Or to achieve the various color spectrum.

So the projector can create a more life-like image on the screen. In both the projector color are on the point. And contrast ratios are noticeable not that much.

Till now I have told you lot’s of the difference and similarities between both the projector. Still, the question which one is best in the term of image quality.

Honestly, there is no big difference between the projector image quality. There is NX9 has slightly better image quality than the NX7.

You will see not that much difference between the image quality. There is a tiny difference between both the projector. In the NX9 you will get a better skin tone, brighter image, and a little bit sharp image than the NX7.

Let me explain you by the example:

If you see the movie on both the projector NX7 and NX9. And pause the movie on both projectors where you seeing the same face and hair of the same movie charactor.

At this point, you can judge both image quality and you will get a clear difference. In the NX9 you will get a better skin tone of the face and sharp image quality.

And also the a clear difference between every single hair fiver of the movie character in NX9. I try 8k e-shift on the NX9 and NX7 but I didn’t see much difference in the NX9 and NX7. Form the distance I am seeing in the images.

It could be different for you.

That’s how my overall experience with both projectors. I can tell you NX9 has better image quality than NX7.

JVC DLA-NX9 (Rs-3000) (Amazon) is the winner in the term of image quality.

Some image sample of the JVC NX7 and NX9.

JVC DLA-NX9 (Rs-3000) image quality sample image
JVC DLA-NX9 (Rs-3000)
JVC DLA-NX7 (RS-2000) image quality sample image
JVC DLA-NX7 (RS-2000)


I try both the projector for the gaming. In the darkroom. But I am impressed with the NX9. In the NX9 I got a pumping color experience.

And During the gaming, the way the camera changes. It was an amazing experience and feeling. It feels like I am into the game.

I don’t feel any lag in the hardcore gaming. On the NX9 I got OLED TV feel inside my darkroom.

In short on the NX9 I got a complete gaming experience. As it should be for any casual gamer and competitive gamer

In the term of gaming JVC DLA-NX9 (Rs-3000) (Amazon) is the winner.

I try gaming on the NX9 at default image settings. NX7 is also could be the best projector for gaming but, NX7 fades in front of NX9.


Let’s check out JVC NX7 and NX9 lens setup. And how they affect picture quality and the screen adjustment of the projector.

In the NX7 you will get the 17-element of the lens. Which comes with 15 groups of all glass and their diameter is 65 mm. And NX9 lens setup is an 18-element lens of 16 groups of all glass. Which diameter is 100 mm.

The more projector has a high-quality lens. The image projected by the projector will be crisp edge to edge. And here we get 18 elements in the 16 group of high-quality lenses.

So NX9 will project better image quality than NX7. Because of its good number of lens. Although in the D-ILA device on both projectors is the same.

Lens shift in NX7 is ±80% Vertical and ±34% Horizontal and lens shift in NX9 is +/-100% vertical, +/-43% horizontal. You can notice that in the NX9. We get more angles to shift in the NX9.

Which makes NX9 more versatile than the NX7 for the screen adjustment. No Matter where you put the projector.

In both projectors, you can set up to 10 presets. And move between different aspects ratio easily.

In nutshell, NX9 has a better lens setup. Which helps NX9 to project the image without any blurry edges and artifacts. Both the projector are good in screen alignment, but NX9 is better.

JVC DLA-NX9 (Rs-3000) (Amazon) is the winner in the lens setup.

My advice on JVC NX7 VS NX9

In the comparison of JVC NX7 VS NX9. My advice will be to go with the NX9 no doubt. Why?

Although both projector design and connectivity is same. But the gaming, lens setup and picture quality is good in the NX9.

If you are a person with a heavy pocket. My recommendation will be to go with the pricey JVC DLA-NX9 (Rs-3000) (Amazon). You get an experience like a professional movie theater.

Some Honorable Mention

JVC DLA-NX9 4K D-ILA Projector

JVC DLA-NX7 D-ILA 4k Projector

PNG vs image credit: Pngtree.com

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