Is a projector better than a TV for the eyes [Q&A]

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is projector better than tv for eyes

Hi, people if you are going to get the projector or thinking to get the projector. And you are concerned about your eyes and have the question is your mind, is a projector better than tv for eyes.

Or you are comparing between projector and TV in the term of eyes, to know which one is good for your eyes health.

Then you are land on the right article. This article will tell you why the projector is better for your eyes than the TV.

We are going to talk about the aspects between the projector and TV like Blue Light emission, Reflected light, Screen size, and built-in Safety.

At the end of this article, I will do Q&A related to the projector. In this Q&A section, I have added general queries.

Is a projector good for the eyes?

Yes, a projector is good for your eyes because the blue light emission of the projector is gentle on your eyes, and this blue light is reflected.

The projector screen can set according to your vision preferences. Projector has an inbuilt safety feature for the eyes.

Now you know that projector is good for the eyes. But why it’s better than TV for eyes, want to know to follow me.

Blue Light emission

Generally, there are two types of blue light natural and artificial both are found in the atmosphere we live in.

Natural blue light: comes from the sun which wavelength is 380 to 500 nm. Which is so intensive and has enough energy to be the reason for sunburn. Also, it can be the reason for eyesight issues if you see the sun directly.

Artificial blue light: comes from today’s digital screen, it’s wavelength is around 400 and 450. This is harmful to our eyes because today’s generation spent average time on screen is Six hours and 40 minutes. According to lifespan. Artificial blue light comes from TV and projectors.

In today’s TV CRT technology use to show the picture on the screen. In modern CRT (Cathode-ray tube) beams are bent by magnetic deflection.

To bent, the beams a deflection yoke is using, it’s the kind of lens that is used in the CRT, to scan the electron beam all over the screen vertically and vertically.

Modern TVs are more bright than older ones and their blue lights are directly falling on your retina. With continuous use of these TV, you can feel eye strain and headaches.

On the other hand projector light source made of HID or UHP, LED, Lasers, and combinations of LED and Lasers. These are the light source you will get in the modern projector. In the Projector, you will not see the projector light source directly that’s why it’s not intensive like TV.

Reflected light VS Emitting direct light

In the projector, the blue light that falls into your eyes is reflected light. Reflected light means the blue light which will indirectly fall on your eyes.

The blue light will come from the light source it reflects on the screen/flat surface then finally it will fall on your retina and you will see the images.

Which are a good thing, that’s why the projector hurt less than the TV. Its blue light not directly fall on your retina.

The way TV reflects his blue light is called Emitting direct light. TV directly reflects a blue light on your retina which is harmful to your eyes.

Modern TV is more bright than older TV. Which improves the picture quality. But not good for the eyes. When you see the tv for a long time you feel like your head is spinning and feel vomit, it’s not good for your health.

Screen Size Projector VS TV

People say the projector with the big screen is good, which is right. But my opinion will adjust the projector screen according to your eyes comfort.

And not adjust the projector screen size only, sit at the right distance. With the right ratio of screen size and distance between you, the screen will harmless your eyes.

You can adjust the right distance between the TV and you. But here is a drawback you can’t adjust the size of the screen. The regular size of the TV screen you get on the market is 70″ (inches).

Eyes Smart Safety Protection Projector VS TV

Honestly, I can’t separate the Projector and TV at this point. But things you should know.

Modern projector and TV both have eye safety eye protection. It’s totally up to you which one you choose for you. But don’t forget the all pros of the projector.

Common question answered.

Is projector better than TV for eyes?

Yes, the projector is better than TV in many aspects like Blue Light emission, reflected light & emitting direct light, Screen Size except eye protection. Because both modern TV and Projector have eye protection available.

Would a huge screen be healthier for the eyes?

The projector has a vast and adjustable screen. Its screen is bigger than any regular TV screen and you can make it small and big according to your comfort.

On the big screen, you can see the images and video with the big shape. Which is not stressful for your eyes. So yeah it’s healthier for the eyes.

Are laser projectors safe for the eyes?

The laser projector is safe for the eyes until you see the directly or intentionally in the laser projector light source. So that’s why switch off the projector if you are going to clean your projector lens.


I hope now you get the answer to the query “is projector better than TV for eyes”. At the end of this article, I want to say that is projector win in this conversation. But at one point smart eyes safety feature both have the same position.

Because in modern age manufacturer of both projector and TV are concern about the eyes health. So they both have the feature to protect your eyes.

I have already done you all the differentiated, now it turns to choose which one is best for you. If this article is helpful for you and you figure out which one you are going to buy let me know in the comment section.

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