Interactive projector vs interactive display: Which is good?

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interactive projector vs interactive display

The time we live in right now is full of technology everywhere. There is no place that is not affected by technology these days.

So how education and business places can’t be affected by technology? 

There are two kinds of products that are very collaborative in both fields. Interactive projector and interactive display. Both have lots of competitive features.

Which makes the class and the meeting room very engaging.

So, today we will compare both the products, interactive projector vs interactive display. In this article know the pros and cons of the projector.

And know which could be best in different situations. According to yours.

So you can decide between both products. Let’s start today’s article.

What is an interactive projector? 

An interactive projector is a projector that has a sensor module. So it can know the changes and react accordingly to that. That’s how we see changes on the screen.

For that, you may need the dry board/whiteboard as a projection surface (not compulsory).

What is an interactive display? 

The interactive display is a big LCD panel. Like our LCD tv and monitor. But it’s bigger and has interactive features. And on the interactive display image is coming out from the display. Not projected on the screen, like an interactive projector.

Interactive projector vs Interactive display: Comparison.


The old interactive projector (Amazon Link) may have some complications in use. But the modern interactive projector and display. Are very simple to use.

Just press the power button. Choose the whiteboard and calibrate the screen. And start using the display. And take the class or present your presentation in the meeting room.

When it comes to the installation of the interactive projector and interactive display. In the interactive projector. You have to do a lot of wiring and put the projector from the screen at an ideal distance.

So you can achieve good projection. And once you have set the interactive projector in one place. 

You can’t change the projector’s location, without any hassle. While interactive displays can be fixed in one place.

And if you want to put it over the stand. You can do it. And can change the place. As you wish.

Image quality 

The 4,200 lumens projector can easily show good image quality in dim light. But you have to plan to use the interactive projector in the lit room. Or you can’t use the projection in the dim room.

Then the interactive projector. Could not be the ideal option for you. While the interactive display is great for any condition no matter. In which you want to use the.

You will get great image quality. No dimmish and pixelated images on the screen. 

And also in the case of an interactive projector. You may get the shadow on the screen. If your projector is not ultra-short throw. In the class and meetings room. People see the screen from a different angle.

For some people, the shadow can bother them. You won’t get this kind of complaint on an interactive display (Amazon Link).

Cost & Maintenance 

At the start of the interactive projector, you have to spend 2000$. And for the interactive display 2900$ “Estimated”. 

But in the long run, there is a different story of the cost. You have to spend more on the interactive projector. Because projector lamps have a certain lifespan.

After that, you have to change the projector lamp to run.

If your projector is a laser then its estimated life could be 20,000 hours. And for the lamp projector, it could be as low as 2,500 hours.

And as we all know the projector will be used for five to six hours in the school or more. In the office/meetings room it could be two to three hours of use estimated.

For sure if you have to change the projector lamp. Or you can’t use the projector for a long time. Without maintenance.

You have to clean the projector. Because it could be the reason for the projector overheating and noise.

If you are going to use the projector in school. You have to do the maintenance process with all the projectors.

After some time, it won’t stop working. While taking classes.

But there is not any kind of hassle with the interactive display. Except you have to spend more in the beginning.

An interactive display lifespan is 5 years estimated. Things can be changed according to your interactive display model and brand.


The interactive display is full of features. In the interactive display, you will get the android. And it also comes with the i3, i5, and i7.

And ram and rom. All these things depend upon your interactive display.

In the interactive display, you can split the screen. As well as the projector. But the interactive display will get up to 20 multitouch. While in the projector you will get less multitouch.

On the whiteboard of the interactive display, you can add images and videos. From the and from the storage. Both options are available.

Also, you can open google chrome inbuilt. No need to connect the pc/laptop with the projector. The same goes for the interactive projector. But with some limitations.

In both displays, you can use your finger to write something. Now I need to worry if you have lost the pen. And easily remove it with your pam.

No need to open the menu, again and again, to erase and write something.

And also in both displays. You can change the color and size of the text. But in the interactive display.

You can use diagrams like a cylinder and rectangular, etc. In 2D to 3D, these features will help fill in the math class. To understand the problem.

And in both displays, you save your class. To the virtual file or cloud storage. And start the class from where you have ended the class.

Pros And Cons

Advantages and Disadvantages

Interactive Projector 

When you hang up the projector from the wall. It will be a hassle to change the place. And also interactive projectors have fewer features than interactive displays. The projector image will diminish in the lit lightroom. 

Yes, an interactive projector has fewer features than an interactive display. And its image dimmish in the lightroom. But for the budget class and meeting rooms. It will be a great choice.

Interactive Display 

Interactive displays come with various features. Which will be very helpful for the school and office. To engage with the students and employees. It has a longer lifespan than the projector.

And also you can change the interactive display positions, without any hassle. But for all these, you have to spend money much higher than the interactive projector.


An interactive projector vs interactive display. We have seen both the display options are good for the Modern classroom and meeting room. 

There are lots of similarities and differences. Between the interactive projector and interactive display. But in conclusion. 

If you have a good budget to spend money on and want the best. You should go with the interactive display. And if you have something on budget and good you can go with the interactive projector.


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