How to use a projector outside during the day [7 Tips to Follow]

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how to use a projector outside during the day

If you want to do the projector outside during the day. It is possible. But don’t expect something wow outside. Because the biggest light source is available during the daytime.

There are lots of things you should care about. And have to do lots of preparation for the daytime projection. It will not be normal like the indoor projection.

There are lots of different conditions indoor and outdoor. Outside you have to take care of environmental and geographical conditions.

If you are ready to do work to prepare your outdoor projector set up during the daytime. Then we will talk about lots of aspects you should care about.

So, let’s begin today’s article. But remember again don’t expect something great. It will be good or less.

How to set up a projector outside during the day? 

There are some aspects you should take care of. Before you think about anything else. Because if these things are according to the situation. Then you can go out and try the outdoor daytime projection.

Check Weather 

Very important. If your weather condition is not good or worse. It wouldn’t be a wise decision to go out. And prepare for the projection. 

Its weather condition will vary from place to place. But you have to take care of the weather. That day when you are going out for the projector. 

Check your local weather. You can do this. By just searching on google. And find what will be the weather on the day you will do the outdoor projection.

Make sure that day is sunny. But the sun is not harsh as summer days. It will be perfect if your area’s weather is cloudy. But it’s not raining outside.

Do projection at right time 

It doesn’t matter how much people say you can do projection any time in the day. Because when the sun is at its peak. You can’t do anything. So don’t try to fight with the sun.

If the sun is harsh in your area. You have to choose the time wisely during the day. When the sun is not at its peak. It could be the time between morning and noon.

Or between noon and evening. This time could be optimal for the projection. Here I am choosing the right time based on sunlight intensity. 

It could be different for you. Because different places have different geography.

Find Shaded Location

If the sun is not in favour. Then can you make the daytime projection in the shaded place? It could be natural or artificial. Under the dense tree.

Or you can make the shaded place according to your need. For that, you can use the canopy, sunshade, and back projection system.

These are some options. To make the artificial shaded location for the daytime projection. If I want to make a shaded place. Which is necessary. When the sun is out there to make your projection safe from the sun.

About the Canopy, Sun Shade, and Back projection system. We talk more in detail. Continue reading.

Have a Capable Projector 

Until we have talked about the ideal situation. Let’s talk about the ideal projector for the ideal projection for the daytime.

The standard lumen output from the projector is 2500 lumens. You can read this detailed article on How many lumens for a projector in daylight. Know more about the lumens.

But for better performance, you can go with the 5000 to 6000 lumens projector. Which will be better for the daytime projection. 

After seeing the lumens. Also, take care of contrast. Letter in this article we talk about how you can use the projector at its maximum capacity. Continue reading.

Project on good projector screen 

Ok, your projector and situation are good. What about the surface? Where you are going to do the projection? 

First thing you should notice. Your projector screen should have a viewing angle of 160 degrees or a reflective projector screen. A screen that reflects the lights at some angle. Which goes back to the audience properly. For optimal light reflection. You can go with the white projector screen. Which is a standard projector screen.

And a grey projector screen. Will be also a good option to get the black level. Not that good. But nothing is better than something. Also, take care of gain. Which defines how much light will be reflected towards you. 1.0 gain and more is better.

Place at perfect position

When you put your projection screen. Outside, the sunlight is directly not falling on the screen. You have to put up a projector screen. Not affected by the sunlight. Before noon and afternoon. 

Because the sun changes its projection angle with time. So make sure you put the projector screen. Where the screen is safe from direct sunlight after and before noon.

Speakers for audio output

No, matter how good a projector you have. Their speakers are not good enough to produce loud and good audio.

From their own speakers. They are good only inside the home. But outside you have to spend on good speakers.

You can’t rely on the projector’s in-built speakers. To choose the best speaker or soundbar for your projector.

You can check out our list of best speakers and soundbars for your projector:-

Things you can do to build the shaded location. 

Here you are going to learn. What are the materials you can use to make the shade? Which will save your projector screen from the direct sunlight. And give you the optimal daytime projection expiration.


The canopy is the temporary tent. Which you can use to make the temporary shade for the projector. Which will protect from direct sunlight. There are various types of the canopy. Available on the online market. As you can see in below image.


One is fully covered from the three sides. Which will cover your screen from all possible sides. To direct the light on the screen. You can apply these walls temporarily. 

While another one will only cover the screen from the upper side. And it will be open from all sides. 

Fully covered will be better if you want to make the shade. For your projector screen. And it is also more pricey than the all-around open.

If you have good money to invest in the canopy. You should go with the canopy. Which is an all-around cover and one side is open. You can use this for other purposes. Other than making the projector screen shade.

Back projection system

For this kind of shade, you have to do the rear projection. For you have to make the kind of shade. You can see this in the below image. 

[Tips] How to use a projector outside during the day everything explained?

Where you can put your projector inside the shade. And do the rear projection. It will be ideal for the daytime projection. Because your projector is inside the complete light control areas. 

For this, you will need the shade which construction should be as shown in the image. This is the back projector system. Which is best for the daytime projection. This kind of shade consumes lots of electricity.


The sunshade is another cheap option after all around an open canopy. You can use the sunshade as your projector screen shade. 

It’s also open from all sides. Like the sheep canopy. But it could be the option for your projector screen. With you can go.

At last for shade. If you have built your home wisely there you may add shade. Which is coming out. This also can be used as a shade. If needed you can cover some portion of that balcony from the side to use the projector.

What is the best projector screen for daytime viewing?

We have already talked about the projector screen. You have to see it on the projector screen. According to that, I have selected some projector screens you can go with. Here I have listed the affordable and pricey. Both types of projector screens. There are lots of options available. Choose with the time.

What is the best outdoor projector for daytime use? 

After choosing the projector screen. Here I have listed some projectors. With the high lumens. Which is the main factor for the daytime projector. And also take care of the resolution and contrast ratio. To choose the best projector for daytime use.

How to make the projector brighter in daylight? 

If you want the optimal performance from your projector in the daylight. For that, you have to do some cleaning and setting changes in your projector. And also ready with the new bulb.

  1. First of all, clean your projector screen (If needed). As well as the projector lens. For a good amount of light output and to get a clean projection surface.
  2. The projector there is various kinds of mode to run the projector. Eco mode, Medium, and Extreme. Settings name could be different in your projector. But the purpose will be to run the projector in a different power mode. If the eco mode is on then off the eco mode.
  3. And increase your projector brightness. At your projector, peak brightness. Or I should say until you don’t get the seeable image on the screen.

After doing all these harsh changes to your projector setting. Ready with your new projector lamp. Because after operating this kind of harsh light. Your projector will only run for one year on average. 

To use your projector again you have to change the projector lamp. This could be the cons of using the projector in the daylight. Which is not good for your pocket. Still knowing these cons you want to use the projector in daylight you can use. It’s your choice.


So in this article. You will get every instruction about “How to use a projector outside during the day”. You will need to go out and do the projection outside during the daytime. By following the all above instructions for the daytime. You can easily use the projector during the daytime.

If the projector is not usable in your condition. After lots of effort, you can go with the outdoor TV. The only two things that can stop price and screen size. To use the outdoors outside.

At last, my wishes are with your daytime projection. I hope all these tips and suggestions will help you. To use the projector outside for your entertainment and commercial use. 

See you next time…


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