How to use a projector as a TV for everyday entertainment?

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How to use a projector as a TV for everyday entertainment?

Can you use a projector as a tv? Yes, you can use the projector as tv. Because both the screens have similar output and input. Which is helpful for the projector to receive the live video signal like the tv.

So in today’s article. We are going to talk about the projectors. How you can use it for everyday entertainment. For watching movies, live news, and sports. 

To use the projector as TV. You can follow these simple step:-

  1. Setup the projector in normal way.
  2. And then connect the streaming device directly into the HDMI input port.
  3. Or Use the HDMI cable to connect your projector with the apple TV or cable box.
  4. Then if you want. You can connect your speakers with the projector.

Everything in more detail. I have explained ahead. In this article.

We will also cover using a projector for everyday entertainment. How much your projector is good or bad. 

Things you will need to use a projector as a TV. 

So before you know how you can use your projector as a TV. You have to know. Things you will need to play tv on your projector.

Some basic things: HDMI wire and high-speed internet. So you can stream a live TV channel. And.

  • Native Android apps: There are projector available. Which have natively Android TV available. Through you can play live TV. And download. Other apps for live streaming. An ideal projector example is Anker Nebula Cosmos. With this projector, you will get 5000 plus apps access.
  • Streaming Device: If you have streaming devices for your projector. Like amazon fire stick and Roku already. You are lucky you don’t need to invest in other things. These gadgets are a simple to use for live tv and other online content streaming. You just need high-speed internet. 
  • Apple TV: Apple tv is also a good option to play live news and sports on the projector. So with the help of Apple TV, you can use your normal home theater projector as an everyday projector. And the apple tv 4k video source. So there is no need to worry about the live news and sports streaming video quality. List of live channels:-
    • Acorn TV
    • AMC+
    • Apple TV+
    • Arrow Video Channel
    • BFIPlayer Classics etc.
  • Digital Converter or Cable Box: The TV has a TV tuner built-in. This is helpful when you have a tv cable connection wire. With the help of that inbuilt TV tuner. We use to broadcast the TV channel. But there is no inbuilt TV tuner in the projector for that you will need the Digital Converter or Cable Box. Which input the TV cable connection in the projector.
  • Youtube TV: Youtube TV is also a good option to stream live TV. On youtube TV, you will get a variety of live channel options.

How to Use a Projector as a TV?

Now you know the things you know to use a projector as a TV. Let’s know how you can use them to play the live TV on your projector.

Digital Converter or Cable Box

  1. First, take your TV cable connection wire. And connect with the digital converter or cable box.
  2. Then there will be an HDMI out port available in the digital converter box. You have to plug the HDMI cable in the HDMI out port.
  3. After that cable goes into the projector HDMI input port.
  4. At last power up all your devices. And slect the HDMI input port to receive the video signal in your projector.

Streaming Device And Apple TV

Plug or Hook up your Amazon fire stick or Roku stick in the HDMI input port of the projector. 

And for the Apple TV. You will need the HDMI cable. Start connecting with the HDMI cable. With the Apple TV and then connect with the HDMI input port of the projector.

Native Android Apps and Youtube TV.

A projector like Anker Nebula Cosmos natively has various apps. To stream the video content for entertainment. And also you can install youtube TV.

This will be good if you want to see the live TV content on your smart projector. If you face any difficulty installing the youtube TV app on your smart projector. You can check out the below video tutorial.

Using a projector every day? 

If you want the big screen in your living room and home theater room. Then you can consider replacing the projector with your regular TV.

With the projector, you will get a big screen. Bigger than the TV screen and immersive experience on the projector.

Which you don’t get in the two thousand dollar TV. Also, you can use the projector in your bedroom. Which you can hang up with the projector ceiling.

It will not take up a bit of your bedroom. And project on the white wall or you can use the 100-inch screen. In the term of space, the projector is better than the TV.

If you want to use the projector every day in the replacement of the TV. I will suggest you go with the LED and Laser projector.

Because this type of projector gives more lifespan than the normal lamp-based projector.

The projector produces lots of heat and they produce noise as well. So while using the projector you have to put the projector away from you.

If your projector produces lots of noise then you should read this article on projector noise.

You can’t use the projector for a long time. Because the projector needs rest to cool down itself. Otherwise, it could be the reason for the projector overheating.

And also you have to take care of projector maintenance. So your projector can give you the best output. If you don’t do your projector maintenance.

It could be the reason for the projector’s green tint, dead pixel, overheating, and noise. 

Pros: using a projector every day. 

  1. Bigger projector screen. You won’t get in a two thousand-dollar TV. While under a two thousand dollars you will get the great home cinema projector. By well-known projector companies like Epson and BenQ. Which will be ahead from your expection.
  2. The projector screen is removable and lightweight. You can easily change the place of the projection. If you have a younger kid at your home or a naughty animal like a dog. Those can hurt the projector screen. You can keep away from them. When you are not using the projector.
  3. Projector has plenty of brightness. So they can be used in the daylight inside your home. With a closed or open blind and window. Depends upon the projector model and type of screen you are using.
  4. LED and Laser projectors have plenty of lifespans. So you can use the projector with no worry. I will suggest you to use the LED and Laser projector for everyday use.

Cons: using a projector every day.

  1. The laser projector turns on and off very quickly. Other projector takes time to turn on and close.
  2. The projector is noisy. In the comparison of TV.
  3. Mounting or doing the setup of a projector is not an easy job. You have to avoid any mistakes. Which affects further while using the projector. The projector and screen should be perpendicular. Otherwise, you have to do keystone or lesn shift correction. Keystone correction is not good for the projector image quality. There are lots of other things you have to take care of while setting up the projector. To get the best projection. If you are an Obsessive-compulsive disorder person. It could be very painful to set up the projector.
  4. If you have a normal lamp projector you should worry about the lifespan. You can’t use the projector like TV and on often in your house. Even if you are not using the projector.

Can a projector replace a TV?

Yes, projector can replace the TV. To compete with the normal TV. Projector manufacturer has made the laser TV. Or you can call it ultra short throw projector.

This projector can projector can projector just few inches away. From the screen and give your the 100 inch screen.

And in the ultra short throw projector. I have see the highest lumens rating is 4000 ANSI lumens. Which consider to be very high.

And it’s perfect for the ambient light room. If you are using the UST projector with the ALR projector screen. I will be more better.

How can I turn my projector into a smart TV?

You can use the Roku, Firestick, Nvidia Shield, Chromecast TV, Apple TV or Tivo stream 4k. To turn your projector into a smart TV.


So what we learn. You can use a projector as a TV for everyday entertainment. But for that, you will need some things.

Like native android apps/smart projectors, streaming devices, Apple TV, and a digital converter or cable box. 

And you can easily play the normal tv content on your projector. Using the projector every day. It is possible.

But think twice, there are some cons. Which can stop you from using the projector. But you can overcome this. And easily use the projector as the main video source for everyday entertainment.

See you next time…


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