How to project mobile screen on wall without projector [6 Steps]

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How to project mobile screen on wall without projector

If you are creative. Then nothing can stop you from getting the big picture on the wall. Without having a projector.

Today in this article. We will cover the topic of how to project a mobile screen on a wall without a projector.

I will explain everything step-by-step. For that, you don’t need any kind of app. To project your phone screen on the wall.

The only thing you will need is a DIY smartphone projector.

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Can we project a mobile screen on the wall without a projector?

Yes, you can project your android or iPhone screen. Without using any app or actual projector.

For that, you have to make a DIY smartphone projector. So follow these following 6 simple steps:-

  1. Make a circle using a magnifying glass on the shoebox
  2. Cut the marked area with x-acto knife
  3. Install the magnifying glass
  4. Make the shoebox interior black
  5. Make the Smartphone Stand
  6. Smartphone Settings & Projection

Things you will need to project the mobile screen on the wall without projector:-

Stuff you have to find in your house or you can buy:-

  1. Shoe Box
  2. Hot Glue Gun Or Tape
  3.  Magnifying Glass
  4. Foam Board Or Blinder Clips
  5. Smartphone
  6. X-acto knife
  7. Pencil/Pen
  8. Any normal glue
  9. Black acrylic color
  10. Paint Brush
  11. Hand Hacksaw (Optional)

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How to project the mobile screen on the wall without a projector?

Make a circle using a magnifying glass on the shoebox

Make circle around magnifying glass on box
Image by TechBuilder

Let’s start our first step of making a smartphone projector. You will need the magnifying glass. Before your use the magnifying glass.

There are two things. You can do with the magnifying glass. You should dislocate the magnifying glass handle.

Or cut the magnifying glass with the hand hacksaw. Now you have the only magnifying glass.

Now put that magnifying glass on the shoebox. And use pen or pencil. To trace around the magnifying glass.

And move to the next step.

Cut the marked area with x-acto knife

Image by TechBuilder

Until we have mark the size of magnifying glass. That we will cut using x-acto knife. And make the place to install the magnifying glass.

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Install the magnifying glass

Image by TechBuilder

Till now, the shoebox is ready to install magnifying glass. We take our magnifying glass put it in the cavity and use our glue gun. To stick the magnifying glass, with the shoebox.

Or you can use the tape to install the magnifying glass. At one place. And now you have the lens for your DIY smartphone projector.

Make the shoebox interior black

Work is not done yet. To improve the image quality. There is one more thing you can do. Paint the projector interior with the black paint. It’s necessary to do that.

Make the Smartphone Stand

Image by TechBuilder

We use foam boards to make our smartphones stand. For this, we cut our foam board of the same size. I am here cutting the piece of 149.20 x 71.80 mm. It will be different for you.

Cut the foam board pieces according to your smartphone size. And now we put the one foam board flat. Another one will go vertical on the flat foam board.

Now at the bottom of the vertical foam board. Spread some glue with the help of a hot glue gun. And stick the vertical foam board on the flat foam board.

On the behalf of the foam board. You can also use cardboard.

To stick our smartphone with the vertical foam board. We use double sided tape. Both sides are sticky.

By using double-sided tape. We stick our smartphone with the vertical foam board.

Now we can put it inside our shoebox with the smartphone stand.

To make the phone stand. You can also use binder clip. Use the small and big binder clips.

First take the big binder clip. Open the mouth of the big binder clip. And put the small binder clip steel bent inside the big binder clip.

Now open one of the steel bent of the big binder clip. And use that as a smartphone stand.

Smartphone Settings & Projection

Smartphone Settings & Projection
Image by FimoKawaiiEmotions

Your smartphone screen rotation should be locked in one position. So your smartphone screen doesn’t spin.

The setting will be different for android and iPhone. And your brightness and sound should be high.

If the volume of your smartphone is not loud for you. You should connect your Bluetooth speakers to the smartphone. If you have Bluetooth speakers.

And don’t expect the full HD image from the shoebox projector. If you are going to projector on the wall. I will suggest you use a cheap projector screen alternative.

For better image quality.

If you want to see a practical overview of these steps. Here I have added some videos. You can check out:-

Source: TechBuilder
Source: LAB 360

FAQ: How to project mobile screen on wall without projector?

Where should I place my DIY projector for Projection?

You should place your DIY projector in the pitch-dark room. Because your DIY projector doesn’t have high brightness like the hundred-dollar projector. It will be better for achieving good image quality.

Why should I lock my smartphone rotation?

Because the magnifying glass we use for our projector is a convex lens. And this lens’s nature is to roll over every image it’s got. When we put our smartphones inside the box.

It will correct its smartphone screen position. But we don’t want that. That’s why we lock our smartphone landscape in one position. And when we put it inside our shoebox. The smartphone image should be in the wrong position.

So when we put our smartphone inside the shoebox in the wrong position. The convex lens will correct it and project in the right position.

So make sure your smartphone landscape is locked at one position. And put it inside the shoebox in the wrong position (Reverse of the image).

Why is my homemade projector blurry?

Because you don’t calibrate your projector image. Or your lens is not clear so clear it. It could also be because your smartphone brightness is not at max.

If it’s all good there is one reason behind this. Convex lens project images from various angles. So for your homemade projector, you have to find the sweet angel for your projector.

That’s why move your smartphone back and forth inside the shoebox.

How do you make a homemade projector clearer?

By adjusting different positions between the lens and the smartphone. You can achieve a clearer projection or image on your homemade projector.


So that’s how you can project your mobile screen on a wall without a projector.

By using these simple steps. You can make a DIY smartphone projector for yourself at home.

Take care of those points I told you about at the end of the article. While using the projector. You will get a good-quality image.

From your shoebox projector.

I hope all this is helpful to you. See you next time…


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