I know not every person can buy a hi-fi projector for their home theater. So in this article, I am going to talk about those simple steps. By using it you can project your mobile screen on a wall without using a projector.

Can we project a mobile screen on a wall without a projector? In a practical way?

Yes, you can project images and videos from your android smartphone. Or iPhone without using the projector. The only thing you will need is a DIY smartphone projector.

How can I make a homemade projector for my phone?

By using these following 8 simple steps are:-

  1. Glue the Flap of the shoebox
  2. Paint the black color inside the shoebox (Why)
  3. Create Cavity on the shoebox
  4. Cut or Dislocate the magnifying glass
  5. Assembling the magnifying glass
  6. Solution of shoebox cover
  7. Making Smartphone Stand
  8. Smartphone Settings

Things you will need to project the mobile screen on the wall without projector:-

Stuff you have to find in your house:-

  1. Shoe Box
  2. Hot Glue Gun
  3.  Magnifying Glass
  4. Foam Board
  5. Role Of Masking Tape
  6. Your smartphone
  7. Paper Cutter
  8. Pencil/Pen
  9. Any normal glue
  10. Black acrylic color
  11. Paint Brush
  12. Hand Hacksaw

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How to project the mobile screen on the wall without a projector?

1.Glue the Flap of the shoebox

Glue the Flap of the shoebox

In case you have two flaps in your shoebox as I have. As you can see in the image. So now you have to spread the glue on the surface of the cardboard. 

And gently spread the glue on the cardboard surface by using your finger. And stick those flaps. Left them for rest. Until the glue sticks perfectly.

You have to do this step with both sides of the shoebox flap. Left for the rest until both the flaps don’t stick properly.

Note: If you don’t have flaps as I have you can directly jump to the second step.

2.Paint the black color inside the shoebox (Why)

After sticking and drying both sides of the shoebox flap (If you have). We use the black acrylic colour. To colour all edges of the shoebox from the inside by using a paintbrush. And left for the rest.

The reason why I have coloured the black shoebox from the inside. To get the sharp images.

3.Creat Cavity in the shoebox

To create the cavity. We put the magnifying glass on the shoebox. And mark around the magnifying glass with a pencil or pen. 

Now the surface area you have marked around the magnifying glass. Cut that part of the circle by using the paper cutter. And keep that circle cardboard for the next step “Solution of shoebox cover”.

4.Cut or Dislocate the magnifying glass

Till now we have ready our box. Flaps are stick with the cardboard (If you have). We have coloured our shoebox from inside. And make the cavity for the lens.

Now it’s time to ready our projector lens. If your magnifying glass handle dislocates from the glass, dislocate it. Or if not. Then cut the handle of the magnifying glass. By the Hand Hacksaw.

The edge from which you cut the magnifying glass handle is rough. You can smooth it by using sandpaper. Or you can rub it on your home floor.

5.Assembling the magnifying glass

Till now, the shoebox is ready for assembling magnifying glass. We take our magnifying glass put it in the cavity and use our glue gun. To stick the magnifying glass, with the shoebox.

6.Solution of shoebox cover

As you can see in the image. As we close the lid of the shoebox. Some of its parts cover our projector lens. To fix this. We use our circle cardboard. Which I told you to keep for the next step, in the previous step.

When we make the cavity for our magnifying glass. We take that magnifying glass. And put that cardboard circle on our projector lens. Which part covered by the circle cardboard of cardboard lid.

We cut that part of the shoebox lid. And after that, you will see. It will not cover your magnifying glass.

Till now our work with the shoebox and magnifying glass is done. And our half work is done. Let’s move to “Making Smartphone Stand”.

7.Making Smartphone Stand

We use foam board to make our smartphones stand. For this, we cut our foam board of the same size. I am here cutting the piece of 149.20 x 71.80 mm. It will be different for you.

Cut the foam board pieces according to your smartphone size. And now we put the one foam board flat. Another one will go vertical on the flat foam board.

Now at the bottom of the vertical foam board. Spread some glue with the help of a hot glue gun. And stick the vertical foam board on the flat foam board.

On the behalf of the foam board. You can also use cardboard.

To stick our smartphone with the vertical foam board. We use masking tape. Which both sides are sticky.

By using the masking tape used we stick our smartphone with the vertical foam board.

Now we can put it inside our smartphone with the smartphone stand. But before that. See our next step.

8.Smartphone Settings

Your smartphone screen rotation should be locked in one position. So your smartphone screen doesn’t spin. And your brightness and sound should be on high.

If the volume of your smartphone is not loud for you. You should connect your Bluetooth speakers with the smartphone. If you have Bluetooth speakers.

Where should I place my DIY projector for Projection?

You should place your DIY projector in the pitch dark room. Because your DIY projector doesn’t have high brightness like the hundred-dollar projector. It will be better to achieve good image quality.

Why should I lock my smartphone rotation?

Because the magnifying glass we use for our projector is a convex lens. And this lens nature is to roll over every image it’s got. When we put our smartphone inside the box.

It will correct its smartphone screen position. But we don’t want that. That’s why we lock our smartphone landscape in one position. And when we put it inside our shoebox. The smartphone image should be in the wrong position.

So when we put our smart position inside the shoebox in the wrong position. The convex lens will correct it and project in the right position.

So make sure your smartphone landscape is locked at one position. And put it inside the shoebox in the wrong position (Reverse of the image).

Why is my homemade projector blurry?

Because you don’t calibrate your image. Or your lens is not clear so clear it. It could also be because your smartphone brightness is not at max.

If it’s all good there is one reason behind this. Convex lens project images in various angles. So for your homemade projector, you have to find the sweet angel for your projector.

How do you make a homemade projector clearer?

By adjusting different positions between the lens and the smartphone. By adjusting the different positions. You can achieve a clearer projection or image on your homemade projector.


So that’s how you can project your mobile screen on a wall without a projector. By following the simple steps I try to teach you in this article. And also take care of those points I told you about at the end of the article.

I hope all this is helpful for you. See you soon….


Build A Smartphone Projector! (Using Shoebox)

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