How to project image on wall from laptop [In simple Setup]

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how to project image on wall from laptop

If I want to project the image on a wall from your laptop. And don’t know. From where you should start then don’t worry about that. In this article. I will tell you everything you should know about the projecting image on the wall from the laptop.

In this article, I will provide you with various ways to connect a projector to a laptop. And step by step guide.

And we will also talk about what you should look for on the normal wall and glass wall. Before you project an image on the wall.

At last, I will talk about how you can optimize the projected image on the wall.

And many other things so stick to the article. After reading this article you will be confident on how to project the image on the wall from the laptop.

How to project the image on the wall from the laptop?

In summary, first, we check the colour and the texture of the normal wall. If you are using the glass wall for the projection you should care about scratches and smudges on the glass. And set up the projector and laptop for the projection on the wall.

Wired and Wireless way to hook up laptop to the projector:-

How to connect the laptop to a projector with HDMI?

In four simple steps, you can connect your projector with the laptop. With the help of an HDMI cable.

Step 1: Turn On Projector

First, we turn on/restart the projector, and give the projector a minute to warm up.

Step 2: HDMI to the Projector

Connect your HDMI cable end with the projector.

Step 3: Power on the laptop

Power on/restart projector.

Step 4: HDMI to the Laptop

And now connect the other end of the HDMI cable with the laptop.

To know more about these steps check out this article section. Related to Connect the projector to the laptop with the HDMI

If you don’t want to connect the projector and laptop with the wire. Then there is another way you can connect a projector and laptop wirelessly.

How to connect a laptop to a projector Wirelessly?

Step 1: Setup Wifi

Turn on your home wifi/Mobile wifi. 

Step 2: Wifi settings on the Bothe Device

Now connect the projector and laptop to the same wifi.

Step 3: Wireless settings on the laptop

Now for mirroring your laptop screen. Press Windows and k buttons together. You will get the available second screen to connect.

To know more. What should be your device specification for the wireless connection? Check out the section of the article on how to connect a laptop to a projector Wirelessly.

If you want to read more about how you can connect the laptop and projector. Read my detailed article on Connect Laptop to Projector.

Hope it helps you with the connection with the laptop and projector. So let’s move next. Where we talk about the normal and glass wall. 

What to look for in the normal wall?

Two main factors affect the picture quality and contrast ratio on the wall. Colour of the wall and texture of the wall.

Your wall where you are going to project the image. It should be smooth as you can do. Its cracks should be filled with clay or something else which can fill the wall cracks. And also don’t affect the smoothness of the wall.

Properly polish with sandpaper. And also can be used as a grinder machine for wall smoothing.

There are three primary colours. Which people prefer for the DIY wall screen. About this, we talk later in the suggestion. Which one you should choose for the wall.

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What to look for in the glass wall?

There are various ways you can turn your normal glass wall into a projection screen. Like by using switchable smart glass, smart film screens. Or by using a fine mist and buttermilk.

But there are some things you should look for in your glass wall. If you are going to project images on the treated glass wall.

There should not be any scratches on the glass. If there are scratches you should find a cure for them. And glass should be cleaned properly so you can avoid any smudge and dust. You can do these things by yourself. If you are trying a cheap way to turn the glass wall into the projection screen.

If you are using the high cost switchable smart glass and smart film screens. You should take extra care of your glass wall. For that, you should contact a professional. For example. If you live in Miami. You can contact “Smart Glass Miami”. They are professional they will care for smart film screens.

Pros and Cons of projecting image on the normal & glass wall?

Normal Wall pros and cons

Projection on the normal wall is cheaper than the ALR screen use. With a small budget, you can make your DIY wall screen. In which you can enjoy the movies.

Normal walls are not portable. If you want to change the place of your screen you can’t change the place of your DIY wall screen.

Glass Wall pros and cons

If you are using the glass wall for the projection in the office or at home. By turning the normal glass or glass wall into the projection screen. You don’t need to pay extra for the curtains. And also your privacy will be secure.

If you want to turn your wall glass at home and office professionally by smart film screens. You will need a heavy budget.

Suggestion to project the image on the normal wall & glass wall:-

Which wall color should you choose for the projection?

If you have already done your wall screen colour. And if it is grey and white. Then you’re going to lose lots of contrast in the light condition & without light.

Until you haven’t decided the colour of your screen. I will suggest you go with the black screen you will get great contrast and colour in any light condition and without light.

Which way should you choose to turn the glass into a projection screen?

If you want to turn your glass into the projection screen. And you have a big budget and you easily turn your glass into a projection screen. By spending on Switchable smart glass & smart film screens. Which costs you a lot, you can use this at your home and also at the office.

And other ways are cheaper than you just read. You can use buttermilk, no joke I am serious. You can use the buttermilk to turn your normal glass into the projection screen. 

Also, you can use the fine mist with the water and a few drops of liquid washing. Apply these things to the glass and rub it with the tracing paper. It will avoid the passing of light from the glass.

How to optimize projected images for the normal & glass wall?


You should put the projector and screen. At the same angle or I say you should put the projector and screen at a 90-degree angle.

So you don’t need the screen adjustment by the keystone correction. So if you don’t adjust the screen too much the pixel of the screen will not be destroyed too much.

Clear Lens

Clear your lens. For the cleaning use the soft fabric cloth and gently rub on your projector lens. That’s how you can clean your projector lens and it will also help to improve your projector lens life.


The movies having blurry edges on the screen don’t have that much effect. Because you get into movies too much, if you are watching your favourite one. But when you project text on screen, it will bother you badly.

Also when you’re watching movies if you are sensitive to the blurry edges. So fix this completely out of focus on your screen. And then again focus it until you get a sweet point.


I am a hundred per cent, sure people. Who is reading this article all have different resolution projectors. So my suggestion for the resolution.

Will be if your projector is a 1080p projector then give it 1080p resolution content. So your projector won’t try to degrade or enhance the picture quality. It will project what you give him.

Picture Settings

All the projectors have various picture modes and settings. But for the good and blanched image quality. You should go with the cinematic or movie picture settings.

Adjusting color, brightness & contrast

Every person has a different taste of image brightness, colour & contrast. So my suggestion will be one by one to increase everything. And then decrease until we get a sweet spot for your eye.

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In conclusion, if you have a budget you should go with the smart film screens. To turn your normal glass wall into the screen. If you haven’t a good budget you can go with the other cheaper option that I mention.

If you don’t have the budget for the projector screen. And also you don’t have the glass wall or a budget for that you can use your normal home wall. By colouring the black it will also give you a good result.

Both the projection surface is not professional projector screen. If you want to improve the picture quality on one of these surfaces. My suggestion on picture optimization will help you a lot.

So these is my words on how to project the image on a wall from the laptop.

See you soon…..


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