Hello iOS people. If you are trying to play Netflix on a projector from iPhone, iPad and not able to play Netflix on your projector.

Then don’t need to worry about this I will help you in this situation.

In this process, we will need the three main things HDMI lighting adapter made by Apple, a Normal HDMI cable, and HDMI port in your mini projector.

With these three things, we can easily connect our iPhone and iPad with our projector. In few simple steps, I am going to tell.

In this article, we not only talk about how to connect with the iPhone and iPad to the projector with cable.

We also talk about the wireless connection is they are helpful to connect from iPhone and iPad. And another way to play Netflix for iOS people on their projector.

If you already know these things I have some warm tips and q&a for you.

Stay tuned at the end of the article.

Before you know “how to play Netflix on the projector from iPhone, iPad” I would like to tell you why it does not work.

Why won’t Netflix play on my projector from iPhone, iPad?

There are few things you should notice when streaming Netflix from iPhone to the projector.

Always use the HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) connection to stream Netflix.

Because the Netflix content is copyrighted, that’s why an HDCP connection is required when you streaming.

If you stream the movie from Netflix and you can see the movie but don’t hear the audio. Be confirmed you are using the apple certified HDMI to lighting cable.

If Netflix is unable to play movies then you should update the Netflix app from, app store. Or delete the app and re-install it. And last hope contact the Netflix support.

Tip: If you using VGA lighting cable use external speakers and headphones to listen to the voice.

If you want to buy the mini projector for your iPhone Or iPad you can check out our previous article on the best projector for the iPhone/iPad at a budget price.

How to Play netflix on projector from iPhone, iPad, In simple steps?

This is the main part of our article. Where I am going to tell how you can stream Netflix with the three require equipment in few steps let’s start.

First, we use an HDMI cable.

HDMI Cable

Here I am using the Power Bear HDMI cable. This is a high-speed 6 feet 4k HDMI cable.

You have to connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI port available behind the projector. The first step is done. If your projector has 2 HDMI ports, then you should use the first port.

benq ht2050a port

Second, we use the HDMI to lighting cable.

Here we are using the Apple official HDMI to lightning cable to connect. It supports 1080p resolution and in this adapter, you will get the 2 ports.

You have to take the HDMI cable that you have already put in the projector HDMI port. You have to connect that HDMI cable to another side in the lighting adapter HDMI port.

Your second step is done.

Third/Last we use lighting port

In our last step, we connect the lighting adapter cable with our iPhone/iPad charging port. Done if you projector and device are on then after a few seconds of connecting you will see the success.

And thus our last/third step is done.

iPhone Port

Now you can see the projection of your iPhone/iPad on the projection screen. You will see the projection size of your iPhone/iPad on the projection screen.

Because there is a difference between the native resolution of the projector and iPhone/iPad.

When playing video content then the projection will be normal.

This is How do you watch Netflix from my iPad and iPhone from your projector.

What if I have to use the VGA cable? The process will be the same for iPhone and iPad.

But two things will be changed Adapter and Cable. You will need the VGA to Lighting Adapter and Pasow VGA to VGA cable.

VGA to VGA cable and VGA to Lighting adapter

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Product I have use in this exercise

  1. HDMI to Lighting Adapter (Amazon)
  2. Power Bear HDMI cable (Amazon)
  3. VGA to Lighting Adapter (Amazon)
  4. Pasow VGA to VGA Cable (Amazon)

Warm Tips

1. If your projection has not happened after using these three tips. Then restart both projector and iPhone/iPad one by one.

2. Make sure your connection is tight between Projector, HDMI cable, Lighting cable, and iPhone/iPad.

3. Normal projector easily detects the connection when put the cable in the port. But your projector doesn’t. You can tap the Search source, Search input and Search Burn button.

You can find these buttons somewhere on the projector. If you didn’t find this button you should check your projector manual to search this button.

Because this button named different in the different projector. But the purpose is the same to find the search connection.

Is necessary to use an official apple adapter?

Yes, it’s necessary. Because apple updates its OS frequently. For security purposes. If you use an unofficial HDMI adapter. Its system can stop the operation. It’s also necessary to protect your device from unauthorized access.

So, you should not use the unofficial HDMI adapter.

Does Netflix support airplay?

After 2019 you can’t use the airplay for wireless streaming. Netflix says due to “Technical Limitations” they don’t support airplay.

Now iOS user can’t connect their TV or projector by using the airplay. For complete knowledge, you can read this article.

Is iPhone support Chromecast Netflix?

Yes, the iPhone supports Netflix but there are some criteria you have to follow. Your iOS should be 13.0+, have a Netflix app with 4.2 or higher version, a recent version of google chrome, your chrome cast and iPhone should be in the same wifi network and your iPhone internet connection should be fast. For more info Visite this page.

How to connect with the Chromecast?

With the help of chrome cast, you can connect to your iPhone with the projector and stream Netflix wirelessly. For complete knowledge check this video.

Other ways to stream Netflix from a projector?

There is two other way you can stream the Netflix. By using the fire stick (Amazon) and Apple TV.


I have told everything how to Play Netflix on the projector from iPhone, iPad with wired and wireless. I hope these things help you. Thank you so much for reading my article.

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Image Credit: Apple for VGA adapter.

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