How to measure projector screen size complete guide is here?

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How to measure projector screen size complete guide is here?

Everybody buys the projector for the big immersive cinematic experience at their home. Which is good. But there is confusion. How big the projector screen should be. How you will measure or determine projector screen size.

If you are going through this dilemma don’t worry. I got your dilemma. And in this article, we are going to learn how you can measure the projector screen.

There are two methods you can follow to measure your projector screen. By the math using the THX angle recommendation. And another with the projector screen measuring tool.

Projector screen size is a personal preference. Because every person has different eyesight. If two projector screen measuring methods don’t work for you. Then what will you do? We will talk about all these things.

Let’s begin our article. With the factors that affect the projector projection screen size.

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Things that affect the projector screen size

Some aspects that affect any projector screen size. Let’s talk about them. How they affect the projector screen size.

Thrwo ratio or distance

The throw ratio or distance. Before you know how to throw ratio affects the projector screen size. Let me introduce you to the throw ratio. The throw ratio is the distance between the projector screen and the lens of the projector.

In the projector description. Their throw ratio is defined in the projector description. Which tells us about the distance. From the projector can make the optimal projection size or screen. 

If you are confused about what screen size. It will be good for you. To check out your projector description. It can make your work easy by finding the throw ratio or distance.

If you adjust the distance the screen size will also change. A normal long-throw projector will make the screen smaller. From a less distance. While from a long distance. It will make a large screen. If you want the projector screen big from a lesser distance. Then you have to invest in an ultra or short throw projector.

Viewing angle

If you have the sweet spot in viewing angle. Then your eye will capture the all projections without. Moving the head to much. While watching movies. If your viewing angle will decrease you will be closer to the projector screen. And the screen will be smaller. As your viewing angle will increase your screen size will also increase.

Because with the less viewing angle. The projector screen size will be small. And vice versa.

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Type of screen 

There are various types of projector screens. From the type of screen. I mean here about aspect ratio. Before we know what size of screen. it’s also important. Which type of projector screen aspect ratio. You are going to use it. Because it depends on the aspect ratio. Which type of content you will use most.

These days these two aspects ratio is used widely. In the home or a large venue like movie halls and big stages. 16:9 and 2.35:1. For all kinds of purposes, the 16:9 screen aspect ratio is famous. 

If you are thinking of setting up the big immersive projector screen for the movie. I will suggest you go with the 2.35:1.

It will be good to know the screen aspect ratio. Before you think about the screen size. 

How to calculate or determine the projector screen size?

I know you are curious to know how you can calculate the projector screen. But the most important thing. We will need to calculate the projector screen size as the THX recommended viewing angle. Which are 40 degrees. And you can also move further 45 and 50 degrees. If you want more viewing angle. You can also try 60 degrees.

These are some viewing angle degree values. By, using we are going to calculate the projector screen size.

  • 40 = .84
  • 45 = .95
  • 50 = 1.07
  • 60 = 1.15

Here we are going to measure the projector screen size based on viewing angle. So we can get the full screen. From our eyesight without moving the head too much. During consuming content.

  • If you are sitting at a viewing angle of 40 degrees. Then measure the distance between the place you are going to place the projector screen. And you set up a place. Let’s say the length between your sitting space. And the place where you place the projector screen is 10 feet. Turn the feet into inches. For 10 feet in inches. It will be 120 inches. Now multiply the 120 inches with the .84 (120x.84). The answer will be 100.8 inches or screen size. 
  • If the viewing angle is 45. And the distance is 10 feet. 10 feet in the inches is 120. Now multiply the 120 inches with the .95. The answer is 114. If you are confused. Which viewing angle to choose. You can go with the 45 degree viewing angle.
  • If you want to sit at a viewing angle of 50. And the distance is 10 feet. In inches, feet will be 120. And then 120 will be multiplied by 1.07. The answer is 128.4 inches or screen size.

The same process will go for the 60-degree angle. And there is the distance between the screen place and you are dynamic. You can change according to your preference. For a more great explanation. Check out the video below. By using these step. You can find out the projector screen size easily for the 16:9 and 2.35:1.

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How to use a projector screen calculator?

If the self calculation is a bit confusing then you can use the projector screen size calculator. For that here I will teach you how you can use that tool. Step by Step.

  1. Choose the projector company. And a projector model.
  2. Choose the aspect ratio of your projector screen. The ratio you want for your projector. 
  3. You can choose the different units for the brightness, image size, and throw distance. Choose according to your preference or need.
  4. Here image size and the throw distance or ratio are directly proportional to each other. If you increase or decrease the distance between the projector and projection surface. Image size will also increase or decrease parallelly.
  5. Here also you can choose the screen gain of the projector screen. Which helps you to know the estimated brightness on the projector screen. 

Now you know how you can use the projector screen measuring tool. Here is the link to that too. Measure your projector screen size.

Is a bigger projector screen always better? 

If you consult any people. Who uses the projector for the home cinema. They all tell you the same thing. Bigger the screen. The better it will be.

It’s completely right. Why do we buy the projector? For the big-screen cinematic experience at home. But for that, you have to also spend on a good projector.

That can project enough light for the bright image projection. Your image should not look dark. If it’s an image looking dark on the screen. Then what is the point of the big screen? If your image is not looking good on the screen.

There are also other things to be concerned about. Pixelated image and color production on the screen. 

My main point is it’s great to have a big projector screen. In your home. But for that, you have to also spend on a good projector which can project. The bright, sharp, and good color on the big projector screen.

When is the projector screen too big?

There are many scenarios. When the projector screen could be too big. When you have a low spec projector. Then the big projector screen will lower the image quality.

For the big projector, you should have the long room perpendicularly. So you can sit away from the projector screen. If your projector room is not long perpendicularly. 

You have to stay with the upward neck all the time while watching the movie. And it can cause neck pain. Sometimes a big projector screen can be inappropriate. When you don’t have the appropriate projector and room.

What if all these things do not work for me?

I don’t know if you don’t have the projector. But if you have the projector you can manually adjust it. The projector from the place. Where you can place the projector screen.

To estimate the size of the projector screen. And find the sweet spot of the viewing angle.


By this article, I am not claiming that. This is the right way to get the perfect screen size for your home cinema experience. The knowledge I have shared. Here in this article about the “How to measure projector screen size” is the middle way to choose. The projector screen size.

Everyone tries these caluculation to get the screen size for their home theater. By following things I have explained in this article.

But it’s not necessary. You all will get their best projector screen size.

All these things because. Every person has different eyesight. And different ways to consume the content on the projector.

See you next time…


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