How to make projector brighter [5 Best working methods]

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how to make projector brighter

No matter. Where you are using the projector. In the living room, home theater, or in the large venue. Dim image can ruin the experience of the projection. 

If you are facing this issue. Then our today article is focused. On how to make the projector brighter or increase the luminosity of any projector.

In this article. I will cover everything related to increasing the brightness of the projector. And also tell you. Which is the best projector for the bright lumens output. 

Which you can use in the bright living room. Without any worry about the dim image. And another interesting thing about the brightness of the projector.

Let’s begin our today’s conversion on the projector brightness.

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How can I make my projector brighter or increase lumens?

So there are five things you can play with them and improve your projector brightness.

Clean the projector lens

Check your projector lens. If they are dusty, clean them. It might be possible. Because of the dusty projector lens. Your projector struggles to output the light.

To clean the projector lens. You will need the microfiber cloth and the projector lens cleaning solution. For the proper steps of cleaning the projector lens. Read this complete projector lens cleaning guide.

Change the bulb

After a long time of the projector. Projector light source or bulb. Start losing its bulb intensity to produce the bright image. So it will be good to change the projector bulb.

And when you are going to buy the projector bulb. Make sure it’s by the company. Because using the wrong projector bulb. Can be the cause of other issues. Like projector overheating.

To replace the projector bulb. Follow our article Projector bulb or lamp replacement.

Use manual setting

If your projector image looks less bright. This is the first thing you have to do in the setting. Go to your projector setting. And find the brightness setting. There you can adjust the projector brightness from 0 to 100. 

I will not suggest that you increase your brightness to 100. It will be better to adjust your brightness from 0 to 100. According to your eyesight.

Change the projector from eco mode

Change your projector modes. If your projector is at its lowest mode or eco mode. Then change it to the highest lumens output mode. This name is different in every projector. Try them manually.

Basically when your projector is in eco mode. Your projector instructs you to use minimal power. 

For further brightness improvement. You can choose the “cool” color temperature. The image will appear bright. But your image color will not be like real life.

Clean the air intake and exhaust port 

When you turn on your projector highest lumens output. It will be good to clean your projector’s air intake and exhaust port. Because your projector uses more power. And produces more heat than the normal mode of the projector.

For that, clean your projector air filter and exhaust port.

More What you can do

  1. Use the high-gain projector screen. So your projector screen reflects most of the projected light. And provide your bright image.
  2. If right now you are using the white projector screen. You should change it with the grey projector screen.
  3. Most of the specific home theater rooms. Have an ambient controlled room. But if you use the projector in the living room. Or your home theater room does not have control over the ambient light. I will suggest you cover your windows with curtains. To avoid any ambient light.
  4. If you are planning to project on the 150 to the 200-inch projector screen. You should drop the plan. Because the bigger projector screen you choose. Your projector lumen will spread on the bigger part of the screen. And it will dim your projected image. A 100-inch projector screen will be good. It’s bigger than any normal screen size of the TV.
  5. And try to put your projector near to the screen. If you want to buy the new projector. I will suggest you go with the ultra-short throw or short throw projector.

Shopping for a good projector in terms of brightness

These are some bright projectors. Which you can use in bright conditions. In every price range. 

How bright should my projector be?

It’s good to have a bright projection. But how bright your projection should be. Because excess rightness can also alter your image. But before we know about the amount of brightness. You should use the unit of brightness. The brightness unit is Lumens or ANSI lumens.

When you choose the projector for indoor use as the home theater cinema. And the indoor office meeting. You should go with the 2000 to 3000 lumens

While you choose the projector for a large venue and with the full of ambient light. You should go with 3000 to 5000 lumens. If on the projector description. There are lumens in the ANSI. It will be better. If you are confused between the ANSI lumens and Lumens. You can read our article on Lux vs Lumens

Where I have also compared the Lumens Vs ANSI Lumens.

Brightness is measured by Lumens.

What are lumens? Lumens are the amount of light emitted by the projector light source. And at the final destination, when all light falls on the projector screen that is called lux.

If you are choosing the light for the well-lit room. I will suggest you go with the ANSI lumens. Which gives you more accurate information. About how the lumens are emitted by the projector. And spread over the projector screen.

Factors that affect projector brightness

Three factors affect the projector’s brightness. No matter where you are going to use the projector. In-home theater, living room, school, and in the office presentation.

The biggest factor is ambient light. The size of the screen. And the distance between the projector and the projection screen or surface.

Ambient light

If in the environment where you are going to use the projector. There is lots of ambient light. Your projected image will be dim.

While in the less presence or the absence of the ambient light. Your projected image will be sharp and have a better color production on the screen. 

Because when there is lots of ambient light. Projector lights have to compete with the extra light. That is ambient light.

To provide a vivid image on the projector screen. It’s the biggest headache for everyone. While using the projector for any purpose. Anywhere. 


Distance between the projector and the screen. When you use a long throw the projector. And there is a long distance between the projector and screen.

The light projected by the projector has to travel. The long-distance to fall on the projector screen. And the longer distance between the projector and screen. 

Emitted light by the projector will be scattered in the environment. That’s how projector light loses a lot of its amount in the environment.

And the image projected on the screen will be dim. While you use the projector. When the projector and the screen have less distance. The image on the screen will be bright. 

We can also understand this phenomenon by torchlight. When you use the torchlight. You can try. When you use the torch flash from a 10 feet distance on the wall.

The amount of light that will fall on the wall is less and scattered on the wall. While you use the torch flash from a less distance. The flashlight circle will be small and bright.

If you want that you use the projector. From a less distance and your image should be large. You have to use the Short-throw or Ultra Short throw projector.

By using the short throw projector. You can project images from 2 or 3 feet away. An ultra-short-throw projector. Can make a 100-inch image from seven inches away from the screen.


When you are using the big screen. With the fewer lumens projector. Your projector brightness will not be sufficient to cover the projector’s big screen.

On the other hand with the small projector screen. Your projection will be bright if your projector has less lumen output.

On the small projector screen. If you want the bright projection on the big screen. I will suggest you go with the high-rated lumens.

Does a projector screen make it brighter?

Yes, it depends on the projector screen gain and the projector screen color. The optimal projector screen color will be grey. Because if you have a room with ambient light.

Then the grey color will be great. Because of the grey color projector screen, you can use it in both conditions. With light without light.

With the grey projector screen. If your screen is also an ambient light rejection. It will be better in the ambient lightroom. 

There is also one thing that can make the projected image bright. Projector screen gain. If your projector screen gain is greater than the 1.0.

Then the amount of projected light reflection will be maximum. Towards you.

How to make a smartphone projector brighter?

You can do only two things to make the smartphone projector brighter. You can put the smartphone projector near the projection screen. And set the smartphone brightness in full. 

Because the part’s used to build the projector. Are so basic. They can’t give you a bright image. Even in the darkroom.

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Conclusion: How to make projector brighter?

Having a dim projection light. Can bother you a lot anywhere you use the projector. Except in the darkroom. But we can’t use the projector all the time. In the darkroom. 

And most of the users don’t have the special room to use the projector. For the bright image.

So, you should know how you can make the projector brighter. Without spending on the projector.

If you want to buy the new bright projector. Here in this article. Some bright projector. Which lumens output is high. Then the normal home cinema projector.

See you next time….


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