There are various reasons. You need to turn your standard long throw projector into a short throw projector.

One of the most common reasons. Because you want the projected image from a short distance. You may don’t have enough room to set up the projector.

Or if you are a home theatre home enthusiast you want to try a different kind of projection from your projector. 

In this article, I have taught you how you can easily make a short-throw projector.

So let’s start with today’s article. But before start. You should know this technical question. Which arrives in your mind. Whenever you think about converting your long throw projector into a short projector.

Can you Turn the Normal projector into a short-throw projector?

Yes, you can turn your long throw projector into a short throw projector. But not by changing the internal parts of the projector. 

It will be technical and normal people won’t be able to. It’s like changing the car into a plan. It Will is not the ideal method.

But there is an ideal method. You don’t need to do anything with the projector. You have to only add an external part to your projector. It will be easy, let’s see how you can do this.

How to turn a long throw projector into a short-throw projector?

There I am going to teach you how you can turn your normal projector into a short throw projector.

Collect Modules

Here we need a wide-angle lens (Amazon Link) and a stand that holds the lens in front of the projector lens.

You can get your stand here. Or you can recreate the same one for yourself. Here choose where you wanna order the 3D printed stand. There are lots of options available with worldwide availability.


Assemble wide angle lens and stand
Image by Tim Z

Here I am using the stand which you can get from eBay. And of that stand. I am going to show an example of how you can fit your lens on the stand.

Fit your wide-angle lens inside your circle which you will get in the stand. And put the circle clip over the lens and press it. It will fit there.


Adjusting the height and angle of wide angle lens
Image by Tim Z

Until we have built our external lens for our projector. It’s time to set that lens in front of the projector lens. So we can get the short throw projector.

With the lens stand, you can adjust the angle and height of the lens. Adjust it at its sweet point according to your projector.


image projected by the wide angle lens
Image by Tim Z

Now you get the projection on your screen like this.

Which is curved at the edges. Here if your projector has a keystone correction feature. Then you can easily adjust the edges and make it a 16:9 ratio screen. Which is a familiar screen ratio for everyone.

If you have done all the above steps. Your long throw projector is ready to project short-throw projection. Enjoy your short-throw projection.

Why didn’t I use the mirror?

There is another way to turn your projector into a short throw projector. But I don’t like it this way. Because it’s not portable. If you wanna move to a place you can don’t do that. And also it can break. Which is not a good thing. 


So, as you have seen in this article. You won’t need to be a technical person to turn your normal projector into a short throw projector. And also don’t need to spend on the thousand-dollar short throw projector or lens.

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Patrick Hataburda · January 12, 2022 at 12:08 PM

What size picture and distance did you end up with? I have an older Sanyo PLC-XP30 I’ve had for many years. I’ve moved and want to use in a smaller space. Trying to get a 100” screen size with a 7.5’ throw. Based on manual, I need minimum 10’. Is there a specific size wide angle lens you went with? How’s the picture quality? Does addition of wide angle lens deteriorate picture quality? Thank you!

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