How to hang projector screen from the ceiling in 5 easy steps?

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How to hang or mount projector screen from ceiling in media room?

Can you hang the projector screen from the ceiling? By following these five steps. You will be able to hang the projector screen from the ceiling.

  1. Choose Location 
  2. Measure the screen size 
  3. Find Joists in the ceiling
  4. Make a hole & Tight hook
  5. Install the screen

This is the simple way you can follow to hang the projector screen. Didn’t understand, no worry.

I have explained everything in detail.

How do you mount a projector screen to a ceiling?

This is for those. Who has the home ceiling with the joists or studs? With the projector hanging hooks, something looks like the below image.

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Choose Location 

So, first of all, we will choose the right projector screen hanging location on the ceiling. We all know that ambient light is the resistance of the projector. 

In the presence of ambient light. The projector suffers from providing the right image quality on the projector screen. 

So choose the place where. Any kind of light does not directly fall on the projector screen. It will be better to achieve a good contrast image.

And also take care that no one bumps with the projector screen. When your screen is open.

Measure the screen size 

Measure the size of your screen. To make sure that distance is right between the two ends. 

For this use a measuring tape. And remember the screen size. Later we will need this measurement.

Find Joists in ceiling

You can’t blindly start drilling all over the ceiling. You will hurt your home ceiling. So what is the right way to find the joist or studs on the ceiling? Without hurting the ceiling much.

For this, you will need a gadget called a wala bot. With this, you will be able to find studs or joists. Anywhere in the ceiling. 

To use the wall boat. Connect your wall boat with the smartphone. Using the USB cable. And hold the wall boat & smartphone. And face the wala bot towards the ceiling.

Before that install the wall boat app from the google play store on your smartphone. For more details check out this article.

Take the ladder. Now find the joists or studs. And mark them with a pencil. And make sure that the distance between the two joists matches the screen size. 

If it does not match, don’t worry. Go over your ceiling and add them across the wood beam between joists. Where do you think it should be to match the screen size?

Now you have found the joists in the ceiling. And it matches the screen size “good”. If it does not you have to use the cross-beam wood.

Note: While adding the across beam wood. Don’t use the hammer. Use screws with the drill machine to add the across beam wood.

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Make a hole & Tight hook

Use the drill machine. While using the drill machine you can use the goggles to protect your eyes from dust. 

And drill on the joists or cross-beam wood. Where you have marked, those points which match the screen size. 

After this take the ceiling hook. And tight that hook into the hole. And this job is done. 

Install the screen

Now lift the screen. Hook up your projector screen on those hooks. You have just tight in the ceiling. And now your projector screen is mounted in the ceiling. 

When you can open this screen. Whenever you need it. By just pulling down by your hand. And when the use of the screen is done. Again you pull the screen, it will gently go up. And take its place.

Can you hang a projector screen from the ceiling?

Yeah, if you are thinking that. Your projector screen falls upon your head. Then don’t worry I will teach you properly. 

How you can hang up the projector from the ceiling professionally. Because ceiling-mounted stuff can be dangerous like ceiling fans blades.

Although it will be good to hang up the screen. If your living or media room has a lack of space. Then it is ok to suspend the screen from the ceiling.

Things to consider safety. If you buy the projector screen for the ceiling mount. Make sure your projector screen is not heavy.

And keep away your kids from the project place. And don’t drill too deep. It can hurt the ceiling. 


Mounting the projector screen on the ceiling is a cool idea. Because it saves your place in the room. 

With the proper tutorial, you can easily hang up your projector screen with the ceiling.

You don’t need to be experienced or a technician to suspend the projector screen from the ceiling. 

Except for the in-ceiling projector screen. This needs some experience to do the job.

Rest ideas are easy and anyone can do them. Without any experience. Just you guys you have to spend. 

On the essential equipment like eye bolts, screws, and L-brackets, etc. If you don’t have a drill machine. You have to also spend on this.

See you next time…


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