How to enable HDMI CEC on your tv? 6 Easy steps.

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how to enable hdmi cec on your tv

Today’s article we will talk about the HDMI CEC. If you want to control everything with one remote.

Then in this article. You will get every minor detail about the HDMI CEC.

How you can enable HDMI CEC on every major TV brand. We will also talk about.

What different brand has named their HDMI CEC? If your HDMI CEC is not working no worries.

There are different solutions. You can try. And a lot more things.

How to enable HDMI CEC on your tv?

From here, I will teach you. How you can enable the HDMI CEC on these TV brands LG, Samsung, JVC, RCA, Westinghouse, Sony, Hitachi, Panasonic, and Hitachi?


For the LG TV. Here I will talk about an old and new TV. In the old TV go to the setting and then in general.

Now, go down. You will find the option simplink setting. Choose that option. And how you will be able to turn on the HDMI CEC.

On a little new LG TV.

But when it comes to the new LG TV. Go to all settings>>connection. The device connection settings. Here you can turn on or off the Simplink (HDMI-CEC).


On the Samsung tv. Press the home button on the remote. Then go to the setting.

Then go to the general>>external device manager. You will get options something like Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC).

Using a remote now. You can turn on or off the HDMI CEC.


Press the menu button. Then choose OPTION. And click on the button ok. On your remote.

Now look for the option HDMI CEC. Press the ok button. And choose between HDMI_CEC or ARC.


Press the menu button. Then go to the setting. In the settings, section finds the system. Click ok on the system.

Now in the system section. Look for the CEC control. And turn on the HDMI CEC on your RCA TV.

Westinghouse TV

In the home screen menu of your Westinghouse TV. Go to Settings > System > Control other devices (CEC).

And you will be able to turn on or off the HDMI CEC.

Sony TV

Let’s see how you can enable HDMI CEC on your Sony TV. Go to the setting. Then watching TV. Next external inputs.

Now you have to go to the BRAVIA Sync settings>BRAVIA device sync list.

Here you will get the option to enable HDMI CEC on sony TV.

Hitachi TV

Turn on your Hitachi TV. And other devices that you want via HDMI.

After you turn on your Hitachi tv. Press the menu button on your Hitachi TV remote control.

Using the arrow keys on your remote. Navigate to the setting or options.

And look for the HDMI CEC or CEC control. Then enable it, using your remote.

Panasonic TV

Turn on your Panasonic TV. Press the menu button on your Panasonic TV remote.

Then go to the settings. And look for an option like HDMI CEC or VIERA Link.

When you get the option like HDMI CEC or VIERA Link. Then enable the HDMI CEC.

Now save and exit.


Grab your remote and press the star key on your remote. Up the right-hand side.

Then go to the system. And then go to the T Link. Here you will be able to disable or enable the HDMI CEC.

On your TCL TV.

Different brands HDMI CEC

Here is the list of different brand HDMI CEC name:-

  1. Samsung: Anynet+
  2. LG: SimpLink or SmartLink
  3. Sony: Bravia Sync or BRAVIA Theatre Sync
  4. Panasonic: VIERA Link or HDAVI Control or EZ-Sync
  5. Philips: EasyLink or SimplyLink
  6. Sharp: Aquos Link or Aquos Net+
  7. Toshiba: Regza Link or CE-Link
  8. Hitachi: HDMI-CEC or HDMI Control or HDMI-CEC Control
  9. RCA: HDAVI Control or EZ-Sync
  10. Mitsubishi: NetCommand for HDMI
  11. Vizio: CEC
  12. JVC: HDMI Control or HDMI-CEC
  13. Pioneer: Kuro Link or Control-L
  14. Hisense: Anyview Stream
  15. Grundig: AnyLink or EasyLink

HDMI-CEC not working

If you are HDMI CEC is not working on your TV. No worries. Here I will talk about some troubleshooting.

Related to the HDMI-CEC.

  1. Always make sure that your TV firmware is updated. Verify this thing with your TV manufacturer.
  2. Check if your HDMI CEC is enabled or disabled.
  3. Turn off the projector. And unplug, wait for 10 minutes.
  4. Change your HDMI cable. Maybe your HDMI cable is faulty.
  5. Reset your devices. But don’t forget to make any kind of backup.

What is HDMI CEC?

HDMI CEC is the feature of HDMI. That allows you to control multiple devices by using one remote.

But those devices. Must be connected using the HDMI cable. Then you can give commands to those devices.

Like turning it on or off. Or you can volume up or down. There are some cons to the HDMI CEC.

You can read this research paper.

Is HDMI CEC and ARC the same?

HDMI CEC and HDMI ARC are completely different things. HDMI CEC is something. Which helps you manage or manipulate.

Your multiple connected devices, using the HDMI. To do some normal changes. Like volume, on/off and pause/play.

While HDMI ARC is used for the high-quality audio transfer between the TV and the soundbar.

Conclusion: How to enable HDMI CEC on your tv.

HDMI CEC is a very important feature. In the TV, when you have connected multiple HDMI devices to your TV.

Using the HDMI CEC. You can avoid using multiple remotes.

And can use one remote to control the different devices.

See, your next time…


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