How to connect Wii to projector [In two easy steps]

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How to connect Wii to projector

If you are an old-school gamer. You may be familiar with the Nintendo Wii. After a decade, many people still love to play games on Nintendo. That’s why here is a detailed article on how to connect Wii to a projector.

In these years technology has changed so much. So the way we connect the projector has also changed. And Wii does not have an HDMI port.

So, if you guys are listening to the Wii for the first time. Let me introduce you to the Wii.

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What is Nintendo wii?

Nintendo Wii is a gaming console. And first released on 19 November 2006. It’s a gaming console like the Xbox and Playstation. 

But Nintendo Wii comes with the sensor device. Which makes it more exciting to play with a couple of people at home. You can learn more here.

What are Wii games?

If you belong to the new gamer generation. Then you might don’t know. There are lots of exciting games available on the Nintendo Wii you can play.

Like: The House of the Dead: Overkill, Mario Kart Wii, Rhythm Heaven Fever, Excitebots: Trick Racing and Punch-Out. For the complete list of the best games on the Nintendo Wii. You can check out this list.

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Can you play Wii on a projector? 

Yes, you can connect your projector with the Wii. For that, you will need the Hyperkin HD cable or Wii to HDMI converter or AV to HDMI adapter.

All the above three things you can consider to use when your projector has an HDMI port. If you have a VGA port in your projector. 

Then don’t worry you can also connect there also an option is available. Using the RCA to VGA adapter. You will also be able to connect your Wii with the projector.

If you have an older projector that only has a DVI port. It is also not a thing to worry about. Because using Wii to HDMI converter and DVI to HDMI cable. You can connect your projector with the Wii.

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The best way to connect Wii to the projector [In two easy step]

For this, you will need the Hyperkin HD Cable for Wii (Amazon Link). This is the most simple and easy way to connect the projector and Nintendo.

  • Take the Hyperkin HD Cable. This cable has two sides, one is a Nintendo cord. And another one is HDMI. You have to start with the Nintendo side. Plug the Nintendo cord in your Nintendo.
  • Now the HDMI side will go in the projector. Select the HDMI port in which you plug the HDMI cable by your remote. If your projector doesn’t search the input cable automatically.

When you first time plug the Hyperkin HD Cable for Wii with your projector. You may see the line flickering on your projection screen. 

To solve this you can unplug the cable. And again hook up the cable. This step solves your line flickering issue. Instead.

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The Worst or Good Way you should try or not. You have to choose? 

Before we connect let’s talk about the connector Wii to HDMI Converter (Amazon Link). Here is the connector I am going to use. Have both good and bad impressions with this converter. 

It’s good that with the help of this connector. You can easily connect the projector and Nintendo with the help of HDMI. 

And give you a little bit better image quality than the composite cable. And also with this converter, you can connect your speakers for sound. 

Because it has a 3.5 mm audio jack. But the build quality of this connector is very low. 

When you connect this connector with your Nintendo. And not unplug the connector carefully. This connector’s outer shell and the inner circuit may come out.

Now you know the good thing about this connector. You have to decide if it’s good or bad for you. If you think it’s helpful for you. Then let’s go on how to connect.

  • Take the connector in your hand and start connecting with the Nintendo. Connect your connector with the Nintendo. 
  • Now you will need the HDMI cable. I am sure you have the HDMI cable that comes with the projector (or you can buy a new one if that does not work). Yeah, that HDMI cable, which has two heads of HDMI. Plug that HDMI cable into the HDMI port of the connector, then connect with the projector. And choose your HDMI port in your projector.

And power up your projector and you are to play the game. Here you can use 2 RCA to aux for the audio output. Let’s move to the next connection conversion.

How to connect Wii to the projector with the AV to HDMI adapter? 

I have already told you the two ways to connect the projector and Nintendo Wii. In which you will need the HDMI port. 

There is another way in which you will need an AV to HDMI connector/adapter(Amazon Link) . 

This is also a good option if you have an HDMI projector. You have to invest in AV to HDMI connector/Adapter.

  • First, we need the Nintendo cord to RCA cable (Amazon Link) (Yeah that grey cable). Connect the Nintendo cord to the console.
  • The second end of the cable or RCA cable (Red, White, Yellow all) goes in the RCA input port of the AV to HDMI adapter.
  • Now at another side of the AV to HDMI adapter. HDMI port is available. In this, you have to plug in the HDMI cable. And at last, another end of the HDMI cable goes in the projector. Select the HDMI port in which to put the cable.
  • Also, don’t forget to power up the AV to the HDMI adapter. Otherwise, it won’t work.

How to connect Wii with the VGA projector with the help of RCA to VGA adapter? 

Don’t worry if you have an OLD VGA projector you can also connect the Nintendo Wii with your projector. 

Just you have to invest in the RCA to VGA adapter (Amazon Link) a little bit. Then you can also connect the Nintendo with the projector. Now let’s see how you can connect.

  • First, connect the Nintendo Wii cord with the Nintendo Wii. And then connect the yellow composite yellow cable with the RCA to the VGA adapter (Yellow port). 
  • Along with the yellow RCA port, there is an output VGA port available in RCA to VGA adapter. In which you have to connect the VGA cable.
  • Then the other end of the VGA cable will plug into the projector VGA port. 

So that’s how you can connect the Nintendo Wii with the VGA projector. With the help of RCA to VGA adapter. For audio output, RCA to Headphone jack/3.5 mm (Amazon Link) will be used. From the Nintendo will red and white RCA port.

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How to connect wii with a projector, if it has a DVI port?

So, for this setup we need. Wii to HDMI adapter, DVI to HDMI cable and 2 RCA to aux (Amazon Link). 

How to connect Wii to projector with DVI port projector
  1. Power off the projector and wii.
  2. Now connect the wii to the HDMI adapter
  3. Then take the DVI to the HDMI cable. And connect the HDMI side with the wii to HDMI adapter.
  4. After that connect the DVI head of the cable with the projector. Which have a DVI input port.
  5. Now if you want to connect the speakers with the projector. Then you will need the 2 RCA to Aux cable. 
  6. Connect the aux side with the wii to HDMI adapter. And 2 RCA with the projector. 
  7. Now power up your projector and wii. And choose the DVI port in which you have connected DVI to HDMI cable.

What if the projector is a ceiling mount?

If your projector is ceiling mount. You will need a receiver and a long HDMI cable (Depending upon your ceiling height). 

Here I am suggesting your receiver as the connector. Because you will need the audio output and for that, you will need an audio source. 

  • Now you have to connect the Wii and the receiver. With the help of Wii cord to RCA cable (Amazon Link).
  • Then you have to connect the receiver to the projector. With the help of an HDMI cable.
  • And also now you can take the audio output from the receiver. Now power up all your devices one by one.

It will work like a champ. Or you can use the component cable. Using the coupler if you have a short RCA cable. It will not degrade your image. For more information check out this conversion.

Things about you should care.

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When you connect the projector and Nintendo Wii. Take care of the sensor bar. That should be placed front. Where your projection screen is created. For a better response. 

Because if you don’t put the censor bar in front of your screen. You may don’t get a good response with the sensor bar. 

The sensor bar should be one meter off the surface. There are two types of sensor bars available in the market. Wired and wireless. 

setup of wii and censor bar with the projector
Credit: u/Jarydo

It will be a wise decision to go with the wired. Because people complain about the wireless sensor bar battery life is not that good.

If in the first attempt your Wii. Not working with the projector. When you power on the projector. Connect the Wii with the TV. 

Then go to the Wii settings>display settings>TV type>Set to HDTV 480p. After that, connect the projector.

I have connected the wii and the projector with the receiver, but it’s not working.

Some receivers will not change the analog video signal to digital. It will be better if you directly connect the Wii directly with the projector.


No matter where you are going to play the game. In your home or the recess time at your school. 

There are lots of options available to connect your projector with the Nintendo. So enjoy your Nintendo games.

See you next time…


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