How to connect vizio soundbar to tv without remote [Quick Guide]

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how to connect vizio soundbar to tv without remote

So, you have a Vizio soundbar. And you want to connect your soundbar with your TV.

Then don’t worry. In our today’s article. I will teach you. How to connect a Vizio soundbar to a TV without a remote

There are five ways. By following one of them. You can easily connect the Vizio soundbar to your TV without a remote.

So, stay tuned till the end.

How do I connect a Vizio soundbar to my TV without a remote?


Here, I will teach you how to wirelessly connect the Vizio soundbar with the TV.

Step-by-Step everything:-

  1. Plug both devices into the power source.
  2. Now press the pairing button on the Vizio soundbar.
  3. And initiate the pairing process on your Vizio soundbar. Set your soundbar’s Bluetooth input. Your soundbar will show BT.
  4. Now it’s time to turn on your TV’s Bluetooth. And find your Vizio soundbar. In your TV’s Bluetooth list. And then pair your TV with the soundbar.

HDMI Cable 

HDMI cables are widely used to connect different digital devices.

And the most interesting thing about the HDMI cable You can easily connect the Vizio soundbar to the TV.

Let’s see how you can connect both devices. Using an HDMI cable: –

  1. Take the good HDMI cable.
  2. Now connect one end of the HDMI cable to the soundbar.
  3. And another end of the HDMI cable connects to the HDMI ARC port of your TV.
  4. Now turn on both devices.
  5. And then set the HDMI input port in the soundbar. Also set the HDMI ARC port on the TV.
  6. Using the available buttons on the soundbar and TV

RCA Cable 

You can also use the RCA cables. To connect your Vizio soundbar.

I know it’s old-fashioned. But you can give this idea a try. So, let’s see.

How to connect step by step:

  1. Find the RCA ports on the back of your TV. They must be white and red.
  2. When you find the RCA ports. In the back of your TV. Then take the white and red cables.
  3. And connect the red and white cable at the back of the TV.
  4. Then connect the other end of the RCA cables. In the VIZIO soundbar.
  5. Now turn on your TV and soundbar. And set the audio output to RCA on your TV.
  6. Also, change the audio input on the soundbar. And set according to the current situation.
  7. For that, press the input button on the soundbar.

Vizio SmartCast App

Another method is to use the VIZIO smartcast app. You can connect the soundbar to the TV.

  1. Download it on your Android or iOS devices. This app is available on both platforms. App Store and Play Store
  2. Now, it’s time to connect your VIZIO soundbar to the power source. For that, use the power cable. That comes in the box.
  3. Power on your soundbar. And also turn on the Bluetooth. Your soundbar will start searching for available Bluetooth devices.
  4. Open your Android or iOS devices. Follow the screen dialogues to complete the registration on the VIZIO SmartCast APP. Or you can log in. Also, another option is available. Use the app as a guest.
  5. Once you have successfully logged in, In the app. Go to the app menu. And look for the “DEVICE”.
  6. Turn on your TV. You will be able to see your TV. In the device list. And then tap on the control icon.
  7. Then a new menu will appear on your Android or iOS device. Using that, you can turn on or off TV. And you can do a lot of other things, like change the input and video methods.
  8. Now in the new menu section Look for the Bluetooth icon. Tap on that. It should initiate the pairing process between the soundbar and TV.
  9. Once your TV and soundbar connect, You will hear the sound from the soundbar.

Optical Cable or SPDIF Cable

If the above methods do not work for you, Then there is the last way you have left.

For that, make sure your TV has an optical cable audio port available.

Also, your soundbar has an optical cable or SPDIF cable audio input port.

  1. You have to connect one end of the SPDIF optical cable. In the audio-out port of the TV. That audio output will be labeled “digital audio out” or “optical audio out”.
  2. Now connect the other end of the cable to the optical audio port of the soundbar.
  3. It’s time to turn on both of your devices.
  4. After that, choose the SPDIF audio port as the audio input on your soundbar.
  5. Also, choose the SPDIF output on the TV (if needed).

How do I fix the non-working remote?

Here, I will share with you some easy ways. By following them. You can fix your non-working remote.

  • The first thing you have to do is change. Your batteries. And insert the new batteries. In the back of your remote. Then try your remote.
  • Because of the dust. Your remote might not work. Dust can build up on your remote. Or also under your remote. Which is causing the unresponsiveness. So use a cotton swab to clean under your remote. If you can
  • Remote buttons are embedded individually. Or you will have a remote that has a sheet of rubber as a remote. So, now you have to take out the sheet of rubber. Or the individual buttons that are made of rubber. Now drink warm water. One tablespoon of detergent. And then wash your remote buttons. Then let it dry. Also, use the cloth from last time. So, you can make sure there is no water left.
  • If you cleaned the buttons and they still don’t work, there may be a problem with the carbon tracks under the buttons. Use a dime to rub over the carbon tracks under the button that doesn’t work. This will remove a very thin layer from the top. If the bottoms of the buttons on the keyboard are worn, cut a small piece of metal and stick it under the buttons.
  • Around your remote. There might be interference with another electronic device. So you have to make sure of that. There is no other device. That is controlling your remote.
  • Software updates may be the reason. So make sure your TV’s software is updated.

Use the universal remote.

You can also invest in a good universal remote. To control your TV and soundbar. There are some good universal remotes:


So, in this article, You will get everything. Using them, you can connect your Vizio soundbar.

It’s very easy. You will learn very easily. Also, if you want to fix your non-working remote,

I have told you every possible way.

Enjoy the good-quality sound coming from the soundbar.

See you next time…


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