How to connect two projectors to one laptop [Wire & wireless]

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How to connect two projectors to one laptop [Wire & wireless]

Can you Connect two projectors? This the first thing that comes to your mind when you are going to connect your one laptop with the two projectors. Before you think about how to connect two projectors to one laptop.

What are those ways you can connect the two projectors and one laptop? I will tell you at the beginning of the conversion. You can connect the two projectors and one laptop. With the wired and wireless way. You just need the right equipment and a nice tutorial.

About the equipment, I will tell you as we go through the one-by-one ways to connect. And I am here as your tutor to explain how you can connect both devices.

So let’s get into today’s tutorial on how you can connect two projectors to one laptop wire and wireless way. Step by step easy tutorial.

How to connect two projectors to one laptop with the help of a wire? 

HDMI or VGA input and output 

Go and check your projector back (Connectivity option). If you have two HDMI or VGA ports. One is input and another is output. Then feel lucky. With help of HDMI or VGA input and output port. 

You can connect your projector in a chain. 

  • Start with your laptop. Connect one HDMI or VGA cable with the laptop and another with the projector. In the laptop output port and the projector input port. 
  • Now take another HDMI or VGA cable. And connect one side of the cable with the outport (VGA or HDMI) of the projector (1st projector). 
  • Another end of the HDMI or VGA cable goes in the HDMI or VGA input port of the projector (second projector).

That’s how you can connect the two projectors in a chain. 

Using RCA connectors 

You don’t need to worry if your projector doesn’t have two input and output VGA or HDMI ports. Still, you can connect the projector in a chain. For that, you will need the RCA connectors and port. 

  • Take the first HDMI or VGA cable and connect it with your laptop and projector. 
  • For the second step, you will need the RCA connectors/S-video. Now figure out the RCA input and output port in your projector. Start connecting, start from the first projector. Connect the first RCA cable to the output port of the projector. 
  • Now move to the second projector. Here you have to connect the RCA cable to the input port.

Using VGA/HDMI/DVI splitter 

If you don’t like the above option there is another option. For that, you will need the VGA/HDMI/DVI splitter (1×2). Use according to your need. 

Here I am going to tell you how you can connect with the HDMI splitter. Other connection processes will be the same for the DVI and VGA.

  • First, connect the HDMI splitter with the laptop. And now you have two HDMI ports. By using both ports. You can project the same video on both the projector.
  • Now take the HDMI cable. And use the one port to connect with the laptop and projector.
  • Now use another HDMI port. By using the HDMI cable connected with your projector and laptop.

The same process goes for the VGA and DVI splitter.


You can also use the HDMI KVM. Which acts like one dock station. In the HDMI KVM, you will get one HDMI input and two HDMI output ports. 

  • The first connection happens between the laptop and HDMI KVM. For that use the HDMI cable. And connct the laptop and projector.
  • To add two more screens. Use the two HDMI output ports. Use them one by one to connect with your projector.
  • Now power up your HDMI KVM. By connecting with the power cable. And switch on the HDMI KVM.

Apart from the HDMI ports. Other ports are also available in the HDMI KVM. Like audio port and USB to connect with the speakers and mouse and keyboard.

What if I have to project two different videos for the two different projectors. From one laptop?

In this situation, you have to use the HDMI or VGA port of your laptop. As well as the USB port of the connection.

If you are thinking of connecting the two projectors with the help of the HDMI or DVI or VGA splitter. And want different video signals on both projectors. It will not work because the splitter port has the same video signal. 

So let’s see how you can project the two different videos from your laptop.

  • You will need the HDMI to VGA or VGA or HDMI adapter (Applicable if your projector and laptop have different ports. Else use the VGA or HDMI cable directly to connect projector and laptop). As well as USB to VGA or USB to HDMI adapter.
  • Here I am considering. We have different ports available in the projector and laptop. Take HDMI to VGA or VGA or HDMI adapter. Connect the projector and laptop with the HDMI or VGA cable.
  • Now we use the USB to VGA or USB to HDMI adapter. And also VGA or HDMI cable. And make the connection between the projector laptop.

How do I connect two projectors with one laptop wirelessly?

How do I connect two projectors with one laptop wirelessly
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Before I get into how you can connect the projector and laptop wirelessly. See what you will need for the connection? 802.11 ac 5GHz Network, Two EZcast Pro II dongles (To connect with the two projectors), and Laptop. 

Collect or ready these things and come back to this tutorial. Wireless connection has a long tutorial. So read carefully. One wrong step will affect the connection.

(1) Setup EZcast Pro II

First step. We connect the EZCast Pro Dongle II with the projector. Here you will need the two dongles to connect with the two projectors. 

Connect the dongle first with the HDMI extension cord. And then hook that cord inside the HDMI port of the projector. It’s time to power up the EZcast pro II dongle. For that use a type-c USB power cable. Connect this cable with the dongle then. 

Connect the cable with the power source. Here you will need the power adapter to connect with the power source. And select the HDMI port in which you plug the dongle. By remote.

Do the same thing with the second dongle. And move on to the next step.

(2) Prepare to setup EZcast Pro Dongle II

When you plug the dongle with a projector. You see the new interface on the screen. And that will be the interface of the EZcast.

The first thing you have to notice is the SSID and Password. As you see in the below image.

Image by

Now go to your laptop wifi setting. And find the EZcast or something like SSID: Pro 2 D10_5D54770D. You have to click on that option. You have to go through password protection. 

Passwords are available on the screen. Fill in the password. And connect with the dongle with the laptop. Don’t copy the Password or SSID from the image.

(3) Setup Pro Dongle II to the same 5GHz network

To connect the dongle with the 5GHz network/wifi/router. You will need the IP address. And the IP address is available at the left-down corner of the screen. 

Now open chrome or another browser on your laptop. And type the IP address in the search bar and search that number.

A web page will appear. Here you will get the option to log in and the password will be also available here. Which you can change later. 

Fill in the password and log in. On the next page, you will get the different settings. From them, you have to go to network management.

And then choose the access point. Then choose your wifi/router. 

From step two to three, this is the story of only one dongle. You have to do the same with another dongle (Follow the step two to three for the second dongle). 

(4) Connect your laptop to the same locale wifi network

Until your both dongle is connected with your wifi/router. Now you have to connect the laptop with the same wifi. Go to your wifi setting. And choose your wifi/router. The connection process is finished. Your both dongle and laptop are connected to the same wifi.

(5) Download ProCast App

Now you will need the procast app. To mirror or extend the screen. The Procast app is available for Windows and Mac, other links. Download and install.

(6) Mirror Laptop

Now at last execute your installed ProsCast App. You will get an interface like the image below.

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Reload the screen if you didn’t get your connected dongle. Now click on the available two dongles/options you are getting on your screen. 

Now last click for the multi-screen broadcast. Click on the EZair option. You can mirror and extend.

option to control the video projection and audio
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When you successfully broadcast the laptop screen. To the projector, you will get the interface like the above image. Check out the below video for the practical tutorial.

Things you should remember during multi-screen

  • You don’t have to use the EZCast Pro App and ProCast simultaneously.
  • Your both dongle and laptop should be on the same wifi.
  • Here we are only broadcasting to two dongles. But I would like to tell you. If you use more dongles it will affect the bandwidth.
  • For the two projector you will need the two dongle.

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Troubleshoot And Tips for the wire connection

  • Long Distance: If you have connected the projector and laptop. And they are connected with the help of a wire. And its distance is somewhere near 300ft. Then you can’t use the normal splitter. You will need the HDbaseT Long Range HDMI Extender. And also need the premium cable that carries that signal for long-distance. You should consider go with the Extron HD Pro Plenum Series.
  • HDCP: Sometimes you may buy the HDMI or VGA splitter that does not support HDCP. And you are using the video content that is copyright. In this situation, you have to change your splitter. Which supports HDCP. So you can easily connect your projector and laptop. And get the projection.
  • Display Toggle: You can use the display toggle. When you connect your laptop with the external monitor. This feature of the laptop. Give you the option to choose the type of display you want on the second screen mirror or extend. You can choose the type of display to extend or mirror by pressing Windows + P. You want on the second screen. 
  • Picture quality: It’s a common issue. When you use the multiscreen. You can try adjusting the brightness, resolution, and contrast. To improve the image quality.
  • Choose the right port: Some projector automatically recognizes the new connection. But some don’t. So for that, you have to use the input search button or use the remote. To choose the port in which you plug the cable.
  • Projector Doesn’t Turn Off: Sometimes it happens because of the faulty lamp. You can contact the professional. Or read this article.


So these are the answers to how to connect two projectors to one laptop wired and wireless. It won’t be a tough job. You just need the right equipment. And this article will help you to find the right equipment.

There are various types of splitter available. Some of them support only mirror display types. If you want the extended display type. Then choose the splitter that supports extended display.

This is the last tip I have to give you. I wish for your success in multi-screen projection. Hope for the best.

See you next time…


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