In the home theater or a living room. Not only for movie projection, streaming and gaming. You can also use the projector for watching tv channels by the antenna. Today in this article I will teach you how you can easily connect your tv antenna with the projector.

By using the Digital Converter Box/TV tuner. Yeah without the external TV tuner. You can’t receive the air broadcast tv signal. For the projector, you will need a tv tuner. Which converts the broadcast signal into the image and audio.

So let’s talk about the tv tuner in detail. “What is a tv tuner?”

What is a tv tuner? 

A tv tuner is a device that receives the broadcast signal. And turn that signal into images and audio for our home TV. The tv tuner is inbuilt. But inside the projector. There is no device like this device. Which converts the broadcast signal into sound and image.

That’s the reason why. We need an external tv tuner. Which converts the broadcast signal into sound and image. There are various types of modern tv tuners available in the online market. They also call it a digital converter box.

Some of them have internal storage. In which you can store the tv shows and also stream. And others only work as tv tuners. And these are cheaper. Work quite well. 

How do I connect my antenna to my projector?

There are four simple steps you have to follow after that. You will see the tv broadcast on your projector.

how to connect projector to tv antenna
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Turn off all device

Before we start connecting the antenna, tv tuner, and projector. Make sure all these devices are turned off.

TV antenna to Digital converter box/TV tuner

Now take the antenna/rf cable. And then find the rf input cable beside or behind your tv tuner box. And when you get that. Plug your antenna/rf cable into the rf input port of your TV tuner box. 

Digital converter box/TV tuner to Projector

Now find the HDMI output port behind or beside your TV tuner box. When you get an HDMI output port, connect it to your TV tuner box. Then hook up your HDMI cable into the HDMI output port of your TV tuner box. And the other end of the HDMI cable. Will goes into the HDMI input port of the projector. 

Until we have completed all connection processes.

Power up your projector and tv tuner

Now we power up both devices. Connect your power cable with the projector. And also connect the power cable with the digital converter box. In the projector choose the HDMI port. In which you plug the HDMI port.

What if I have a receiver?

If you’re using the projector with the receiver. Then there is only one extra step. Let’s see.

  1. Connect your rf/antenna cable with the digital converter box.
  2. Now take the HDMI cable and connect it with the digital converter box. And another end with the receiver, plug HDMI cable into the receiver HDMI input port. 
  3. Now take another HDMI cable and connect the HDMI cable first into the HDMI output port of the receiver.
  4. And then connect with the projector HDMI input port.
  5. At last, do the signal output and input configuration. On the projector and receiver.

Can you watch regular TV on a projector?

Yes, you can for that you can connect the Digital converter box/TV tuner. And there are a lot’s options to see the tv on the projector. Like native apps, streaming stick, apple tv, and sling TV. For more detail check out this detailed article on how you use a projector to watch tv.


If you are searching for how to connect a projector to a tv antenna. Then you will need the only one thing that is a digital converter box or tv tuner box. 

Which helps you to watch the tv on your projector. See you next time…


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