Can you hook a TV antenna up to a projector? If your projector has an HDMI input port. Then it is possible by using the cable box/tv tuner to hook a tv antenna with a projector. The setup will be something like this Antenna>TV Tuner/Cable Box>Projector. And you will be able to watch tv. In this article in detail, I will teach you how to connect a projector with a tv antenna.

If you have an Xbox one then you are also able to play the tv. Using the Hauppauge Digital TV Tuner for Xbox. You can watch local tv by connecting the antenna with the Xbox tv tuner and projector.

And if your TV has a scart port available. Then you will also be able to watch tv. By directly connecting the tv with the projector on the big screen. 

Ahead everything in detail one by one explained in an easy way.

If you don’t like these three options, connect the projector to the tv antenna. Then here I have also talked about some projector with a built-in tv tuner at the end. Directly connect the antenna cable with the projector.

The important thing is the tv tuner. So let’s talk about the tv tuner in detail. “What is a tv tuner?”

What is a tv tuner? 

A tv tuner is a device that receives the broadcast signal. And turn that signal into images and audio for our home TV. The tv tuner is inbuilt. 

But inside the projector. There is no device like the tv tuner. Which converts the broadcast signal into sound and image.

That’s the reason why. We need an external tv tuner. Which converts the broadcast signal into sound and image. 

There are various types of modern tv tuners available in the online market. They are called digital converter box or tv tuner box.

Some of them have internal storage. In which you can store the tv shows and also stream. And others only work as tv tuners. And these are cheaper. Work quite well. 

How do I connect my antenna to my projector?

There are four simple steps you have to follow after that. You will see the tv broadcast on your projector.

how to connect projector to tv antenna
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Turn off all device

Before we start connecting the antenna, tv tuner, and projector. Make sure all these devices are turned off.

TV antenna to Digital converter box/TV tuner

Now take the antenna/rf cable. And then find the rf input port beside or behind your tv tuner box. And when you get the rf input port. Plug your antenna/rf cable into the rf input port of your TV tuner box. 

Digital converter box/TV tuner to Projector

Now find the HDMI output port behind or beside your TV tuner box. When you get an HDMI output port, on your cable box/tv tuner.

Then hook up your HDMI cable into the HDMI output port of your TV tuner box. And the other end of the HDMI cable. Will go into the HDMI input port of the projector. 

For the audio output, you can use the 2 RCA to aux cable. Connect your 2 RCA at the back of the cable box/tv tuner then with the speakers. 

Until we have completed all connection processes.

Power up your projector and tv tuner

Now we power up both devices. Connect your power cable with the projector. And also connect the power cable for the digital converter box. In the projector choose the HDMI port. In which you plug the HDMI port.

If you have money to spend then there are some better options available TIVO and Channel Master.

What if I have a receiver?

If you’re using the projector with the receiver. Then there is only one extra step. Let’s see.

  1. Connect your rf/antenna cable with the digital converter box.
  2. Now take the HDMI cable and connect it with the digital converter box HDMI output port. And another end with the receiver, plug HDMI cable into the receiver HDMI input port
  3. Now take another HDMI cable and connect the HDMI cable first into the HDMI output port of the receiver.
  4. And then another ends of the HDMI cable connect with the projector HDMI input port.
  5. At last power on your all device. Do the signal output and input configuration. On the projector and receiver.

If you want the sound output. Then find which type of port is available at your receiver for audio output. 

Which is also available in your sound system. According to that, take the cable and connect your speakers/sound system.

How to play tv on the projector through Xbox one?

First of all, you will need two things: Hauppauge Digital TV Tuner for Xbox One (Amazon Link). I hope you already have Xbox One vanilla/S/X consoles.

Then only you will be able to play the tv through the projector using the Xbox tv tuner.

Let’s look at the setup step by step:-

  1. First take the antenna cable connect with the rf input port on the xbox tv tuner.
  2. Then connect the xbox tv tuner with xbox one/vanilla/s/x. In the USB input port.
  3. And then connect the xbox one with the projector. Using the HDMI cable. One end HDMI cable. Will connect the with the Xbox one and another with the projector.

There are more steps you can follow to watch the tv on the projector through a projector. For that, it will be better to watch the below two videos. Which is appropriate for you.

How to connect a TV with a projector for the big screen?

If your TV has a scart port. Then you will be able to connect your tv directly with the projector. For that, you will need the  Scart to RCA or buy this one and RCA to RCA (Amazon Link).

I am hoping that you have already connected the rf/antenna cable with the tv. Now connect the Scart to RCA with the tv scart port.

Now connect the RCA to RCA cable with the Scart to RCA adapter. One end of the RCA to RCA cable goes into the projector RCA port.

Power one your projector and tv. In the projector choose the RCA input port for the video and audio input.

Is audio quality over OTA much better than cable?

Yes OTA has better audio quality than the cable connection. In the OTA you will get better audio. It will be crisp than the cable connection. Which is used for the tv. For more, you can join this AVSforum conversation.

How do I play TV through my projector?

You can connect the Digital converter box/TV tuner. And there are a lot’s options to see the tv on the projector. 

Like native apps, streaming stick, apple tv, and sling TV. For more detail check out this detailed article on how you use a projector to watch tv.


If you are searching for how to connect a projector to a tv antenna. Then you have three options to connect the projector to the tv antenna. 

Using the Cable box/Tv tuner or Xbox or Your tv has a scart port. The last option will be to connect the tv antenna with the projector and buy the projector.

Which have inbuilt tv tuner features. Projectors like LG HW350T, LG HF65LA, LG HF85LA and LG HU85LA (Amazon Link).

Which helps you to watch the tv on your projector.

See you next time…


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