Will the firestick work on the projector? Yes, it will work with the projector same as it does work with the tv. Just you need to write a tutorial article. Which explains you. How to connect fire stick to projector. 

So here is this detailed article. I will explain. To you, almost everything you should know before and after you plug the projector and firestick. 

Here I have also taken care of how you can connect your speakers and soundbars. With the wire and without the wire or wireless.

And also talk about why your firestick doesn’t work with the projector. Give you some suggestions and common troubleshooting.

Also how you can connect four devices (firestick is counted) and a projector. Let’s start with the basic one.

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How to hook up a firestick to the projector?

If you have an HDMI input port in your projector. You won’t face any kind of connection issue. It’s the simplest way to connect your firestick and projector. 

Prepare the Amazon Firestick

Take the firestick and plug in the micro USB cable in the micro USB port of the firestick. With the firestick micro USB side will hook up of micro USB to a normal USB cable.

Connect with the Projector

Now connect your firestick HDMI male with the projector HDMI input port. Then to power up your firestick you can connect with the projector USB port. If it doesn’t work. Then in the firestick box, the power adapter is inside the box. As we charge our smartphones. You have to connect the USB cable with the power adapter. And plug that power adapter with the power source.

At last, you have to select the HDMI port on the projector. In which you have plugged the firestick. To receive the signal.

Configure your Amazon Firestick

If you have done the first and second steps successfully. Then you will get the firestick interface on the projector screen. Now configure your amazon firestick. Choose your language. Connect your firestick with the wifi. Log in to your amazon account.

If you have bought the firestick from amazon. You will already log in to your account. 

In this flow of firestick configuration. You will get the remote adjustment. Option in which you have to do volume up and down. To check your connection between the firestick and remote. So you can freely move between the settings.

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How do I connect my Fire stick to my projector without HDMI?

If your projector doesn’t have an HDMI port. Don’t worry you can also connect your firestick with the projector. Just you have to invest in the adapter. Depend upon the port on your projector. You may have to buy the adapter. 

  1. For the VGA port on the projector. You have to buy the HDMI to VGA adapter.
  2. For the RCA port. Get HDMI to RCA adapter.
  3. For the DVI port. Get HDMI to DVI adapter.

Make sure all these adapters are active. Which converts the digital to the analog signal. For the demonstration. Here I am giving the example of a VGA port. Where I am going to use the HDMI to VGA adapter.

HDMI to VGA adapter

  1. Start connecting the firestick with the adapter. 
  2. Now plug your Adapter VGA cable with the projector VGA input port.
  3. Now connect the micro USB cable with the adapter. To power up your adapter.
  4. Choose the VGA port in which you hook up the VGA cable. To receive the signal from your firestick on the projector. 
  5. And also don’t forget to power up your firestick. Connect your firestick with the micro USB cable. And then you can connect the normal USB head to the USB port of the projector. Or connect with the power adapter and then directly to the power outlet.

The same process will go with the DVI and RCA input ports. For both, you will need the HDMI to DVI or RCA adapter. And also extra DVI and RCA cable.

How to connect a fire stick to the projector and receiver?

If you have a receiver in the home theater. And you want to connect your projector, fire stick, and receiver. Here I am going to tell you the simple steps. With help of that, you can connect all your devices. Let’s see.

  1. Connect your firestick to your one-input HDMI port of receiver. And power up your firestick. With the help of a USB port or power adapter. For that connect your micro to the USB cable with the firestick and USB port or power adapter then electiricity source.
  2. Now you Have to connect the projector and receiver with the help of an HDMI cable. Connect your one end of HDMI cable in the HDMI input port of the projector and Another end of the cable. With the receiver HDMI output port.
  3. If you want to connect your speakers or soundbar. You can connect with the receiver. Depending on you have audio output port available on the receiver.

Now you have to do HDMI output and input configuration. And also don’t forget to do audio output configuration.

How to connect a pc/laptop to a projector with a fire stick?

To connect your Firestick>>Laptop/PC>>Projector. Your laptop/pc should have HDMI input. And DVI or VGA output port for the video output.

  1. Connect your firestick with the projector HDMI input. 
  2. And use the laptop USB port to power up your firestick. 
  3. Now you have to connect your laptop and projector. Using the DVI or VGA port. For that, we take a DVI cable and connect one end with the laptop and another end with the projector. And the same process goes for the VGA cable.
  4. If you need the audio output from the speakers. You can use the laptop’s 3.5mm audio jack. 
  5. Now at the last step. If you need, you have to do the signal output and input setting on your laptop and projector. And also for the audio output.

What if you have to set up the PC + PS4 + Firestick + Nintendo + Projector At once?

If you have to connect the four devices with the projector including the firestick. For that, you have to invest in the 4×1 HDMI switcher. 

Then you can easily connect the PC, PS4, Firestick, and Nintendo with the projector. For the input. You may have another device to connect that has an HDMI male to connect with the 4×1 HDMI switcher input. Here for example PC, Ps4, Firestick, and Nintendo.

  1. Connect one by your PC, PS4, Firestick, and Nintendo. In the HDMI input port of the 4×1 HDMI switcher. Don’t forget to power up the device you have connected in the HDMI input port.
  2. Now we use the HDMI output in the HDMI switcher. Connect your projector and HDMI switcher using an HDMI cable. And choose the HDMI input port in the projector.
  3. And don’t forget to power up your HDMI switcher. Using the power cable. 
  4. To control the switcher with the remote. You have to use the IR control cable. To connect the IR cable with the switcher. If you want.

How to extract audio from the HDMI to HDMI and Audio adapter?

If you have a soundbar or speakers. And that is not Bluetooth enabled. Then you have to use the HDMI to HDMI and Audio to extract the audio from the firestick. For the soundbar or speakers. Let’s see how you can do this.

There are two sides to the splitter. From one side you will get HDMI in and another side HDMI out. On the HDMI output port. You will get three audio output options SPDIF, RCA stereo, and audio cable.

  1. Connect your firestick. On the HDMI input. And power up your firestick. 
  2. Now take another HDMI cable. And make connections. Between the projector HDMI input port and adapter HDMI output port.
  3. Now connect the power connection for your adapter. And power up your HDMI to HDMI audio adapter. 
  4. For the audio output, you can connect your soundbar and speakers. With the audio output port SPDIF, RCA stereo, and audio cable.

Hence you can extract audio for your speakers and soundbar. While using the firestick using the HDMI to HDMI audio extractor.

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Why is the amazon fire stick connected to the projector but no sound?

You might have on the Dolby sound. For that, you have to turn off the Dolby sound option. To hear sound.

To turn off the Dolby sound. Go to your settings. Then display and sound option. Audio>>Dolby digital audio output. Here you will get various Dolby sound output options. Now you have to choose the Dolby digital off. To get sound. Further, you can change the audio output setting. If you need. 

What to do when audio is out of sync?

If your sound is out of sync. During using the firestick. Then there are some things you can do:-

  1. If you are using the projector inside the speaker. Then you have to go to the projector menu to adjust the projector output. Find the setting that helps you to adjust your audio sync.
  2. If you are using a separate soundbar and speaker. For this, you have to go through the audio sync adjustment of that audio output device. And adjust audio output.
  3. And if there is an option. To connect your firestick directly to the soundbar and speaker. In the HDMI input. And connect your projector with the HDMI output. If this type of connection is set up you can do it. Then connect your speaker/soundbar, firestick, and projector in this manner. To get rid of the audio out of sync.
  4. The last option you can try is to play with the firestick audio settings. To get rid of this.

Why won’t my Firestick work on my projector?

These are some reasons why. Your firestick with not working on your projector. Check them one by one and resolve these problems.

  1. These days firesticks are come with the 4k resolution and also with the HDR picture settings. Sometimes if your projector doesn’t support high resolution. Your projector doesn’t accept this high resolution. To solve this, you should downgrade the firestick resolution output. In your firestick resolution setting. So your projector can handle that video output resolution from your firestick.
  2. On the online platform. Video content is available that is protected with the HDCP. If you are using the HDMI port or HDMI to HDMI audio extractor. And that is not an HDCP complaint. Then you will not be able to play the video from the firestick.
  3. And yes most important one. To power up your firestick. So you can get the audio and video output from your firestick. If try first attempt with the USB port. Further you can try fast mobile charger cable and adapter. And use the power adapter and directly connect with the wall outlet (that come in the firestick box).

Some common troubleshooting of firesticks.

Here I am going to show you some common fixes. You can do it if your firestick is not working.

  1. Make sure you are using the projector. Which have HDCP compliant HDMI input port.
  2. If your firestick is not working on your projector. If possible try other devices.
  3. Make sure you are using the high-speed HDMI cable. 
  4. If possible. Then use your firestick with and without the HDMI adapter or extractor.
  5. Power up your firestick.
  6. Restart your fire tv after unplugging from the power for 2 minutes.


So it’s that tough to connect the fire stick to the projector. No, it’s very easy to use the firestick with your projector. Just connect your fire stick with your projector and make sure it’s power. 

And you have to do some configuration. Then you are ready to project high-quality content on your projector screen. Which takes your home theater experience to the next level. 

See you next time…


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