DVD players have been an entertainment video source for a long time. In every home theater room and also in the living room. So in today’s article. We are going to learn how you can connect a DVD player to a projector.

In this article, we learn how you can connect old and new DVD players with the projector. And also know how you will connect the speakers with the DVD player.

Let’s see how you can connect the old and new projector. Step by step with a simple explanation.

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How to connect an OLD DVD with the projector? 

By saying here, OLD DVD player. I mean to say those projectors which come with the only analog connection option. Lots of people still have this kind of DVD player. So let’s start connecting your old DVD player with the projector.

  1. Power UP: Plug your projector into the power outlet and give power to the projector. To on the projector. Press the power button. Let’s warm up the projector. And also do the same thing with the DVD player.
  2. Connection option: Normally in every old DVD player. An analog port is available. Make sure your projector also has an analog port. The DVD player should be output. While in the projector there should be input. For the video connection, we are going to use a single yellow cable and port.
  3. Connecting video cable: Connect one side of the yellow analog cable into the projector yellow analgo port. And another side will hook up into the DVD player yellow analgo port.
  4. Audio option: There is in the DVD player audio and video option is different. So to connect with the speakers here we use the RCA to AUX cable. The RCA end of the cable will go into the DVD player. Now you have the AUX end left. You can connect this cable with the projector, speakers, and soundbar. For the audio output.

How to connect a Blu-Ray DVD player with the projector? 

Blu-ray DVD player. Will be the new school type of DVD player. Which comes with the digital audio and video connection. Here we learn how to connect if your projector has an HDMI input port available.

  1. Power connection: Connect your projector and Bluray DVD player. With the power outlet. And press the power button. And let them warm up.
  2. Blu-ray DVD player to the projector: Take the HDMI cable. Which carry the audio and video signals. And give the highest form of video resolution. Connect one end of the cable with the Blu-ray DVD player. In the HDMI port of the DVD player. And plug the HDMI cable to the other end with the projector HDMI port. 
  3. Audio output option: For the audio output. Depend on your Bluray DVD player model. Audio output could be. HDMI, Coaxial Or Digital optical, Channel analog audio, and Two analog audio ports. You can choose one of them. And can connect with your speakers and soundbar. Example: Take Coaxial or Digital optical cable and connect one end with the Bluray DVD player. And another with the sound system. 

If your projector has a VGA port you can go with the next tutorial.

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Connecting with the VGA projector.

Let’s see how you will connect your Blu Ray DVD player with the VGA projector. For that, you will need the HDMI to VGA adapter.

  1. Power on both of your devices.
  2. Take HDMI to VGA adapter. And connect the HDMI cable with the Bluray DVD player. 
  3. Now you have to connect the VGA cable with the Adapter. 
  4. Another end of VGA cable. You have to plug in the projector VGA port. 


  1. Make sure you have chosen the HDMI port. In which you plug the HDMI cable. If it does not work, change the HDMI cable. Or HDMI output port from the Bluray DVD player.
  2. Try to change the resolution of the video from the Bluray DVD player. Because sometimes the projector can’t handle the high resolution of the video. Or try with the TV.
  3. If your projector has a VGA port. Use the HDMI to VGA adapter.


It’s possible you can connect your DVD player to a projector. No matter which kind of projector you have. Old or new. With the HDMI port or analog port.

I hope this article will help you to improve the entertainment den.

See you next time…

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