How to clean projector lens? Here I have explained everything.

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how to clean projector lens

Generally, If you are seeing the dust accumulated over your projector lens. You can use microfiber cloths or a camera lens cleaning brush. More you can do use q-tip and distilled water.

If your projector lens needs serious cleaning. Then you have to use the lens cleaning solution and microfibre cloth.

Don’t worry if you got scratches on your projector lens or you have an ultra short throw projector. I have talked later in the article. That might help you to overcome the problem.

Before you start cleaning. Your projector lens. I will suggest you read it. Why projector lens cleaning is important.

And the do’s and don’ts of the projector lens cleaning.

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Why should you clean your projector lens? 

When we give the video signal to the projector. And it’s converted into light. Then it travels a lot. Through the LCD panels, DLP chip, and colour wheel. 

And it finally came out from the projector lens. On the projector, the projector lens is the last destination of the light. 

From where light ejects. Here is your projected image. Get sharpened and magnified. So, it’s important to clean the projector. 

Once in one or two months (this time can be improved, when you know how to prevent projector lenses from dirt). 

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Do’s and Don’ts: How to clean a projector lens? 

Let’s know. What things you should do while cleaning the projector. And should not.

  1. Don’ts.
  2. Don’t use the acidic cleaner, solvent, or alcohol as a cleaning liquid. And abrasive materials too. Because they will tear down the lens coating. 
  3. Don’t use your mouth. Because when you eat something. Some food particles are left in your mouth. And then they start dissolving in your mouth. Which makes your mouth air acidic.
  4. No need to use dirty equipment to clean the lens. Because it will make your lens dirtier. Instead of cleaning the projector lens.
  5. Never use the cleaner that contains flammable gas.
  6. Don’t try to touch the projector lens. With bare hands.
  7. Do not use window glass cleaner.
  1. Do’s.
  2. Use the appropriate equipment to clean the lens. 
  3. Don’t directly apply any kind of projector lens cleaning solution to the lens.
  4. Don’t press too hard on the lens. Do it gently.
  5. Before you start cleaning the projector lens. I will suggest you turn off your projector. And let it rest for an hour. Until its temperature comes back to normal. If you are going to clean the lens. Just after using a projector.
  6. When applying the projector lens cleaning on the lens. Using the q-tip and microfiber cloth. I will suggest you do it in a circular motion.
  7. If you are using compressed air to clean the lens dust. Then I will suggest you blow compressed air seven inches away from the projector lens. Because it can hurt your projector lens.
  8. Contact your projector manufacturer. If there is any condition to not clean your projector lens. That affects your warranty.
  9. If it’s not necessary to clean the lens, don’t clean the lens.

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How to clean the projector lens from the outside? 

Here, I am going to teach. The two ways to clean the lens with the q-tip and purified water or distilled water and another with lens cleaning solution

Before cleaning the projector lens with the purified water. Or distilled water and cleaning solution. Take the soft lens cleaning brush. And clean the excess dust. 

Or use the giottos Rocket Air Blaster. To remove the excess dust from the projector lens.

You can also follow these steps to clean the lens. If the first cure doesn’t work for you.

  • Blow air or use a microfiber cloth. To remove the extra dust on the lens.
  • With the purified water or distilled water.
  • Take the q-tip and dip it into the distilled water. No tap water. (Make sure you are using the q-tip that does not fall fibre.)
  • Then extract the excess water. Use a clean cloth. Rollover your q-tip on the clean cloth.
  • Now in the circular motion move your hand over the projector lens. Gently do this all over the lens. Start from the centre. And end with the edges of the projector lens.
  • If there is excess water left on the projector lens. No need to worry. Take another q-tip and move over the projector lens. It will absorb the excess water. 

Moving to the second way.

  • Blow air or use a microfiber cloth. To remove the extra dust on the lens.
  • Take the lint-free microfiber cloth.
  • Don’t use the excess lens cleaning solution. Take a little solution on the cloth.
  • And rub over the projector lens. Gently all over the projector lens.
  • If some extra solution is left over the projector lens. Then use another dry microfiber cloth. And rub over the projector lens. It will absorb the extra solution. 

So, all these are the external efforts you can do to clean the projector screen. From the outside.

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How to clean the inside of a projector lens?

If you are thinking I will tell you how you can disassemble the projector lens. And how to clean the projector lens from the inside. Then you are thinking wrong.

Because the projector lens is sealed with a lot of glass. And disassembling the lens glass will be stupidity. Because you are not fixing the problem. And you are hurting the projector lens.

The only way you can clean the lens is from the inside. You have to take the projector lens outside from its compartment.

Let’s see how you can take out the projector lens from its compartment/place step by step:-

  1. First, turn off the projector.
  2. And lose those screws. Which holds the projector’s upper part. 
  3. Now you have opened the projector’s upper cover. So why do you not also clean the projector from the inside? Other than the projector lens. So before we start, disassemble the lens from its place and clean it.
  4. Take the vacuum air. And use it all around the inside of the projector. Where dust is collected. 
  5. Now let’s back to our projector lens. Lose those screws which hold the projector lens. For that, I will suggest you look at your projector mechanical blueprint or manual. So you can know how properly you can take out the projector lens. From its place. And clean it.
  6. To clean you can use the giottos Rocket Air Blaster for the dust around the projector lens or use the microfiber cloth or soft brush. And to clean the rear part of the lens. I have already told you.

How to get rid of the scratch on the projector lens?

If you have a scratch on the projector lens. Then there are some tips I have you can follow. 

If you only have some normal scratches over the projector lens. If it’s something deep/cracked then these things won’t work. 

There are two ways you can get rid of the projector lens from scratch:-

For the first way. You will need the Lens repairing tool-Dremel, Polishing Set, and Polishing compound. Let’s see the process.

  1. Clean the lens first with a soft brush or microfiber cloth. To remove the excess dust.
  2. Then add little water to the polishing compound. Try not to add too much water. Little water will work. In that amount, which polishing compound has its powder texture.
  3. Now apply the polishing compound over the projector lens on the scratched place
  4. And then use the Dremel. But before that put the soft polishing wheel. From the Polishing set.
  5. Now plug your Dremel with the power port. Then use the Dremel at a low speed. And gently move the Dremel over the scratch.
  6. After some minutes of work. You will see the scratch is vanishing. Use it at a low speed, until you completely deal with the scratch.

Moving to the second way.

For that, you will need the Microfiber cloth, q-tip/cotton swabs, and Meguiar’s Compound.

  1. First, clean the lens, to remove the excess dust. For that use the microfiber cloth. 
  2. Then take the q-tip. And take some meguiar’s compound on the q-tip
  3. And gently spread over the scratch on the lens.
  4. Now we use a microfiber cloth. Take microfiber cloth. And gently rub over the place. Where you have spread the meguiar’s compound over the projector lens. Where is scratch?

Manually this work will take half an hour. Depends on your lens scratch.

How to clean ultra-short-throw projector lenses? 

Don’t touch the ultra-short-throw projector lens. Because it has some special coating. Which is layered on the lens using some special material known as vapour deposition silver. 

Use the air blower over the lens. Or you can use the microfiber cloth. Don’t try something extra. Or you can contact your projector manufacturer for advice.

And clean only when your image gets affected because of the dust. For the safety of the lean from the dust. You can use the air purifier in the room. Where you use your projector.

When should you clean your projector lens? 

You don’t need to always clean the lens. Because it can hurt the projector lens coating. And if that lens coating loses over the projector lens. Then it can be permanent. 

Without any cure. And it will not be solved with a normal job. If your projector lens or coating hurts.

So, if on the lens it’s only the dust particle. To clean this doesn’t use the lens cleaning solution. Use the soft brush, microfiber cloth, or giottos Rocket Air Blaster

If something is sticky, oily, and fingerprint smudge. Over the projector lens. Then use the lens cleaning solution and microfiber cloth. Or qtip with the distilled water.

And if there is something like scratch. Then you have to use the Lens repairing tool-Dremel, Polishing Set

And Polishing compound. Or Microfiber cloth, q-tip/cotton swabs, and Meguiar’s Compound

So, there are three situations. When you should clean the lens. Other than this don’t do anything. It will be good for your projector lens.

How can you prevent your lens?

Don’t use the projector in a dusty and smoky environment. Because it will hurt your projector lens. As well as the projector internal part. Dust will accumulate all over the projector inside and outside.

And when you are not using the projector. Cover the projector lens with the lens cap. Or if your projector doesn’t have the lens cap. 

You can buy the camera lens cap. They are available in various sizes. One of them will fit on your projector lens. And it will cover your projector lens.

Don’t touch my projector lens with your naked hand. Because of your hand, there’s sweat and oil. Which can leave a fingerprint mark over your projector lens.

When you’re cleaning the projector lens. Make sure you are not using the solution are not allowed to use. And don’t use your t-shirt, to rub over the projector lens.

How much dust affects the projector image quality?

If normal dust collects over your projector lens. Then it won’t hurt the projected image. But if you are using the projector in the place.

Where there is a chance to accumulate a lot of dust over the projector lens. Then it can make your image look fuzzy or blurry.

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Can you use alcohol to clean the projector lens?

Yes and No. You can’t use only alcohol to clean the lens. It will peel off the projector’s lean special coating. 

If you want to use the alcohol to clean the lens. Then you can use isopropyl alcohol. 

Which should be 99% pure. For more, you can join this avsforum conversion.

Is Windex good for projector lens cleaning? 

No, using the Windex or window cleaning solution can remove the coating from the projector lens. Like alcohol. The projector lens is responsible for the good contrast image.


Cleaning the projector lens. It is a very sensitive job. If you don’t do it properly with the instruction. You are going to hurt the projector lens. 

And it could be heavy for your pocket. If it’s hurt you have to replace the projector or the projector lens. Both the things are pricey.

In this article, I have tried to cover things about How to clean the projector lenses inside and outside

If you don’t have important equipment to clean the lens. Then buy it. 

Don’t use the household. Glass cleaner liquid to clean the lens. Invest in important equipment. 

It will save you from the big investment in the new projector or new lens. If your projector lens hurts during cleaning the projector lens.

See you next time…



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