How to clean a projector screen? Every right way is told here.

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How to clean a projector screen like a professional in the right way

So, in today’s article. We are going to learn how to clean a projector screen. Like a professional without hurting a projector screen.

The projector screen is the final place where the picture is made. So, it’s important to clean your projector screen. No matter the projector screen you are using in the home theatre or outdoors.

And today I will teach you every single way you can try on your projector screen. To clean the projector screen. Without wasting time let’s get into our article.

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How to clean a projector screen? 

You can dust off the screen. Using the feather duster. Or you can use the dish soap with warm water. But don’t use the eraser or directly apply any chemical on the projector screen. And don’t use abrasive sponges.

Dust off from the screen

So, let’s start with the minimal cleaning of the screen. For that, you can use a feather duster and gently move over the projector screen. 

And you get rid of the dust over your screen.

Or take a rag of the cloth. And soak that in your washbasin cold water. And properly twist that cloth. So there is no excess water left on the cloth.

No, now gently move the damp cloth over the projector screen. Left to right or right to left. In only one linear direction. If you see your clothes getting dirty.

You can change the side of the cloth. And again start cleaning the screen. For a practical overview of this process, you can check out the below video.

Using the dish wash liquid

For the start cleaning the projector screen. We collect the important equipment. To clean the projector screen properly. Those equipment are:-

  • Soft rag cloth or microfiber cloth.
  • Dish wash liquid.
  • Warm water.
  • Compressed air can.

Let’s see how you clean the projector screen using liquid dish wash soap.

  1. Use compressed air. And make the entire projector screen dust-free. So it won’t affect the next process.
  2. Now you have to make the solution so you can clean the projector screen. For that, you have to mix the balanced amount of the solution. Take the 95% warm water and 5% of the dish soap or dishwashing liquid (Amazon Link). Mix them well and ready for the next process.
  3. It’s time to soak (a little portion, not whole cloth) your soft rag cloth into the solution/soapy water you have made. Just after. Press the soaked rag cloth between your pam. So you can get rid of extra water. Now you are ready to use the cloth.
  4. Now rub that soaked cloth over the projector screen. And make sure you are using the minimum pressure of your hand. On the screen. And your hand movement should be straight or linear. Before using the soaked cloth. Wear the gloves (Amazon Link).
  5. As we start the projector screen cleaning with the soggy cloth. We end the cleaning with a dry soft cloth. Take the soft cloth and move your cloth around the projector screen. Where you use the soggy cloth. To get rid of the excess water. Because we don’t want the left unwanted water on the projector screen.

And that’s how you have done the projector screen cleaning. If this process is not appropriate. For your projector screen, you can read further.

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What about ALR projector screen cleaning? 

If you own the ALR projector screen, the normal cleaning process may not be useful. So there is a screen cleaner called whoosh solution (Amazon Link). 

Which is very effective. With one swipe you can get rid of stubborn stains.

When using the spray, don’t rub it with your heavy hand. With a little pressure, you can remove the stain.

Or just use canned air. To deal with dust over the screen.

What about deep stains?

If you have deep stains. Which is true stubbornness. Then for that, you can use isopropyl or denatured alcohol

With the help of Qtip. Gently use over the deep stain or mark. But before that dip the qtip into the isopropyl or denatured alcohol.

Extract the access solution from the qtip.

How to clean a glass beaded projection screen? 

To clean the glass beaded screen use a soft cloth or feather duster (Amazon Link). Gently do dusting on your projector screen. 

Here I have a suggestion to protect your glass-beaded projector screen. To protect, don’t use soap, solvent, or water over the projector screen for cleaning. 

If thid didn’t work you can follow this avs conversion.

How to clean the sticky screen surface? 

First of all, apply formula 409 and warm water on the soft microfiber cloth. Then gently clean the projector screen. 

And your stickiness will be clean. You can also try this with the stubborn stain.

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How to deal with the yellow screen? 

The first step you have to take using the microfiber cloth. And gently wipe the screen. If it does not solve the problem. Then you have to buy a new projector screen. For that follow our projector screen buying guide. Or you can try the alternative of the projector screen.

Do’s and Don’ts of cleaning projector screens. 


  1. Use the correct amount of dish wash liquid and water for the cleaning.
  2. Wear latex gloves. Before you start your cleaning process.
  3. Use a soft rag or microfiber cloth. Which doesn’t hurt your projector screen.
  4. When you are cleaning the screen. Remember always your hand movement. Should be in a linear movement or straight.
  5. And most important know your projector screen material or type. So you can apply the correct way to clean the projector screen. For that, you can contact your projector screen sales representative or screen company support.


  1. Don’t move your projector screen in a circular direction. Because it’s the heart of the projector screen smoothness.
  2. If your front projector screen is a little bit rough. Then don’t use the magic eraser. Because when you use the magic eraser on the screen. It will hurt the texture of the projector screen. From the rest screen portion. Where you use the magic eraser. The rubbed place will look different from the other projector screen. During projection.
  3. Don’t directly apply the screen cleaning chemicals on the screen. 
  4. Don’t use abrasive sponges for cleaning.

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How often should you clean the projector screen?

It depends on which type of environment you have set up your projector and the screen. 

If it’s a dusty place then keep an eye on the projector screen. And when dust collects over the projector screen. 

Use the feather duster over the screen. Or if not that’s the case. Then 3 months or 6 months will be a good time interval. To

Can you put a cloth projector screen in the washing machine? 

No, you can’t wash the projector screen cloth regular cloth in the washing machine. Because washing the projector screen.

Will clean all properties of professional projector screens. And your projector screen will not be the same.

What are the general maintenance tips for the projector screen? 

Cleaning the projector screen to get a good quality image is good. But for the long use and to protect the projector screen from any kind of harm. Here I have some general screen maintenance tips for you:-

  1. If you own the projector screen that can be rolled up. Then roll up your projector screen to avoid any kind of dust collection on the screen.
  2. Excess moisture and heat or direct sunlight can hurt your projector screen. So avoid those kinds of places where there is direct sunlight. Or your screen can come in contact with moisture and heat.
  3. There are lots of projector screen cleaner liquids available in the market. Some work gets done. Some are so harmful to your projector screen. This kind of projector screen is abrasive or petroleum-based cleaners. Avoid using them for cleaning the projector screen.
  4. To avoid the projector screen from getting dusty. You shouldn’t place the screen in a dirty environment. Which environment is full of dust? And also don’t put the screen in the direct airflow place.
  5. If your projector screen can’t be rolled up then you have to do the dusting on the screen. By using the feather duster you have to clean the screen from time to time. So your projector screen doesn’t get dusty.
  6. Don’t hang or put your projector screen near the kitchen room. Because with time your cooking oil will stick to the screen. And it will be a tough job to clean.


There is no perfect way to wash the projector screen. Because there are various kinds of projector screen material. 

Projector screens are made of. So which is the best way to clean the screen?

Some general suggestions are available in this article. You can try. And in the cleaning process, the solution is used. Are gentle on the projector screen.

So don’t worry. They don’t affect your pricey projector screen. So that’s all I have to share with you guys on how to clean your projector screen.

See you next time…


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