How to calibrate a projector? To get the best possible image.

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How to calibrate video projector to get best image quality?

Recently you have spent a huge amount of money on your home cinema projector. And the image quality you get on the projector is not that much satisfy you. As expected from the projector. Then today in this article. I will teach you how to calibrate a projector.

By calibrating your projector. You will get better colour production with your projector. Then before. There are two types of projector calibration. About both of them, we will talk about them in today’s article.

But before we start our main article. Let’s talk about whether you should calibrate your projector or not.

Should I calibrate the projector? 

Yes, you should calibrate your projector. If you are not satisfied with the projector colour production. With the projector lamp getting old. 

And the projector lamp’s ability to project good image quality diminishes. So, if you have the opportunity to calibrate your projector once a month.

It will be better for your projector. To project better image quality. 

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Is it worth calibrating a projector?

Yes, it’s worth it. And also calibrating the projector. You will get the peace of mind. That you are getting the image quality.

That filmmaker want to show you on the screen.

The basics of projector calibration 

This is the first thing you can do with your projector. If you are thinking of doing the projector calibration. Play with your projector setting.

There are five components of any projector video projection. Brightness, Contrast or Picture, Sharpness, Tint, and Color. 

Go to your projector menu setting and tweak. These projector settings. On the basic level, you get good image projection.

And there is no way to say some exact no of brightness or contrast. You should increase or decrease your projector.

Because every person has a different taste in the image of the projection. In their home theatre. For some reference, you can check out the video below. Which can help you in the beginning.

If you need something. Which seriously improves your image quality. You will need some equipment. For the projector calibration. Let’s see them.

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What tools do I need for the calibration?

These are some essential equipment you will need to calibrate your projector. 

  • A meter for measurement of the light and the color level and other things. While calibrating the projector. There are lots of color meter available in the market. But there are some recommended. Which you can use to calibrate the projector. SpyderX Pro or Xrite i1 Display pro (Amazon Link).
  • A tripod (Amazon Link) to hold the sensor device in front of the projector screen. During the calibration of the projector. So, the sensor device can be at the right distance from the projector. And also at the right height with the projector screen.
  • A good windows laptop in which you can plug your projector and the sensor device. And also install he calibration software. For the calibration.
  • Also, you will need the projector calibration software.
  • How you will test the projector image quality. If you don’t have a good quality video for the output. So make sure you have some good quality video content like blu-ray movie CDs.

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How do I Calibrate a projector?

Here we are going to learn. How you can calibrate your projector step by step. With the help of SpyderX Pro or Xrite i1 Display Pro.

  1. Place your color meter or sensor device right in front of the projector. Between the projector screen. And one foot away from the projector. And at the mid of projector screen. Make sure when you are using the sensor device. Your room should be blackout completely. 
  2. Now connect your colorimeter or sensor device. With the Laptop. 
  3. It’s time to connect your projector with the laptop.
  4. Make sure your projector has calibration software preinstalled. There are lots of projector calibration-free and paid calibration software available. Like their free available, HCFR and LightSpace DPS. Which is free and famous among projector enthusiasts. If you want to learn more about calibration software. And I want to learn difference between the free and paid projector software calibration. You can read this article.
  5. Now you have to do some presets on your projector calibration software. Like you have to choose the gamma level, screen size, etc. Other things depend on the software you choose. 
  6. Now start the calibration process for your projector. It will take some time. When it’s over save this calibration profile. And your calibration process is done for your projector.

Some bottom line. When you are doing the calibration. When you want to do the calibration for your projector. In the SDR or HDR format. 

You have to do the calibration process separately. For both video formats. If you want some practical reference for these steps. You can check out the video below.

And if you want to learn a different way to calibrate your projector. You can read the comprehensive article below.

  1. AVS HD 709 – Blu-ray & MP4 Calibration
  3. HCFR – Open source projector and display calibration software
  4. How to Calibrate your JVC Projector with Autocal & SpyderX Pro

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How to calibrate a projector with the help of Apple TV?

If you have the apple tv 1st and 2nd with the higher than the 14.5+. Also the iPhone with the face id and 14.5+. If you have all these things let’s see how you can calibrate your projector using the Apple TV.

  1. Start color-balancing on your apple TV. To start the calibration process.
  2. Now accept or confirm the color balance on your iPhone.
  3. Now wrap your iPhone with the white paper and remember. Which side has the display?
  4. Put your iPhone in front of the projected screen with the iPhone display facing the projector.
  5. Move the iPhone towards the projector until the balance process start.
  6. Now, wait for thirty seconds until the calibration process ends.
  7. Now your job is done. Look what improvement. You have done by calibrating your projector with the help of Apple TV.

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How to calibrate a projector for sewing?

If you are new to using the projector for sewing. Then it might be difficult to calibrate your projector. But it won’t be difficult. After the tips, I am going to give you.

Go to your laptop or tablet. And project the grid pattern on the material. Which you are going to cut. Before you project the actual cloth pattern. Now put the grid ruler on the material. 

And try to match the grid ruler with the projected ruler. If it does not match in the first attempt. Adjust your projector zoom or distance between the projection surface and the projector.

So this is this simple overview of the calibration of a projector for sewing. 

How much does projector calibration cost?

Most of the big brands projectors. Don’t need any kind of calibration. Those projector are awesome out of the box.

They already have some presets like cinema, natural and bright mode. For the different condition and the mood.

You can choose between them. And you will get the best image. But if you want to go one step further. And want calibrate your projector. For the best possible image quality from the projector.

And want to spend on the professional calibrater. Then the amount of money can be from hundreds of dollar to thousand of dollars.

It’s depend upon. Number of mode you want to calibrate.

How do I get the best picture on my projector?

There is various settings and features. You will get in the projector to get the best image quality. You can play with the contrast and image setting.

Adjust the projector focus. Don’t use keystone correction to much. Or you can calibrate your projector. As we have talk in this projector.


The calibration process makes your image colour better. Especially when comparing the calibrated image and the normal projected image. The projector has a different skin tone than the movie character.

It will look closer to real life. Calibrating the projector at a certain time. Give you a good colour image. And your image colour will not fade with time. 

But for the calibration process, you will need some essentials. Like the calibration tool or colorimeter. And the free or paid software to set the same calibration preset. What do you expect from your image?

See you next time…


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