How to bypass Miroir projector activation code [In 4 Steps]

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how to bypass miroir projector activation code

If you are wondering. For now, you can bypass the Miroir projector without any activation code. Then I have described simple steps on how you can bypass without activation code.

Or you are one of those guys who buys the Miroir projector from an authorized retailer. But you have lost the slip in which your activation is given to activate the projector.

Or you buy a projector from the authorized retailer like from someone/second hand. And their last reason you may need the activation code. 

You buy the Miroir projector from an online seller like LetGo. And you didn’t get the activation code.

If you fall in any condition I guess. Or not. And you just want to bypass the Miroir projector activation code. Or you want to generate the activation code for your projector. 

Then in this article, I will tell you everything. Stay Tuned at the end. You will know everything you don’t need to wander anywhere.

Let’s start our conversion.

How to bypass the Miroir projector activation code?

In simple steps, I am going to show how you can bypass the activation code on the Miroir projector those steps are:-

  1. Ready your video source connected with the HDMI cable.
  2. Power off your projector.
  3. Plug the HDMI cable into the Miroir M20 HDMI port. Yet don’t power on the projector. Wait (15 seconds).
  4. Now power on the projector. If your video source is on. Then you will see something on the projection screen. First, it will show the Miroir logo on the screen. And then it will show the video, which is coming from the video source by HDMI cable.

Now enjoy any video content. On the 50-inch screen. By the projection screen of Miroir M20.

Let’s move on to how you can get the activation code. Before that, you should know about the activation code and DiSa code. So you know, better the next conversion.

What is the activation code?

The activation code is the six-digit number you will get in the sales receipt. This six-digit number will be printed on your sales receipt. If you buy the projector from an authorized seller. And pay your payment. 

These six-digit numbers generate to secure the projector. Because of those six-digit numbers, the projector is digitally locked. So if someone buys the projector from an authorized seller or wants to use the stolen projector.

Then those people can’t use the projector, because the projector is digitally locked. But the scene will be different if those people read this article.

They can access their projector if they don’t have a six-digit activation code.

What is the DiSa code?

Disa code is also known as a Digital safety code. Generally this code you can find under the digital device beside the UPC number.

But as you can see in the image of the Miroir M20 projector underneath. Only the DiSa code is available laser printed and the DiSa code is 1000831053.

With the example of this DiSa code, I am going to show how you can get your activation code for your Miroir M20 projector.

Under side of miroir m20 projector
Image by HiTechKing

How do I get the activation code for my Miroir projector?

In a few simple steps, you can get the activation code for your projector. Only find the DiSa code of your projector. I have already told you. 

Where you can find the DiSa code. So ready with your DiSa code. If you are ready with your DiSa code then we can start our process of getting the activation code.

In the first step, we go to Don’t rush to go to this website. Read my full explanation then go to this website. 

So that you won’t face any kind of error message. And you have to come here again and again. So be patient.

There you will get an interface like this,

Instruction to get DiSa code

As I told you earlier, be ready with your DiSa code. And also told you where you can find the DiSa code. 

I hope you have already found your DiSa code. When you go to the website this will be the first interface you will get. 

In the first step, they are telling you where to find the DiSa code. If your activation code doesn’t work, you can contact them. By creating a new ticket. By clicking on the “Click Here To Live Chat”.

In the second step, you have to fill in the DiSa code.

Step two of getting activation code for the miroir m20 projcetor

As you can see in the image of the second step you have to fill in the DiSa code. Fill in the DiSa code in the given space. And you have to verify I am not a robot. Then you can click on the get code. 

You will get the activation code and the model no of the projector.

Here I use the DiSa code 1000831053. You can also try this code before you try yours. The result will be the same, as what you are seeing in the image.

Let’s see how you can use this activation code to activate your Miroir M20 projector.

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How I will use my activation code on my Miroir projector?

Volume up and down button in the Miroir projector
Image by HiTechKing

If you haven’t tried the first way I told you earlier how you can bypass the Miroir activation code?

Then you will get the option to fill in the activation code. On the screen. So here questions arise. There is no number button available on the projector to fill in the number.

To fill in the activation number you can use the volume up (+) and down button (-). Which is available near the Power on and off option. As you can see in the given image.

To move between the 0 to 9 numbers you can use the volume up button (+). And when you get your number you can choose that number. By pressing the volume down button (-).

That’s how you can fill your activation on the projector. And activate your projector.

How do I reset my Miroir projector?

If needed. To reset your projector. You can reset your projector. By pressing the reset button. For that, you will need small things like needles. But not sharp points like needles. Press the reset button.

Most important thing is that your projector charging should be full.

Things you should know.

Not all projectors need the activation code to use the projector. Underneath your projector, if you have a five-digit date code or less you will need the activation code to activate the projector. And also a yellow sticker or stamp is available underneath your projector.

Or if you have more than the five-digit date code you won’t need the activation code. You can normally use the projector.

When you try to unlock the projector again and again. With the invalid activation code. Your projector will be locked permanently. So not try frequently to unlock the projector.

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It’s up to you how you wanna unlocked your projector. There are two ways you can unlock your projector. By using the activation code. 

Or you can use the trick to unlock the Miroir projector. I hope now you can access your projector easily without any hassle. 

So these are my words on how to bypass the Miroir projector activation code easily solved guaranteed. 

As I promised you in the title. See you in the other helping or review article on

See you soon…


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