How do wireless projectors work complete guide and other thing?

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How do wireless projectors work complete guide is here

How do wireless projectors work with your phone, iPhone, laptop, and pc? If you are going through this dilemma. Then don’t worry. You don’t need to think too much about this.

Because in today’s article. I will explain. What is a wireless projector and how do wireless projectors work? And what is the type of wireless projector?

We will also learn what are the various types of wireless projectors. And how the wireless projector makes work easy.

And the most important thing. If you are going to use the wireless projector. You should know about the advantages and disadvantages of the wireless projector.

And lot’s of other things we are going to learn about the wireless projector. But before that let’s start with what a wireless projector is. And stay tuned at the end.

What does a wireless projector mean?

The wireless projector can be defined as. A projector that can wirelessly. Accept the audio, video, and image signal from external devices. It could be through the wifi, Bluetooth, miracast, and airplay. Let’s see how they work.

How do wireless projectors work? 

In the wireless projector. It is the chip that can decode the external audio and image signals. Like in the Bluetooth projector there is an antenna supplied chip. Which helps the projector to learn the external image, audio, and video signal.

Types of wireless projectors

Let’s see what is the major category of wireless projectors. And how they make everything tidy. To use the projector. And make the seamless connection between the projector and video or content source.

Education & Business

Try to remember the last time in your class and the business meeting. How you guys have used the projector. With the HDMI or VGA cable. Moreover, it can be a DVI cable. Between your projector and the content source. 

And if there is more than one guy in the classroom and business meeting. Who has to explain something and have to project something. They have to use the projector one by one. And they have to unplug the cable source from their video source.

In this type of use of projector and laptop or pc. You are hurting both your projector and video source port like VGA, HDMI, DVI, and micro USB or type-C. By plugging and unplugging the cable again and again from the port. So it will be better to move from the cable to wireless projection. And use the projector like 

Epson 8G7263 BrightLink 685WI or Epson Pro EX9220.

And make the wireless connection between the laptop and pc. And with another device you want. Both projectors are made for the classroom and business. And also for a wireless purpose.

Wireless projectors in Home

Using a wireless projector like Anker Nebula Cosmos. Can make your home theater setup neat and clean. By avoiding the use of cable. You will get rid of the wire. 

Because I know you guys use various types of wire. To connect your projector with the speaker or soundbar, receiver, streaming device. And lots of other things with the projector.

And after connecting all these things with the projector with the help of the wire. Your home theater room is filled with wire. Where you put the things collected. If you have mounted the projector from the ceiling. 

Then you have to also use the wire. Which don’t look good. Somehow it’s become the reason for concern and disturbance. While watching movies on your projector. Because these things attract your attention towards them. And also you have to stitch the wire in the wall.

But there is nothing like these things with the wireless projector. When you use the wireless projector. You can easily connect your android phone and iPhone with the help of miracast. And also the laptop as a video source.

And also you can connect the projector with the speakers and soundbar wirelessly. Although you will lose the video and audio quality. In the comparison of the wire connection. But you want to get rid of the wires. You can take advantage of your wireless projector being wireless.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Going Wireless

Advantages and Disadvantages
  1. Pros
  2. When you use the wireless connection between the projector and the video source. The first benefit you get it’s you will not face any wire. During making the connection between the projector and video source. Your connection will be free with the wire.
  3. Flexibility which is I think you never get with the wire connection. With the wireless connection. You will get the flexibility. To easily move anywhere inside the range of the wireless connection. Which gives a big advantage during the conference and taking the class.
  4. Save you money on the cable. If your projector is not wireless you have to invest in a good cable of HDMI, VGA, and DVI. But if your projector is wireless. Then just go to your projector setting and add your audio and video source.
  5. While the presentation. It’s difficult to move between the various devices and the person. To project the PPT on the projector screen. Wireless projection makes the projection smooth. And to switch between the people and the devices.
  6. A wireless projector makes the setup easy for the projection. Because you don’t need to figure it out. Which cable or adapter will go in which port?
  1. Cons
  2. The first disadvantage of the wireless projector I see is that you may feel some lag. While using the projection. Special when you are doing the video projection. Otherwise image content is great with the wireless projection. Except you might see some delays. If your internet is not fast enough. 
  3. And there is also a security issue. For that, you can use 64 or 128-bit encryption for security purposes. Which can make your wireless projection a little bit slow.

The most important thing I would like to tell you guys is to use the high-speed internet. So you can avoid any kind of delay on the wireless projection. 

How can you make your projector wireless? If it’s not. 

If your projector is not wireless. You don’t need to worry about that. Ahead we are going to learn you can make your projector wireless. 

Even if your projector is old it does not have an HDMI port. But it has a VGA and DVI port in it. They can also be used as a wireless projector.

How do I make a wireless projector with Airtame?

Let’s learn how you can make your projector wireless with the help of airtime. 

  1. First, connect your Airtame dongle with the HDMI input port of the projector. If there is a congested place, don’t worry. There is an extended HDMI cable that comes with the box of Airtame. If you have a VGA or DVI port in your old projector. Don’t worry. You can use the VGA to HDMI adapter or DVI to HDMI adapter. First, connect your Airtame with the VGA or DVI adapter. Then connect with your projector. That’s how you will also be able to connect with the old projector also.
  2. Now it’s time to connect your Airtame with the power source. Because without connecting the airtame with the power source it will be unusable. There are three ways you can power up your airtame. You can use the micro to usb cable and power adapter. And you can directly connect your airtame with the power board. Or you can use the micro to USB cable and connect it with the projector USB port. That can power up the airtame. And the last one you can also use the PoE adapter to power up the airtame. 
  3. Now don’t forget to choose the HDMI port. In which you have plugged the airtame.
  4. Make sure your internet speed is good. And your wifi is not interfered with by the other wifi device or wifi connection. For better performance. Ethernet connection will be preferred.

So it’s about the setup of the airtame with the projector. Now let’s learn. How you can set up the airtame software in the content source device.

  1. Follow this link and download the app or software. According to your system and device requirements.
  2. The first time you install and open the app. You will see that your app name is weird. Then it would be better to name it something good. Now choose the internet connection it could be wifi and ethernet.
  3. Your device should automatically. Listed on the list. If it does not. Then you have to search manually by name and IP address.
  4. Now you can mirror your content source device full screen. Select a single-window for the sharing content. Stream with audio. Now minimize the window or app. And keep on the small streaming notification on your screen.
  5. There are lots of other settings. You can play with like networks, resolution. And password protection, etc. Make sure you check them out also.

Wireless connection to the projector from the laptop?

If your projector supports miracast and windows ten is pre-installed in your laptop. If your projector doesn’t support miracast. Then you can also plug the Chromecast into your projector.

  1. Now go to your projector wifi setting and find your wifi setting. Fill in the password and connect your projector with the wifi.
  2. It’s time to connect your laptop to the wifi. Do the same thing and go to your laptop wifi setting. And connect your laptop with the same wifi. You have connected with the projector.
  3. Now on your laptop press the windows+k button. Here a new window will open. And give you the option to connect or choose your projector stream to anything wirelessly.

So, that’s how you can connect your projector with the laptop wirelessly.

Do you want a wireless projector?

There are various advantages of using a wireless projector. Which makes it easier to use the wireless projector in the home, school, and office. But also there are some disadvantages with the wireless projector. There is a security concern and the lag sometimes. If you are okay with the disadvantages and you have cure of disadvantages. Then you should go with the wireless projector.


So here we learn how wireless projectors work. And also what is a wireless projector and what are their types. Yes, there are benefits to using the wireless projector. Which makes the fabulous experience with the projector.

If your projector is not wireless you can make it wireless. By connecting the dongle-like airtame with your projector. Now stream your content from the content source device. You have to install the airtame software or app. In your content source device.

But there are always some things about wireless projection. People complaining about the wireless projector. Sometimes you may face the lag with the wireless projector. And also the security issue.

See you next time…



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